Friday, December 22, 2006

I"m a RED what color are you

The Color Code

Definitely Red
You Promote Interesting Experiences
REDS Are Excellent Providers
You Tell People Where They Stand In The Relationship
You Provide Natural Leadership
REDS Show Up

Congratulations, Donna, you are a RED personality. The Core Motivation that drives you through life is "Power". Power means the ability to get things done, to go from A to B as quickly and directly as possible. The word power was derived from the Old French poeir meaning "to be able." Often what is perceived by the other colors as insensitive is simply a pragmatic sense of urgency to accomplish a given task.

As a RED you naturally seek productivity and want others to see you as intellectually strong. As REDS want their own way, you like to be in the driver's seat and are willing to pay the price to be in a leadership role even in an intimate relationship. However, you can get frustrated when your partner cannot think for himself or make intelligent decisions on his own. As a RED, you tend to value whatever gets you ahead in life, whether it is at work, school, or in your personal relationships. What you value, you get done. You may be a workaholic and enjoy it!. You will, however, resist being forced to do anything that doesn't interest you.

As a RED, Donna, you like to be right. You value approval from others for your intelligence and solution-based, pragmatic style. You want to be respected even more than you want to be loved, and you appreciate admiration for your logical, practical mind.

Next: More About You->You only have one Core Motive or "Color Code"

Your personality type is driven by only ONE of four Core Motives, represented by the colors:

* RED (Core Motive = Power, or the ability to move from "a" to "b" as efficiently as possible)
* BLUE (Core Motive = Intimacy, this doesn't mean sex, but the need to connect, share feelings, and build relationships with others)
* WHITE (Core Motive = Peace, or calm even in the midst of conflict; clarity in the midst of confusion)
* YELLOW (Core Motive = Fun, or always enjoying the moment)

These are the four basic personality types that I will teach you about. However, very few people have ever scored 100% in one single color while taking the profile; therefore, you will find that your Core Color is often influenced by traces of the other colors. That is why no two WHITES, although driven by the same Core Motive of Peace, will ever be exactly alike.
Your Color was present at birth and you cannot change it

You were born with your core personality color intact (ask any woman who has given birth to more than one child and she'll tell you that her children had different personalities before they had drawn their first breath), and while parts of your personality do change over time (for example, you may have not been born a good listener, but you have learned to become one), you cannot and should not try to discard your Core Color in an attempt to trade it for another. If you were born a YELLOW, you will die a YELLOW, but you can add to yourself any strength or any limitation of any color to your core self.
All Colors are of equal importance

No personality type is better than another. Each brings equally valuable, albeit, different gifts to the world.
All Colors are neither good nor bad

No personality type is innately good or bad. Many people who do not know The Color Code may assume that all BLUES must be good and all REDS must be bad, for example. This couldn't be more false. The colors are neutral and individuals are free to choose how they will use their strengths and limitations to leave either a positive or a negative legacy in life.

Next: Why You're Hot->Nobody Dates Like A RED

This is true. When you are in pursuit of something (or somebody!), you tend to go all out. You dress to impress, you get the limo, the tickets, the flowers, the reservations, and the whole shebang. You by nature are a very competitive opponent to any other potential suitor who may come along, and you take great pleasure in taking home the prize.
You Are Highly Protective Of Your Companion

When you commit to someone, they can feel your protection on all levels. You see them as part of you, and are willing to go to war verbally and even physically on their behalf. You will not back down or remain silent when your partner is being attacked. Your companion loves to know that he is being taken care of and that you will be there to back him up and defend him whenever necessary.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006


I had awful dreams last night/this morning.
It was SOO wierd...Because one was Joy was missing. Hub had come on a trip with the others to where I was. I didn't really think Joy was missing.
Then..later at night..we realize (I realize / we realize) she was forgotten. Her dad had given her some money. My brother and his wife had come out to a cottage that I spen t my summers at. They were leaving to go home, and we were going to spend the night.
We didn't have a vehicle..then we decided we better go try and find her. I was FURIOUS. Part of the way, we slid down hill on this pastry sheet, then won the use of an old junker car.
Part way back, my brother calls and asks us where she is..that a local SHELL station had called him and they had her. She had bought drinks and chips, and hung around for a while..then finally said that her parents were lost.
THE VERY WIERD THING IS: as soon as my dream ended..My daughter came crawling into bed saying SHE HAD JUST HAD a VERY BAD DREAM. I believe it was the same one.
Very wierd.
Then..she told me She was SOOO Glad I wasn't dead. Pretty sobering for 5:15 a.m.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Meleita POD maker :HIGH Reccomend

"No Soup for YOU!!" is what the Soup Nazi says. Somehow I associate Meister and Nazi in this instance.
When Denise moved to SC, one thing I ended up with is a Melita Pod Coffee maker. This unit is amazing. Maybe its because I have about 3 cases of coffee pods, and I haven't had to buy any yet, but it works GREAT. The Coffee is fine quality.
I love being able to use it for tea. Usually, I like the "tradition" of getting the pot ready to boil, warming the tea pot (which my Aunt calls "mothering the pot), and all that stuff. But hey..lets face it. WHen I'm trying to get some liquids down me inbetween commercials This thing ROCKS> It also works Great for the kids hot choclate..IT makes it a WHOLE lot easy to say YES to them.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's Long gone but

Several weeks ago.I keep forgetting to write about it--well I'm so lost as far as time goes since getting out of the hospital...I was cleaning part of my bedroom.

I've been off money coming in, and I found a money order (blank) for $500. I thought I had sent it somewhere, but I guess God knew we would need it.
I wish I could find another one. its getting scary. Hear the knocking at the door??


Monday, December 11, 2006

One step backwards...

I thought I was getting better. Even thought about the return to work. BLAST from the back....literally I started..well as we said in corrections.."I couldn't hold my mud". Usually this was said when an offender was in the back of a State car under arrest, nervous, drunk or high, and literally poops themselves..thus..they were "clearly the dude could'nt hold his mud". The next conversation would be who was going to clean it up. OK..I digress.
SO today...I "couldn't hold my mud". I had several "runs" to the bathroom, and thought I was Done. Was feeling kind of weak...and surely there was no more BM left in me. What could one little toot hurt?
BLLLAAPPPP . Yep. I muddedd my self. right in my sweat pants i was using for jammies. It was not pleasant. UGH. So...that led into a shower, which led into laudrey etc.
WIll my guts ever be right from this DIVERTICULITUS thing???

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tea Cups

Ilove teacups. I collected the REALLY good ones when I was a kid. I nabbed a couple of Grandma's. I trade one back and forth with my sister.
Somehow..THESE teacups sort of creep me out. The artist has made a design, intentionally, that darkens depending upon how stained they get. It ..just reminds me of those fizzy red pills we chewed up to see how much gunk we left on our teeth after brushing.
"cuse me..I gotta go gargle

Friday, December 08, 2006

I"m not ready

I"m going in for the "Scope" in a few minutes. I"m waiting on my ride. I have a HUGE sense of dread like I"m going to die or something. I don't want to. I have way too much to do yet.
I need to clean my house, wrap presents, sue my renter, clean the kitchen, and love my kids more.
I dont know why I am soooo scared
OK My ride is here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


When one has not had a good father, one must create one.--

Monday, December 04, 2006

Lets see if THIS works



As 2006 winds down..some observable trends

2) Post Reality TV Reality TV
5) Killing people
6) Ass Cleavage

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cant miss this

Faithful readers know That I LOVE Friedrich Nietzsche quotes. THey always STOP and make me think.
WELL I just found a RANDOM Generator The Nietzsche Family Circus pairs a randomized Family Circus cartoon with a randomized Friedrich Nietzsche quote. Refresh the page to see a new comic and share your favorites by clicking permalink.
Today's Picks
Thursday, November 30th

The sight of the ugly makes men bad and gloomy.

Here's a GREAT quote from Nietzsche: "I think I"m too sarcastic to believe in myself" The cartoon is GREAT that pairs with this.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dance with God

I read the following on a recent blog-o-rama. It was a link from the Crummy Church sign sight.
I love the idea...of dancing with God. Somehow My ex fundamental self is cringing with the idea of the intimacy of it.
To be able to HOLD HIM within my grasp? Is that possible?
To feel HIs breath upon my neck? Wow.

I am loving the imagery of God, being like a girlfriend, and holding your long hair of the way so you don't get puke on it. I"m NOT trying to be irrevrent. You KNOW a True friend will hold your hair for you. A Real friend, will tell you your new dance moves are silly.

This is an entirely new side thought I've had of God. To move - to the same music, in a beautiful artistic dance. Wow. To weave oneself in the same path. To be graceful, with one another. To sense His pushing me back, leading me, without haveing to say anything.
Will others be watching me Dance With God? Will I know the steps well enought to just follow along? Will I trust Him to lead me? Not Trip me up? Can he dance intimately with others while He dances with me? I think the answer to all these Yes.

I think I'll start with a Waltz.
Dance with God
Dance with God

God asked: "May I have this dance?" I replied: "My Lord, I don’t dance well." God answered, "Don’t worry, I’ll lead." I made the excuse, "But . . . You don’t understand, I’m fickle and have a short attention span . . . " God listened and replied, “I’m patient and enduring." I stuttered, "But, I’m scared, selfish, ugly, crude, and . . ." God insisted, "I love you and I’ll take a chance . . . I will lead and we will dance together . . . I love you, will you dance with me?"

I wish I would have said it...
Dance with God

Moral incongruency, which is a term that I often use, covers a lot of ground. And it’s something that I think of in my life quite a bit. Sometimes it’s hard to see past our own idea of integrity and to objectively view ourselves through God’s eyes. Fortunately, God looks at us with grace.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Can You Pass 3rd Grade?

ADDICTING!!! Meaningless relaxation!! BE FORWARNED!!

When you have a spare moment and need to check your "memory bank" -

Click here:

YOu have XX number of time to place all the State in their proper spot.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Clean up Clean Up Everybody do their share

Wow. I feel really good about what was done on the outside of our house today. The front of the house has all the "white trash" stuff picked up. Even tho Garbage day isn't until Monday, we put it all out now. The Gliding machine, the box of moldy books, a bunch of leaves, clothes, etc. I swept up a bunch of glass that had been there, WIlliam and Don took tons of stuff out to the fire pit to be burned.

I got a couple Dr. Suess books out of the garage for Joy..she is WANTING CHAPTER books!! It's so different the difference in kids. WIlliam, taught himself to read at 3, Helena didn't WANT to read until she was 8, and Now doing great in 1st grade, age six.

There are a bunch..a gaggle, a goggle, a Waddle? of turkeys in the back field, looking pretty happy they escaped the cooker!

Planning on taking a nap, taking a shower which I haven't done yet today, and Lori and Brad and kids are coming over tonight.

Thursday, November 23, 2006 ye thankful

I'm overwhelmed with grace and Thankfulness. I have been showered with love from my Church family, I am alive, My kids are great....I"m not in pain. I'm not even going to say I wish I was working. I know I'm not strong enough yet.

Reminds me of the Doxology: Praise God from whom all blessing flow...Praise him all creatures Here below...Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost...

"Oh I wanna be a Clone"

I've gone through so much other stuff
That walking down the aisle was tough
But now I know it's not enough -
I Want To Be A Clone.
I asked the Lord into my heart.
They said that that's the way to start,
But now you've got to play the part.
I Want To Be A Clone.

Be a clone and kiss conviction goodnight.
Cloneliness is next to godliness - RIGHT!
I'm grateful that they showed the way
'Cause I could never know the way
To serve him on my own -
I Want To Be A Clone.

They told me that I'd fall away
Unless I followed what they say;
Who needs the Bible anyway?
I Want To Be A Clone.
Their language, it was new to me,
But "Christianese" got through to me;
Now I can speak it fluently.
I Want To Be A Clone.

Be a clone . . .

"Send in the clones......"
(Uh, I kinda wanted to tell some of my friends and people about it,
you know?)
You're still a babe, you have to grow,
Give it twenty years or so.
'Cause if you want to be one of his,
Gotta act like one of US!

Be a clone . . .

So now I see the whole design:
My church is an assembly line.
The parts are there, I'm feeling fine.
I Want To Be A Clone.
I've learned enough to stay afloat,
But not so much I rock the boat.
I'm glad they shoved it down my throat -
I Want To Be A Clone!

(Everybody must get cloned

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Farewell, my friend, Farewell...

Written by: Neil Diamond and Alan Lindgren

Hello again, hello
Just called to say 'hello'
I couldn't sleep at all tonight
And I know it's late
But I couldn't wait

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you every night
When I'm here alone
And you're there at home

Maybe it's been crazy
And maybe I'm to blame
But I put my heart above my head
We've been thru it all
And you loved me just the same
And when you're not there
I just need to hear

Hello, my friend, hello
It's good to need you so
It's good to love you like I do
And to feel this way
When I hear you say

Hello, my friend, hello
Just called to let you know
I think about you every night
And I know it's late
But I couldn't wait

TOmorrow...Denise and Joe are packing up what they can take..and leaving. I'm very sad. I feel very bad. Denise is a True friend...but Damn she can hold a grudge. Denise and I were very similar. She has a bigger mouth though and is louder. They were on a balloon mortgage,,,and the mortgage kept increaseing my hundereds every other month. Her husband Joe...doesn't work..hasn't worked, Hopefully WILL work soon tho...but htey are Broke. tHey are getting NO unemployment now...their house is in forclosure and is being sold November siding and roof on it.
Denise...can always make me laugh. SHe is brilliant in People matters. Calls em crazy if they are and a phoney if they are. She is Loyal...until you screw her..then WATCH out.
I dont think she really "gets" Christ completly. We had a very tender time of prayer with them last night.
Lori and I are going over there tomorrow to shovel into garbage bags all the trashe on so on. I am starting to feel very the Scab of the Ryerse's leaving just won't keeps leaking , and bleeding in so many differnt ways.ANd I'm left with a piss stained carpet, sagging floor and nasty bathroom in my heart. I"m very very sad. and I'm sort of surprised at how TERRY+IBLEY sad i am. NOt like i dont have enough to mourn in my life right now.....but NOOOO I gotta pick something else.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wiiiiiiiiiii Wiiiiiii

Wii wii Wii all the way home.
For those not in the know...that's the new Nintendo Gaming system. William had been saving money for months (the system is 250)..he saved his bday money...worked jobs for mom etc. This new very "virtual Reality"....we got an extra Wand, so two can play. They were not to release it until 7 tomorrow morning, so we were in for the long haul. I took a small heater, electric blanket etc. I dropped William off at 6, and then went to Lori's for a going away dinner for Denise and Joe. They leave for SC on Tuesday. (Denise is NOT going to be able to get Unemployment from the Reservation, and the house is being sold NOvember 30th).
ANYWAY>>>>>I digress:
How can you say NO to a kid ...when you really think..well gees, We are going to NEED that money to LIVE!!....Anyway...There was a line forming at Wal-mart. This after William called about 10 stores to get their gory details of "release dates". I got a call from him about 8:30 (his friend and mom and dad waited with him for a while so he was not left there alone)....that they were going to re open at midnight. HALELUJAH. I get the "credit" for being a mom that WOULD spend the night ..with out having too. I'm still pretty fragile, and really did not cherish the idea. However..I was certainly able to stay VERY warm with our equipment.
So...we just played golf, bowling and uploaded pics from the camara. It is SOOO cool.

and...I guess I'm cool, cause now William is calling me "gamermom". I like that handle.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I"m falling in love..

Yah..not really the proper thing for a married woman to say is it. Well I"m not very usual I guess ... and I'm getting tired of people guessing they know what is going on with me.
Yes, I am staying with Don because of the kids.

I Suppose this New "affair" as some would call it should be hidden, and done sereptitiously, over coffee and bagels on a side street somewhere. Maybe next to my favorite coffee shop in Saginaw "the Red Eye" next to the tattoo shop.

And no this isn't some rambling about how Jesus is my boyfriend or some whack a doo thing.
When a Married women fesses up to her female friends all atwitter with the juicy tidbits of should certainly have lenghty discussions and secretive phone calls some with Text messages. However..I figured I"d put it out here on the blog and friends ( the very unfortunate few that even bother) can read it on here, from me first. Yes. I am a Married woman with kids, and I'm falling or In love with a Man. A man very different from the man I Married. Of course here is the place that the one that is cheating lists ALL the reasons why the "man they married" is no longer good enough, doesn't care, is always working etc....and what the NEW guy HAS....which in my case is: "He genuinly cares for me for my own long term good", he makes me laugh as the man I married USED to make me laugh", he is attentive in conversation, and seems to enjoy deep intellegent conversation with ME, He quotes me sometimes, so I know he is listening to me. He sees many of my strenghts that are RIGHT OUT THERE,and COMMENTS on them. The guy I married..well he didn't notice things a whole lot.

well. I am. There I state it. I'm not "falling" in love. I am IN love....I see all the symptoms--giggles, heart beat picks up a bit...the joy when the one you love ANSWERS the Phone and you hear THAT voice. Looking out the window when you think you may catch a glimps of him. GOT IT. IF I can 't eat something, he won't eat it either, or will doctor it up so I can eat it.
This started sort of by mistake, all good affairs do don't they?

This guys relative worked with me, I went to an after work party, and met HIM. HIM who makes me laugh and thinks I"m just fine when I'm not "ON". Him...who I can be the MOST real with, the most ME with, in good or in bad times. We were just going to be friends, we knew a lot of the same people. Accidently and on purpose showed up at various "friend's" houses, then be surprised when you KNEW the other would be there.
Well.Yah..we were Friends first...then...there has also been...the first tentative KiSS. It was silly and stupid and you would think I wouldn't remember it...but I do. He was walking me out to my car after an event..held my door open...and QUICK kissed me. Right on the lips too. I think I pulled him in a little closer. I wanted More.
Oh well that's past the point of no return.
So then this new guy...well..He likes my kids too. The kids like him. I know...its so BAD to introduce your biological children to one's New love, But I had too. He was going to be hanging around...and I was tired of living pretense. The kids have seen me kissing the new guy, and I'd blown it off often enough that it was just a PECK. But I wanted more. They aren't dumb. They could see the change in me. One of my kids even asked recently, "but you Really LOVE HIM??"...which I thought would be sort of awckward, but it wasn't. YES Dear I REALLY do love him.
I love how he accepts me completly, wether I am sick or bitchy, or snotty or Snooty.
I love how he REALLY thinks of my well being, seemingly before his own...he even has told me if I have nightmares if he's spending the night that I can wake him up and we'll talk about them.
He has supported my wild eyed pie in the God Scheme pie ideas That I think we could do to "Minister" together. I know I know...Kind of early to think about how you can "Minister" with your new love when the old one is still around, but more and more churches are accepting this as our society changes. This new guy...just kills me and makes me laugh...makes me understand that even like NOW when I am SOOO Sick, that i dont have to DO anything...just GET BETTER, that If I Dont GET BETTTER, than all of our naughty plans are brought to nothing. Health is the number one priority .
Oh I gotta bring up the kids again. When the guy I married is Gone...THIS guy...actually makes dinners that the KIDS REQUST!!! How wacko is that!!! If Joy wants mandarin oranges...he'll look to see if we have them...or makes spagettii for WIlliam...he's already Learned that's his favorite.
I' know I'll probably lose friends over this...but I had to get it out in the open. My new guy, I'm going to keep him over the man I married. I like him more, respect him more, cherish him more. He cherishes ME. The other night...he even told me I was "THE B WORD"..and it wasn't Bitch...He told me I was BEAUTIFUL. wow. It's been years since I heard that.
When I was in the hospital...he helped me all he could without it really infringing on his responsibilities. He held me when I was crying, encouraged me, and was loving and kind. He could never stay too long because he was helping me take care of my business on other fronts.
Yep, I love this new guy---who is the Old guy I married , now...even more than before. I feel blessed beyound words.
May each of you cherish your spouses, and be thankful for yours,as I am my New/Old Spouse, Don. I love you Don, and cherish the changes you have made in our marriage, and friendship.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I so want to scream that out. WAIT...why should these awful things happen to me? WAIT...I don't want my kids to be sick!! WAIT....Why should I be in such awful pain??? WAIT...its NOT FAIR. WAIT!!! I don't want to be depressed!! WAIT!!!

"those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength". What an amazing verse to have to revisit in a new portion of my life. I used to concentrate on the STRENGTH"m concentrating onthe "Renew" part.
Thou...who knowest my inwardmost part...renew them.....heal them. Just as my intestines can't handle my own poop, so my heart has been filled with shit. Anger, fear, pissed offed ness.
Yet...I am still told to WAIT on the Lord. I gave up years ago asking WHY. Its just the lot of life. It's a useless question with no proper answer.

I am tired, I am weak, I am without strength, and yet the Lord still says to WAIT on Him? Then I get Renewed? then I get Strength? WIll I ever feel renewed and strong again?
WIll I ever be able to eat without wondering if I am going to puke or be able to poop it out?
What use is it to spend ten days in the hospital when I can't remember a lot of it? Through the veil of pain, and meds a few things stand out. I guess that will have to be another post.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

May Peace be upon us

After pickiing up middle daughter from School Tuesday, and helping her as she barfed...I thought we were done. On Weds after all the kids got to school, I started in. Severe Cramping, puking...malaise as I have not known. I had a huge monthly meeting I am in charge of...called people and told them they were on their own.
I went back to bed.
Late afternoon, a friend called, very upset. Don and I have a ministry of food, so we made some food and took it over. I am still evaluating what happened, but I was put into a position of "arbitrator", and it actually worked very well. Amazing how God sometimes gives you the boldness and the words just at the right time.
I'm showered, and clothed, and going to try and go to work. I feel weak, but I need to show my face.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BRACE yourself...

SO I thought That all of our sickness was done...all the kids went back to school yesterday..Joy and William went to dance class...and I was finally able to go into the office.
I was debating about how to get to the funeral dinner thing for Sandy, and help out etc...when..THE PHONE RANG...and it was the School saying Helena was barfing, and um...needed to be picked up.
She continued to barf, and barf.
She was well enough to make her dentist appt. this afternoon. I made appts for all 3 kids.
Helena: needs braces. The side of her jaw on one side is sloping inward, she is missing 3 teeth (there are no teeth under her baby teeth to come in), and she doesn't have any cavitites, but she may need a Crown!! Ugh.
Joy: Has 3 cavities, and she did just Great. She loved seeing her teeth on TV...he has a small pencil camara that captures pictures/videos of the teeth, helps with documentation for INsurance claims too.
William has 2 cavities...his teeth MEET DIRECTLY, and the Dentist would Like him to think about Braces to make a better bite, but he is in NO WAY interested.
Got a great tip on flossing..Doc says to wrap the thread around your MIDDLE finger, that way you have more room to floss and can reach back better.
Lori and the kids came over tonight...Don made chicken and biscuits..Good stuff.
Watched "Inside Man" was a little rough ..difficult to follow with so many kids running around. Denzel tho...whew!.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

HOlloween Hangman

A talking skeleton eggs on your foolish choices. Complete waste of time. Somehow..>REALLLY made me laugh.

Dont forget to work

In the middle of all this also...I have to try and be working by the computer, which was not set up because of the remodel. Then Today is CHILI day at work, and another girl and I are the only ones bringing in chili to sell for the Christmas program. Oh yah. This is really starting to Suck. Joy stayed home again today...
Then tomorrow...the kids have the day off, and I have to go to "Leadership Gratiot" all day gig. Bus ride all over to see the County...I am looking forward to that but have no idea what to do with the kids.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

LET's Get sued...pneumonias not enough the midst of sick kids, unfinished Remodeling, and bad weather..I had to go to Court on Tuesday morning. A former tenant at the duplex I rent out was suing me.
She moved out because she couldn't pay the rent. (DOH)..She was getting subsidized housing through various means, had a Social WOrker who came with her when she first looked at the Apartment.
The Social Worker assured Don that this was a stable individual, kept clean house, and that Everything was in order for her to get her money.
WELL...except that pesky first months rent check. Then ....They requested I drop her rent $65 a month, as .."it was beyond her budget". I refused, told her I could not 'eat" that ..and asked her to move out. She says I gave her 2 weeks, I say what difference does it make she wasn't paying anyway.
So when she moved out..she never returned the keys, nor left a forwarding address. Ok. SOOO no way I can SEND her anything.
She calls a couple times, I didn't get right back to her I was gone...then she leaves Vulgar messages and swears at me.
I call her Social Worker. Tell her..She is NOT getting her deposit back UNTIL she Returns the keysj!!! What is up with THAT???? Plus it is in Michigan Rental / Landlord law..."within FOUR days"//return blah blah

SOOO long story short.....We got to deduct 100 bucks, and have to mail her the rest.
Hub was VERY supportive. The Social WOrker kept trying to worm her way out of where she had put herself. It was BECAUSE of her that we rented to this bitch. It doesn't matter if she was requested to move within 2 weeks or a month...SHE WASN"T PAYING!!!!
Once again...the Court system sucks.

Dere's sickness in da house

Woe is me. Last week, 2 daughters were sick...pneumonia. Had hub take them to doctor which he prescribed antibiotic, and did NOT give breathing treatment to the youngest. I KNEW she HAD to have it or she would get much worse. That was Tues. Weds...Son wakes up...passes out (literally) in his room, hit paint can, which pops open spewing new blue paint all over the floor (which I had just pulled the carpet up from and is all hard wood floors).
Son gets better after 2 days.
Four days a call from his friends mom where he is staying that he was "sleeping" a lot. Ok..I didn't think much about it...Picked him up..he looked TERRIBLE. Took him home, he slept from 11 in the morning till 9 the next morning when I took him to the doctor.
Meanwhile His 6 year old sister "can't Breathe". I am sick. Sore throat, not thinking straight. My girlfriend Lori calls, says DONNA....JOY CAN"T BREATHE>>Take her to ER. I'm like..OH...she can't...Oh should I ...when I 've KNOWN for days thats what she needed. I"m pissed I did'nt listen to myself.
SOO....take Joy to ER, they finally give her a breathing treatment, take her 0x levels, and do a chest Xray. She feels a little better.
Monday...Both son and daughter go to Doctor, then have to take Son to ER for Xrays..(small hospital). Then Take xrays back to Doctor..He has pnumonia/bronchitis.
He gets a z pack.
6 year old....I INSIST that I get a nebulizer to take home for breathing treatments. This is CRAP!! Shes had pnumonia at least 5 times each for the last 2 years.
I FINALLY get home, give BOTH of them breathing treatments, arn't even DONE yet, and the school calls.
Yes. The School.
The OTHER kid....twisted her ankle in Gym, and they think it's broken. It was hugely swollen, up over her shoe. I am numb. I am dead tired. I pick her up. Take her to the ER. Wait around (again). SHe gets it break...severe sprain..they wrap it up.
So in one week, 4 visits to Doctor, 3 to ER, and two dental appointments. (don and I got cleanings done).
somehow...this should be a blues song.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Seared with Scars....

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

Kahlil Gibran

I Don't even know where to begin. The last few weeks have been very long. No ONE thing..just the complications of living, and the way we have to continuously Breathe, breathe Breathe.

I'm tired of having a Strong Soul. I have enough Scars. I don't need any more "Character". I've developed enough.

God Help me. Is there Joy to be had?

Two moms at parenting classes I taught on Saturday told me they were Suicidal. One had four kids, one had I think 3 or 4, with her 18 yr old niece living with her. COmplicated lives. Complicated problems. Emotional puking on a stranger. Is that what we do? Is that what Counseling is we can control who we puke our emotional baggage on? I went several months the Spring, after the D.C. trip. I just wanted OUT. I was exhausted, tired of my life.
Not in "ending it all". Just bored of the tendium. Bored of having to breathe. I know that sounds awful...But..its exhausting just to live.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Even Jesus had crappy sandals Foamy the Squirrel rants about "name brand shoes" , and if crappy sandals were good enough for Jesus...and how THE MAN..makes you want stuff you can't afford to keep people poor.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sad story

"I gave up trying to please others a long time ago..and try to focus on what I can live with."

I think this quote I made really bothers me. It may or may not be true..I'm still digesting it.

Another great quote

So Sunday..a few of us female/mom/wiffy types sitting around waiting for the time to go to the Horse drawn cart events...
I say...' I just want to be ADORED'.....

SHE SAYS....oh what a difference...I just "want to be IGNORED" leave me ALONE!!! LOL

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hidden in Plain site

SO the entire "goth night" thing..was a hoot.
I was pulling into a shop, and there was a female and male with stranded vehicle. I rolled down my window..they needed a jump...I said..I"d be back in 10 if they were still there I"d help them.
Son , 12, was Yah Mom..thats what you do..just like when you stopped on the highway to help that guy who's truck ran into a deer..You just help people... she LOOKED at me rather oddly...I thought..Well....she looked at me oddly...LOL..THEN...after I pulled away AWCKKKKK I saw myself in the mirror...and started Laughing..a.s she did NOT see "me" she saw...the white face/black eyed beauty. the theatre...a guy I know well...simply gave me the "once over". I found it really humorous...he simply did NOT look beyond the studded lip/nose/makeup thing. I FREAKED him out when I went up...and Then he finally recognized me. WHOA. I got several lessons fromt that I am still digesting.
How often have I turned away from someone because of how they looked? Ok..well I usually don't but for SOMEONE reading this..yah..that's just not cool. LOL. No "judging the book by its cover" thing!!!

I feel much more bonded to my son...I guess which was the whole point...we stayed out till 2 in the morning..I wore him out!!! YEAHHHHH!!! Went out to eat after the Community theatre play..."COUNT DRACULA"...(evil laugh exhuding...heh heh).

....then his dad is going to the aforementioned ROCK concert with him in a couple weeks, so this getting the idea..well that Maybe I was hip before HE was.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: .." don't take offense.. I mean you look great and all that..but 'You are NOT GOTH. NOW I on the other hand..:TONIGHT is a chance for me to "be with my people". Hee hee...

Yah and I let him wear his black fingernail polish to school today and take his lip ring. DAMN.....if Oklahoma Baptist College could see me now...I know they'd think i was going STRAIGHT to hell!!.

But..I gave up trying to please others a long time ago..and try to focus on what I can live with.

Hmmn..I May have to ponder that for a while.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nintendo Fusion Tour kid has somehow talked me into letting him go to a concert at the STATE theater in Detroit..The Nintendo Space Fusion Tour. He has a Mario shirt to wear.

He's going with his Cousin Becky and Uncle Nick. Nick is a computer geek, and WIlliam Loves him.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blessings and ought not to be

So..I have always taught the urchins to be Happy for whatever they have. They Get it..they tell each other that..especialy when one gets more money, fries or whatever.

I get it. I have been more blessed than I thought possible. God is honestly working, and I sometimes forget that.

I went to the School today (Morey Charter) to work with my daughter's fourth grade class. Their original teacher deep sixed before school started, they have a "permanent" substitute, and they are out of control. 22 pre hormonal kids, thinking they run the show.
I was able to teach the math lesson when the Sub was out of the room. I kept thinking.."and I quit homeschooling for THIS".???? chaos was huge, kids were BRATTY, and the Sub...Frayed. SO much wasted time. People who don't homeschool always say..."What about the sociailization???"....I say...and I experienced today...WHO CARES!! WHy would I want to continue keeping my daughter in such awful conditions.?
I didn't tell her I was planning on coming in and working.
The Principal met with me after School, asked how it was going, and said He was going to be combining the 2 kindergarden classes of 10 each, into one, and the New teacher, just hired is going to be the 4th grade teacher. Here we go again..LAST year...mid year she got a new teacher. Its very frustrating. Principal actually said, "well...Its not like school used to be---It's a Business". Problem is..he's a poor business person, and a worse administrator.
The Head Secratary..(no jokes !!) said it was killing her to watch the school be run into the ground.
I just keep thinking "what next". Where is my Asperger's son going to go to school, I have NO idea how to prepare him for what I DON"T know is or isn't coming!

On the other hand....OY VEY

Pictures I'm trying to post...awwckkk

REunion dot Com

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Reunion Site. I just got an email from Rick. He was my dear buddy for a couple years in school. We did a Lot of things together..(NO NOT SEX) get your mind out of the gutter. He was my confidente',my friend, my band Mate...I was woodwinds...he was drums or sometiems tuba?? I always felt safe around him.

I have thought of him through the years, and prayed for his wealth health and happiness. I have no idea what he is doing. Isn't that how a lot of times life is? People are in your life for a Season, a reason...then float out. Well I dont like it!! I want to KEEP all the people in my life that have added GOOD things to it, made me feel stronger, more beautiful than I am or smarter than I am. Sure..Get rid of the ones that cause grief...yikes..who needs them. ANd FORGETTTTABOUTTT telling me those that "cause tears make you stronger". Believe me, I am strong enough.


I wish I knew how to make these "clickable" but this is the best thing I have veiwed in WEEKS, besides EP's wedding pictures.

I GAURENTTTTTEEEE you will feel better haveing viewed it. It's Not Dirty or sneaky in any way...SAFE for kids!! I think I'll go there again.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

"They say its Your Birthday".....Go on and have a good time

Yep. I never thought I'd be this age.

I don't Feel Old.

I've been kind of out of it. Best quote from the day..came from Robyn dealing with her Mom..."No MOm, You Can't be pregnant...You don't have a Uterus". ...Oh yah...Thank you Altzheimers.

Went to the park tonight..tried to go to the big was too packed. It was sort of weird..NO VERY WIERD..most of my best friends were there....Barb From Mt.Pleasant, Lori and her boys, Beth Ann and her hubby Gerry and ty, Mom, Ray and Terry, Sandy and Corey and Sandy's "little", Pam Trout, kids, Don...yikes!! I thought I was going to Implode.
I'll write more later.

AND got 2 free pizzas from Main street pizza in St. Louis AND Breckinridge.

Fried pickles for Lunch tomorrow at the Pub in ALma with Lori, Pam and hopefully Don!


yep..I'm just documenting that I indeed "Did the Mack"...walked the Mackinaw bridge on Labor day. It was great.
Got up at 5 got up without any fuss, Gerry and Ty were here at 5:15, Waiting on Ron....
Fixed Coffee...sped up to Mackinaw City..made great time...I drove on the way up, Caught the bus to St. Ignace....Weather..could NOT have been better, cool, not scorching!
Called mom from the Bridge, my brother and I try and call her from the weirdest places....airplanes, Jackson prison...and now..I can add ON FOOT from the Mackinaw Bridge.
Ron had made a bunch of sandwiches so we could try and go cheaper...we got great Cheap food (Barbeque and beer) after the walk right at the end of the Bridge. Oh yah....I was SO proud of Joy...she was wonderful...what a trooper. Gerry carried her some of the time, but she was great NO complaining, did the entire thing.

Walked the city. Got fudge, got tired, got a blister.

Drove us out of the city. We went to the 50 foot Jesus In Indian was actually quite cool. HUGE cross in the woods. They have marble kneeling benches, it was the first time in a while I felt the presence of the Holy.

Ron, was really tired, drove for a while, then I took over. A wonderful trip. Plus..when we got home, we had to unload Ron's truck with about 30 bags of carpet from the duplex....and the next day.>BOOM all gone!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

the power of One..again

So several months ago...I was all over this idea, how ONE person Could make a difference. And IN my life it has been many ONES that have. Just one at a time..LOL today...I'm still trying to get the house in working order, and "all" falls on me.

GF calls...are we doing a party tonight or not. I say..???, She says....??? I say..well hell I"ve got the meat, salad..might as well...So because of me...its a go.

Walk the Mackinaw Bridge tomorrow??? WHY is it UP to ME??? However..I seem to be a motivating force lately...So OK , I'll do it.

UGH. But..We are..7 of us getting up, Leaving at 5:30...Driving to MACKINAW...bus to St. Ignace..Walk the bridge, (Five miles about 2 hours they say), drive back. I have A DD, and a person going to drink beer it should be ok. LOL....Cooler is Packed, pop, juice and beer on ice.

Ok morning will get here too soon. Let's hope I can sleep tonight.

Done Whining

Ok. I'm done whining, that's what happens With two bottles of wine.

What is much healthier in every way..spiritually, mentally, and physically is to concentrate on what we HAVE , not what we don't have. I Pound that into my kids..sometimes I just forget.

SO, what have I done LATELY for myself?? LOL I painted a room, and several doors, scrubbed someone else's kitchen floor (a rental)..hands and knees stuff-, Got a new lease signed, (always nerve wracking),
got started on an antibiotic- I"ve had shots in my Dermatitus or whatever the crap is on my ankles..about a month ago, one of the Injection sites got INfection, so it was NASTY business..therefore I"m hoping that the antibiotic kicks my sore throat as well as the ankle.
We got new carpet installed, so I moved the paino myself...taped off all the new carpet to paint the floor board, but then realized how goofy it was to be doing that When I still couldn't walk into the kitchen because of a PIANO and RECLINER in it.
I"m working on getting the house back in working order. That as a priority helped focus my attentions...
but WHY....does one thing lead to another, the taping,led to washing the wall, led to doing 4 windows, 2 screens, to sweeping the kitchen, to tearing down the dog cage, to moving the piano (pain ano), to to to to....I am trying to get the house back because when it is orderly there is much less stress for the hub. I'm not very good at causing him less stress, but I really do try.

Bugsy, our black lab that died last week, has a golden brother that is available. I just dont want him. One, he's a boy, I like the nurturing of female doggies, I think our family needs a SMALLEr dog...Don doesn't want one at all. That puts the huge wet cold blanket over the whole thing. I won't say what we talked about..But suffice it say he made it quite clear he didn't want one. I must also say the ensuing days..he has said it is a family decision, and so he would go with that. we'll see what lies ahead. (my Birthday is next week so maybe...a nice little breed doggy will be in a basket). Yah. ANd monkey's might fly out of my butt too.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Who's your daddy?

So..Most foster kids at least know who their dad is..wait I take that back. Many know TOO many "daddies" and never their biological Father.

I have never know WHO my dad is. I've had a name on a birth certificate that doesn't mean anything, A "stand in" that is my brothers and sisters's always been a weird point.

I did the classic "kid" thing too..>Dreamed of what life would be like with a real life dad.

Didn't include the drunken rages, the fighting or the anger.

So..I borrow my Brother's dad..they have been estranged for years..and only have a surface relationship..but at least he knows who his dad is.

Daddy daddy
where did you go
why did you leave me
Here alone so
I want to know you
want to know
daddy daddy
did you love me so?

When he found out my mom was pregnant, ...was he happy? probably not. Probably married to someone else. Or a drunk.

At this point..does it matter? does..or I wouldn't still be wondering...what it would be like to have a dad.

My Sister Robyn, found a picture of her dad after he had passed, much in the same way I did of my Uncle. It was the best picture EVER of her captures in film, his Aura, his personality, his vitality..and his Love for her. It is a great picture.

I remember putting "unknown" in some "father" slots as a kid. Then..someone made a big deal about was very embarassing. I was the Odd lot when I was growing up...Divorced child ..Now..My kids are the Odd lots..because they have both wierd is that.
I guess..if the gift I can give to KNOW their father..that's a pretty damn good gift.

by the way...Not having a father, Not knowing who your father was..not growing up with a father..Really sucks.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I love This Guy....

To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection we are able to attain in the art of conversation.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

My mom sort of said it like this..Keep your EARS open, Your Mouth SHUT and Your brain in NEUTRAL.

We all have strength enough to endure the misfortunes of others.

My Friend Joe...RIP, Said..."well be glad its not YOUR dad that is dying".

We confess our little faults to persuade people that we have no large ones.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld
How perfect is that quote????

We should often be ashamed of our finest actions if the world understood our motives.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Hummmnnn thinking on that one.

On Being "Authentic"

"We are so accustomed to disguising ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves."

Francois de La Rochefoucauld
French author & moralist (1613 - 1680)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time is Rushing by..

Just a couple days seemed like I had Lots of time.

Today...worked like crazy at work, had conference with another VERY sweet lady (so much NOT like me) and loaned her tons of my parenting materials, video's etc--1, 2, 3 Magic, "Can We Talk" curriculum etc... She is teaching 4 nights 4 hours each night. She's a tough old bird though...she teaches at the Prison, to guys getting ready to come out-- I think thats pretty innovative and neat. WIsh I had thought of it.
Wacko...parenting classes are SO needed...Court orders them, but then there are not any offered. Sometimes just the Smallest hint helps immensely.

I'm working on a deal to provide an entire day of Love and Logic Sept. should be great.

Showed the Gwinner house again today. Trying to make money for owners in all kinds of innovative ways. Things just Change when you decide to pull a house off the market, and Rent it out.

Had a GREAT dinner tonight...a Birthday party for my Friend Barb W. She was maid of honor in My wedding to Don. Hee hee..I have to specify which wedding..LOL. It was kind of tense...we served up Chef Paul Prudomme's Tomato Soup --a seasonal goldmine, and then....I called the 2 older kids back into kitchen (they were eating in LR for space)....and...I joined hands LIKE WE ALWAYS do...and prayed...OUT LOUD...with one Atheist, One Sarcasm-ist, and One- well Nothing-ist. But was able to Thank God for her friendship, and what she has meant to me and to my family.

We shot off a firework after Great dessert--Cheesecakes, and Brownies, great salad Cathy (my 'adopted' sister) made--Greens, Walnuts and Strawberries. was refreshing, healthy and good.

Hey..have more to write..but its BLIND DATE time.....LOL....I just love that show.

Sometimes..yah just gotta pay $21.99

In our wanderings yesterday, we needed a cell phone charger for Hubs phone. Does he have a Nokia you may ask. NO. Motorola?? NO. He's got some off shoot "Sony Ericcson". wierd little Clamplike thing needed to recharge.
At the Phone was outrageous...22 bucks. NO way I was going to pay that. Next stop, Family General. None.Then, Kmart, Office Depot and Radio SHack. The first 3 Didn't even have it,., Radio SHack wanted to pawn off some universal jack, which the salesman INSISTED would work, SO finally I had him open hte pack BUZZZZZZ WE DO NOT HAVE A WINNER@!!!....So...we went Back to the Telephone store, HAAPPPY to pay the 21.99.

How mch time and frustration I could have saved IF I knew that ahead of time. Isn't that how it is so Many times???? If we only KNEW now what we didn't know then.

OK, I"m going to try and go back to bed.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Painting myself into a corner..

Worked on a room today, got it finished. I dumped several partial containers of paint, stirred it like crazy and put it on. Its a Really cool hue of grey/green/blue. I also painted several door frames and doors, it REALLY "brightened" up the house. It is going to be rented out, I need to get a ceiling fan with a light on it to exchange for an antique chandelier that is currently in the house. That is NOT "renter" material. Too fragile, too low, and I think it will be cheaper and better to change it out before something happens to it.

It was hub's day off....I went into work, couldn't concentrate...came back home (thank you for being a Consultant), went to MT P to do 20 errands...5 places looking for a cell phone charger. Kids are getting Wacky about returning to School.

Ok...I'm Beat. Hope I can sleep. Having insomnia really sucks...but that's another post.



So Bethany township had several meetings last fall because they were GOING to, without a vote add about 120 dollars to each property owner for curbside pickup of trash.

Prior to this, we had gone about 2 years with no trash pick up.

Prior to THAT, every Saturday morning, we'd load up the truck, put all our trash, and junk, and kitty litter into the the back and go and Unload at the township hall, then usually have to make the trek into Breckinridge to wash out the back of the truck. Really it wasn't too bad, a little more effort, but a good "community" time seeing your neighbors and all that.

WEll as of Jan 1 this year I think, We have FREE curbside Pickup. We can put out TWO large items, and curbside reclycling. In our house we can't recycle because the teachers next door took our recycling bin, so THEY have two.

Well the failed garage sale, and ensuing boxes, wet books, torn up carpeting etc produced LOTS of garbage. REMEMBER: if it FITS into a BAG----its Unlimited Pick up!! So I cut the carpet, Bagged it, and the padding, and put it all in BAGS. Put the bags on the trailer,and tarp OVER the trailer to keep it all dry. THere would be nothing worse than SOGGY wet carpet...and HEAVY.

Well of course, it was pissin rain, and blowing rain...the tarp blew off, EVERY THING got soaked. SO young son and I worked on it yesterday, with him squeeking the unfairness of it all.

BUT TODAY...I just heard up..and.....IT"S ALL GONE.!!! WE had over 40 bags of trash!!! Yippeee!!!! Its GONE!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I continue to be amazed by people looking to rent someone else's property. It is a joke!!

One guy...who wants a VERY nice property I am managing...has NO job, his wife has NO job, no local work history, "gets State help" and somehow thinks a Taco Bell job that "he is going to start soon" is going to pay the bills. I, as a Landlord, do NOT care about his BILLS, it's only his RENT I want. However, having been in this business of landlording over 20 years, I realize you must look at the entire package.

Pets? Used to be NO way. However...I've learned that those with PETS...Stay a LOT longer. They all lie about it anyway. If they want one, they'll get one, if they have one, they'll say they don't.

Today...No big deal, people are looking for somewhere to live every day of the week, a lady calls. Wants to look at a house. I asked if she was in the area, what her situation was, etc...trying to determine over the phone if she is worth the effort. I find out she is adjunct prof at CMU which she was trying to make sound like a big deal, but As I used to teach at a Local University, I KNOW that almost ALL the prof's are going to Part time. She was Only going to "be in the area" today looking.
SO, Ok, I agree to meet her. It was 5:30. I live at 15 min away, and was in jammies. I said..Ok how about Six O'clock. (literally 1/2 an HOUR!!)...OH my Gosh...she said..couldn't you Make it ANY SOONER than That????. NO I said. I cannot.

Oh...Ok she says..well "I"m GOING TO BE HERE TOMORROW" she'll call me then. SHEESH.
That's Ok..everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wants to feel important, and having someone JUMP when you call tends to do that. I've also learned, --it is tricky...but having them Make an appointment, pay an application fee etc weeds out a lot of the wackos.

I walked into a House last week, and THERE..>BEEDY EYED staring up at me was a BAT. I hate bats more than Mice I think. It was Dead in the kitchen sink. AWCKKKK!! I can't believe I was able to deal with it. Nasty furry funky thing anyway.

Another Renter just moved into a different property..couldn't get the HOt Water Heater Lit. Was actually quite NICE about it...but still WANTS hot water. HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO....It helps if you Contact the Gas company to get the GAS TURNED ON!!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Garage Sale

I don't think I'll ever look at a garage sale the same way. I don't want to GO to any, and I hope I never have to have one.

RIP, Bugsy Our dog

She was a fine companion. She Died last Thursday night.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back to the Land of the semi living

I have been SWAMPED since my last post. I knew it was going to be hectic, I just didn't realize HOW hectic. Sort of like when you are in a Car wreck, and KNOW you have to go through physical therepy for a while, you THINK you know what it's going to be like, but NO way Can you know the entire picture.

I mentioned going to Home Depot after Tubing last Thursday. What I didn't stay was that it took SO long. We ended up tying the new carpet on the roof of the van. Then Got to my house (I was SSOOOO exhausted) and still had to unload everything so his wife would see.
Then I couldn't sleep that night. His wife just WOULDN"T leave...LOL..she locked her keys out of her car, then ran up on a parking wedge, and twice Ron had to go out and get her mvoing. So FINALLY a LOT later than I wanted to get started we started. My High School Student David was great. a real work horse. Had never painted, but took instruction Very well. My word was GOLD, and that's it. One person likened me to a Lion tamer on a chair, and that is aptly what it felt like keeping eveyone motivated, fed, hydrated and happy. My buddy is a mixture of stuff, some ADD, some OCD, and a lot of passive agressiveness. I dont say that to be mean, its just like he and wiffy had gotten STUCK into a pissin contest. She because "he wouldn't do anything" and He because "If I do something she'll just bitch".
WELL, we peeled newspaper from 1911 off a window, wiped down the was almost like an inner city germany house in the war it was so sad looking. BUT I can was TRANSFORMED. My goal was to have the room NOT look like any other room in the house. It worked.I was going to mix sand in with the paint on the walls to help cover the natural creeks/ cracks that plaster of that age has, but the 4 coats of paint were doing a good job and we were on a severe time crunch. It was really motiviating, because EVERY LITTLE THING WE DID made a difference. Just clearing out stuff out of the room helped. Knowing we were getting rid of the kitten pee soaked rug helped, Painting the RUSTY heater helped, and overall when the room was done, the Carpet laid (almost room to room, just had to cutt off about 3 inches), the NEW bedding put on (Burgandy swirls, gold swirls, burgandy bed skirt and matching pillow shams, AND extra Pillow shams), with the matching was something. I REALLY wanted to put up Light and airy white sheer curtains to keep the room "lighter"...but He wanted the matching Ornate embroidered topped velvet curtains. It was "Gaudy", but stunning. The transformation was breathtaking. Literally. I can't believe that I could make THAT much happen.
THEN....While there, looking at the bathroom, sort of made me sad. The thought of them getting ready for anything in that sad sack of a room was enough to motivate me. MY daughter age 10 worked her BUTT off for hours and hours. and HOURS and HOURS. She literally kept pace with any adult there, and with the HIgh School student also.
The bathroom was a LOT more work than I thought it was going to be, we had to Scrape off wall paper, which was glued on wrong....took forever, Paint the radiator (BLACK SHINY). Ron was vehemanantly opposed to the black, but I just overrode him. I knew the look I was going for. I got "aqua" paint, and got matching geometric towels. I got a behind the tolit rack my hub put together, and He hung all new hardware correctly so it would not dislodge from the wall. Again..overall...the effect...the complete Change was unbelievable. That wasn't EASY...but it was SO worth it. I just wish it was in one of the rooms in MY house. I knew I had to have help as I just can't lift stuff like I used to. YES, Even I have my limitations.

SO after working 12 hours at the house on Friday, we still had to go to Wal Mart to get the stuff for the bathroom. IT was 10 when we got there, they close at 11, so I had to decide on Paint, towels, bars etc. I also had him get a LIGHT for over the Stove as I couldn't see a damn thing when I was cooking breakfast for everyone.

So VERY late night. I couldn't sleep. GOt to sleep at 4 am, got up and was back over there at 6:30. I REALLY wanted to just work through the night, I do my best stuff at night, I kick into gear, but Ron was O U T O F I T. Helena needed sleep too, but i figured she could sleep on his couch.

SO Saturday was LOTS more of the same. We took pictures, which I willpost when the "after " pics get here. Ron's wife was SHOCKED to say it mildly. She was kind, excited, and blown away, as I guess according to HER , Ron has "never done anything" on the house. So ..the pissin contest started right away, along with "what are y ou going to do next". LOL....anyway..maybe this is the breakthrough they need to get more done.

I pulled up ALL Carpeting in Son's room, HARDWOOD floors await getting the stapeles and so on out. Here's to healthier living, getting rid of MITES as much as we can. Carpet, stuffed animals...OUTTA here.

Garage sale stuff too. AWWCKKK

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it. ~Emily Dickinson

Yesterday..a fabulous Summer day. As all summer days should be. How often in life do you get to WAKE up ...just to "party"? Well, We (Will, Helena) woke up to go 'tubing' down Chippewa river.
My Skank friend called and bowed out..mostly I think she didn't wanna wake her boys up any earlier than she had to. (I say this with complete love and joviality, I just like the word SKANK). LOL
Another Joiner was late. Is always late. Is Socially Unacceptablly late. Thinks its ok to be late. Thinks because they "have always been late" that it is acceptable and they cannot, do not , and don't want to / have to change. Thinks being late is no big deal.
I despise late (rs). It throws off my entire schedule, makes me re arrange MY plans--with many other people...makes what could have been like a relaxed morning, getting supplies, ice, etc frantic in my mind.....makes other people involved think I am the incompetent, Rude, irresponsible, ill mannered lout. And selfish. Late people in my observation are generally very Selfish people. They like to think they are not..but are incredibly self centered. Do not like to be inconvienced themselves, but think nothing of holding people, meetings or services hostage to their lateness. Will "sneak" in a meeting or service disrupting the thought processes of everyone there, with out a clue it is even happening.
I'm sure there is something in my deep dark past to explain my Late feelings, but frankly I don't really care what it is. "being 10 min early is better than 2 minutes late". This was pounded into my head. It gives a person a RELAXED chance to think, change plans, make pitstops, get lost without feeling frantic. Also most State jobs its a requirement that you are there 10 min BEFORE you get paid. Sorry....its JUST the way it is.

SO..enough of a rant on being late. SO..anyway..we were Late for our Innertubing on a fine summer day.
I was driving so this was a No beer trip, plus I was really bummed my Beer drinkin GF didn't show. Weather was P E R F E C T. There was just the perfect appointed people there, we all R E L A X E D, took a 2 hour trip in 4 1/2 hours. Spent lots of time near the golf course searching for golf balls in the river. We found some really cool ones...Tiger Woods Buick classic ball, Tony the Tiger ball, purple Translucent, Snake eye, Washington Monument ball....amazing. about 100 in all. It takes a while to develop the "underwater golf ball" eye. I forgot once I was wearing CONTACT lenses..opened my eyes under water. OOPS.
Floated delightfully along. ON PURPOSE, relaxing. Choosing to carve out the summer day to enjoy it. God was there. My one GF, told me when I spoke of changing churches that she would go with me. The PROBLEM, which I never KNEW is she didn't want to go to church In Ithaca. Ithaca ites, tend to be small minded, and she..being from Great Britan..insists the only people she gets along GREAT with, are From SOMEWHERE other than here. So...Now It is cool as She may be able to go on a "church" hunt with me. Or actually, after I get established somewhere else, she will come.
My buddy Ron has been a great transitional church companion in this crappy church new pastoring experience. I am sure I would have dropped out LONG before now if it were not for him, and sort of my "accountability" factor with him. (hee hee..he's a CPA). I'm cracking myself up here.
SO we finished tubing, went to Home Depot to get stuff for above friend Ron to surprise his wife (who I don't think could be happy if she tried) with redoing a room in his house. PIcked out a great shade of Yellow, with the Ceiling Yellow SHEEN, Grey Carpet with multiple depths, getting rid of unmatched curtains to matching upholstery stuff, new Chandelier shades etc. The paint is going directly over VERY old farm house got some Kilz..also had the Kilz tinted the same yellow, so it will help with the covering. ALl this starts TOMORROW as soon as she leaves for 2 days. "WHILE SHERYL WAS OUT" an HGTV DHK special . Should be doing pictures too, will have to try and remember camara.

This a day after I had spent the afternoon and evening with a School buddy, drinking beer on the da beach, down by da river, tho NOT in A van. I got a call as I was pulling out from my mom's house-buddy was at the park. Probably living there now.
So I brought snacks. He can't eat Nuts very easily because of his bad teeth. He smokes still, rolls his own,(tobacco not wacky weed) thinks that he has to await the "perfect" job..none of which ever seems to find him. Has a gal pal I assume that pays his cell phone bill. I think he's living in the park, he has a stash of clothes..has no car, no transportation, and I know he has a sleeping bag etc. I was somehow secretly proud of myself for not bending over backwards for him..he has BURNED me several times in the past. I don't know why I remain friends...Was staying (flopping) at the duplex a couple years ago..supposed to do work, never finished it..awwkk anyways..
Took the girls swimming in the river..I had a tank on and shorts...ended up AWWCKK removing my shorts as they were too heavy. Thank Goodness I had worn underwear that day. It sounds much more dramatic than it was. There is something about connecting with someone who has known you your ENTIRE life. WEll, Kindergarten is the beginning of life isn't it? And Connecting has NOTHING to do with swimming in my underwear.

I LOVE watching my girls play in the water. I wish their dad and I could watch them together, but he is a great employee, Never misses work, and supports us completly. A great dad, and provider.
I just wish he could swim with us more. It helps make the work better able to take.

SO...Swim while its summer. Swim in the Sun. Be on time and Bask in the company of friends..and always bring beer. What was I thinking?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hank Hill goes Church Shopping, you are going to have to click and paste, as I don't know how to make it clickable. WELL worth the effort. I don't know how old this is but it is GREAT.

Somehow, this is exactly where I am right now. I feel disheartened, tired, and just plain exhausted from Church.

Somewhere in all of this, is the thought, That God -Really wants to be loved. I don't know how.

Monday, August 14, 2006

So, My brother died today and oh yah....

So no lie. I can't, I mean I CAN'T even make this stuff up.

I had an Executive meeting today, with a house showing afterward. I run into the office to drop off about 6 bags of clothes for the free clothing give away.

Red Light Blinking on the phone. Oh what the crap..Ok I'll answer it.

A woman, in Monotone...states her name, and "please send me information on what all I have to do to be a Foster Parent."...she leaves her number, then says,,,"Oh yah, I won't be available the rest of this week, MY BROTHER DIED TODAY, and gives me an alternative number.


What could POSSIBLY be going through her mind...AWWCKK brother X died, oh Yah I gotta call on Fostering???

WACK job???

Sunday, August 13, 2006

and well...I was fired from a State job

So...another winner from weekends foster parent training.
Seems SOOO excited to meet me last weekend at the Festival for my booth.
She and her mom were foster parents in florida, she is building a 3 bedroom home, shes should be ready soon.
And OHH she loves kids....
but um....WEll..ONE small question she has...Seems she worked for a while at the Regional Center, (where I did Sign Language Interpreting for 9 months), and well...seems she sort of got fired from there. Yah..well it wasn't her fault...NO NO nO...seems that she was on a ONE to ONE, her client went into the bathroom...she gets Distracted....Leaves her one on one...the one on one client gets STABBED with a this going to affect her being a foster parent??? Man oh man..what a can of worms.
Where are YOu dedicated Christian families out there? don't you SEE the starving, needy children here in America that NEED love and homes?? They Need a Family????

Christian BOOT camp??

SOOO much of this story bothers me..why first of all would a mom send a 13 (or any age kid) to a "Christian Boot camp"?..Do we want our guys to be THAT tough for Jesus?? Was she a single mom, looking for male influence??? Was it some Court ordered option? A church suggestion?...Oh oh oh. bothers me.

Aug 13, 9:54 PM EDT

Camper Who Died Refused Food, Cadets Say

Associated Press Writer

U.S. Video

MIAMI (AP) -- A 13-year-old cadet at a private military academy who died while camping at a state park refused food throughout the excursion, the father of two fellow cadets said Sunday.

Victor Jusino of Sunrise said his sons, ages 9 and 10, told him the boy continuously threw away food after the 33 cadets arrived early Wednesday at the Back to Basics Christian Military Academy's Training and Leadership Corps campout.

"They described to me that he wasn't eating. He wasn't feeling well. His stomach was hurting him and the heat was getting to him," Jusino said.

Other cadets gave similar accounts to WFOR-TV in Miami.

"He wasn't eating any food," 12-year-old Joanna Miller said. "He would ask people if they want his food or he would just throw it on the ground. When he was supposed to drink water, he didn't want to."

The academy's principal, Lynda Browne, did not return messages left at the school Sunday. North Miami police have released few details about their investigation into the death at Oleta State Park. An autopsy is pending.

Jusino said his sons told him they were given three meals a day after starting each morning with a long hike. But the boys were dehydrated, sunburned and had insect bites when he picked them up Saturday morning, he said.

"They were very dirty, their clothing was wet. They had been sleeping in wet clothes, and their hair had been cut," Jusino said.

The cadet, whose name has not been released, got out of bed in the middle of the night to tell a drill sergeant he didn't feel well, and collapsed on the way to the bathroom, Browne told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. She said the boy's mother told her that her son "wasn't the most physical, strong or athletic child," the paper reported.

The academy subcontracts with Fort Lauderdale-based Juvenile Military Training and Leadership Corp. The camp is run by certified National Guard drill sergeants, Browne told the paper.

In January, a 14-year-old boy died after a confrontation with guards at a Panama City boot camp for juvenile offenders operated by the Bay County Sheriff's Office. Martin Lee Anderson died one day after being roughed up by guards.

His death remains under investigation. The state's government-operated military-style boot camp system was shutdown in May.

why make friends

Brad and Lori came over for dinner last night. The adults went out last week to Miami Vice the MOVIE. Kids stayed home with a sitter.

Don made some great chicken last night with some fresh tomatos, Fresh basil/pinenut/garlic pesto (he made it) for the tomatos, and potato salad with corn on the cob. Adults ate first. Oh Yah.
Then Lori and I went out to hear a local band, while the rest watched a movie.

It was a great night.
so whats the problem? Same thing---There house is for sale, they are moving, someone looked at it yesterday, their huge house, full dry carpeted basement, Pool, New Toilet, carpet, window treatments only 109,000. BI Level Beauty. They've fixed it up SOO much.

So why make friends. The effort, emotional entanglement, investment. and then they leave. pisses me off.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Living in a trailer >...(down by the river)

So, I have Training today and last night for potential foster/adoptive parents.
I met a couple of the people last weekend when I was working the Masonic Festival.

We had a good showing of individuals. One lady, is 31 with no children. She babysits. Her husband is a long distance trucker. They can't have any kids. She pulls me aside today, and quietly explains, that well..they have a P.O. Box. Ok, I say. That's fine.
NO she says, I mean..WE have a because we sort of live NEXT to somebody's house in a pop up trailer.
OH. I say.
"Can we still be licensed?", she wants to know? I"m thinking, "is this chick SERIOUS"--Oh yah...she's serious. Well..seems they have electricity because they have an "orange" plug that runs from the nieghbors.

oh my.
and well...I guess they DO have a door that latches (a bedroom requirement) it just so happens its ALSO the door to the outside.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One CAN make a difference..if the one is ME

Wow. So at work yesterday they were having a team building excercise for State Employees. IN the past I would always go, but lately it has been changed to STATE employees ONLY not the "contracted" workers. Screw that. Brings back WAY too many feelings of the Christmas party..I was invited, then DIS invited...they were having it at a Restruant....AWWCKK don't want to go there.

SO...5:30 am...I'm in the hall pulling up Staples. Don thinks I'm nuts, I think I'm just a little on the "manic" side. I went back to sleep for a while, got up, the babysitter -Kelly from 3 doors down, got here and I started Power washing again. I finished the upper back deck, squirted down the antique church pew, pwerwashed all hte siding, upper soffits in the back and the side of the house toward the apple Orchard.
DESTROYED THE ENEMY in the form of HUGE hornet nest that was made behind a loose corner piece, did the front walls of house, and soffitts, did the front cement porch,and the ENTIRE front "landing lane" Sidewalk. Its HUGE. IT really helped a LOT. Looks like it was just put down. THe clear. You can see actual pebbles in it.

The house just looks a lot "brighter''. WHen I was doing the siding, MUD would come flying down for quite a while depending on wher I was at. so I just kept shoving the hose in there until it ran 'clear'. Need to finish the garage doors, frames, other sides of the house. I tape the handle shut to make it a lot easier. THAT is a goodsend.

SO Today is Helena LOA's TENTH birthday. I was really out of her dad picked up dogs, buns, and chips, Mr Ron picked up the cake (I have to see if I owe him for it or was REALLY good) with her name on it...(couldn't find camara dammit),
Kids swam, adults swam, overall exactly what I needed. VERY laid back, relaxing etc.

Joe and Densise were there,with son Issac, She is looking rough. Joe not working, she is afraid they are going to lose the house. NOt a good thing for anyone.

I'm Landlording out the Ryerse Stead now. Getting sign out, etc. I know a nice professor from ALMA college is coming to get it.


Monday, August 07, 2006

"it's the little things"

SO last night, after I sang in Church in the morning, ran all afternoon kids here, there and everywhere, short nap...I pulled up all the carpeting in the hall way snd living room
The carpet was sOOO nasty...then after the padding was up...there were notes written on the subfloor from many years ago..MY DS's 5 year old foot print--he's almost 13 now...and note----ME heart Hubby 4 ever..>SHESH..that doesn't even SOUND like me!! LOL

Then today...I worked, had a meeting about CASA---Court Appointed SPecial Advocate for Foster MANY states the ONLY person that is Steady in a kids life is the CASA indididual. The voluteers, stay with a kid wherever they go. SHow up in Court JUST FOR THEM, talk to their attorneys, etc....Well Gratiot County is working on getting CASA up and running.

I got ACCEPTED into "Gratiot Leadership". This is a big deal. Made somewhat less of a deal when the paperwork states 2004-2005, and then grant money due by Aut 2004. Yah. Thanks for updating that letter. NOT.

Ten years ago tonight..I was in the hospital, waiting to have DS. She was born "tomorrow" at 4 : 30 in the afternoon...after that nasty "plug" thing to start labor, and pitocin. Nasty stuff. Doc said, "Today is someone's birthday"...I was so out of it I didn't get it.

THEN ...borrowed a power washer...was able to get most of deck done. Was about to run out of gas, both in the Engine and myself...but its a good start. And got almost one side of the house washed. WOW..big differeence.

DS, age 10, got stung by 4 wasp like creatures tonight. Yah. NOT FUN. had her soak in tub...rubbed venom ...nasty business.

Also..other stops today-- WOrk, was supposed to have Specialist appt. for youngest DD, then got htere, office locked the peditrician...OH NO...appt NEXT friday at 2.oo.

My Ankle from the 15 shots continues to heal. Truely amazing.

1/2 hour phone call from sister in Washington.

Several to Robyn, Rob, Lori. Lori is letting me have Helena's Bd party there tomorrow..Hot dogs, chips, swimming...'thats all folks".

Saw mom's newly refinished wood floors. Will tell about how she gave strangers $1000.00 up front, no receipt with out knowing their names. Oh no...she didn't get ripped off.

OK lets hope I can sleep tonight.

Friday, August 04, 2006

personalized random insult generator

Heh heh, my girlfriend found a "euphamism" generator that sort of grossed me out...(spewing salty gravy) AWWCKKK

this one is CUSTOM insult pick various attributes of the person you want to insult, and UP they pop.

these are some I got from putting in attributes of my formentioned GF...

"you self-centered arrogant bony egotistical Tart"

"You irresponsible cerebral anorexic self-loving nag".

OOH man...these are too much...

"you self-centered arrogant bony full of yourself skank."...heh heh..I think she'd like that one.!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

SHOTS are US..15

I'm continuing to try and "Possess the Land" around me.

Today was pretty amazing. Robyn has been after me for Months if not years about my icky ankle sydrome. ...OH Don't worry..there are PICTURES TO SHOW soon. I"m documenting the healing process.
I went to Dr. Messenger, and told him I'd had this Crap (Excema, psorisis whatever) over 1/2 my life, tried about 30 prescription and non prescription things. Told him if Monkey piss would cure It, I'd get it. He laughed, and said Lansing Potter Park had a lot of Monkeys in their exhibit.
Anyway, my mom had gotten a relativly new treatment, Her's is Completely GONE with no scarring. Psorisis Cells reproduce at 75 times normal cells, that is where the Silvery icky flakes come from. Dr M said, mine was "nasty", and that tests have been done where you CANNOT stop from itching it. I told him that I had at times without realizing, been scraping it--on cement stairs, walls whatever, and I wasn't leaving without the "shot". Well "ONE" turned into 15. The worst one, was on the back of my ankle, like at my Achilles tendon...OWWWWWW! He said I had some really 'THICK' ones, THEN said, well let me see you in THREE weeks to see if we need to do more shots if it isn't all gone by then!! Three weeks??? WOW WOHHHHH OOOOOOO! and as much as I dont like this ..."PTL". AND he didn't charge me for an office visit, so I had an extra 10 dollars!. Dr M is the same Doc that dealt with my friend Lori's cancerous growth too. I like him a LOT.

My ankle already feels better, and does NOT itch!! wow that in itself is amazing!!

THen..went to lunch with 2 people, and one of them is from NC now, retired from Biology dept at CMU. He and a partner "flip" houses. OVer 2,000 homes in Durham where he lives go into forclosure every year. they do some there, and many in Florida. What a great lunch, Great intelllI GENT (ha) conversation ( I razzed the one guy about Rush Limbaugh and the "super highway" being built in the Country.
I was still in town, got a call to see the duplex...told them 25 more a month, got a filled out application, AND 25 dollar app fee. I think she is going to take it. Have never heard from the Attorney one, and the one from yesterday hasn't called me back either. I told them the stove is new,, and I was NOT going to provide a Fridge. I just can't handle it right now. She has a washer and dryer..but not a fridge, but still she wants it. She will be working at the tribe transferring from Green Bay.
I was STILL in town, actually before I showed it, and called the furnace Guy I graduated with Dave Hovey in Rosebush. He remembered the duplex from the Prosecuting attorney that lived there with her girlfriend and TWO large hairy dogs. He told me to GET RID OF THEM, as the dogs were pissing on the condenser outside, and ruining it. I told him they were out of there--Fire Dept actuallly CITED them for all the dog crap in the basement floor. ANyway to finish the thought...furnance guy "just happened" to be in town, came over fixed the sqeeeling furnance, checked it..said no replacement yet but to plan on it 2-3 years, and I had the money to pay him.

Joy had a great day with Daddy...they went on breakfast date etc.
They bought me flowers. How sweet is that! Joy was very excited. I Rarely get anything special like that.

I miss Helena...a week away from Family for camp is really asking a lot of that family. She doesn't know about Joy's teeth etc.

Cousin Barb left this morning, we had a GREAT dinner at the "Tease" last night...but CRAPPY service. at one point I asked the waitress if she were ok..and she said, "No, I feel really really sick". Oh. My bad. Somehow having a SIck waitress serve you very unapealing. Didn't stop me from Ordering their Crem' Brulee tho. yum. I was able to bring Hunky Hubby some of a Portebella Sandwich, and 1/2 my Crem Brulee. YES that is true love !!

Eighteen years ago, Don and I met, were kissing in the lake under the moonlight. He reminded me of that today. I dont THINK he's been IN a lake with me since then. Sort of like false advertising if you ask me!! LOL. He was awed by me back then. I wish he still were.

I am emotionally feeling a lot better, I 'm taking care of business, and business is falling into place. Had a "female" check up, did ankle thing today, took Joy in last week, and have appt for allergist for her on Monday, AND have appt for my other ankle with the surgeon. I have so many screws and a full length plate in my foot, and I"ve been having a LOT more pain lately. Secratary did tell me the screws can come loose (HEY I heard that LAUGHING)!!, but we'll see. I really continue to do pysical therepy at home every day, or I wouldn't be able to walk, but if there is something going on, I can't ignore it any longer.
Rob sent me an HGTV site that starts Friday for getting organized in 6 weeks. I signed up. I will do what I can, without causing a ton of stress.

No more summer program, so found the para pro from school 2 doors down will babysit for us, in our home for about 20 a day. COOL. Maybe I'll try and slide in CLeaning with her too. Wouldn't THAT be cool. I may try and hire her to help with Garage gutting. I know that will come up within the 6 week course.

Don suggested viewing movie with Miss Lori tonight was cute..something like "Stuck in Paradise". 3 crooks rip off a city, then are snowed in and cant get away. Mindless fun. I feel comfortable enough there to get into her fridge. That says a lot doesn't it? They just had their 10 year anniversary. We hope to Check out MIAMI VICE this weekend. (no kids!)

Organizing my brain, checking my emotions, and trying to love abundantly. Seems as though people in my life have been Very Giving to me of late, I think That helps me not feel so completly drained. I'm getting something "back". Not stuff, just emotional support.

Look up, My child, and do not fear,
Though your path may not seem very clear.
Hold fast to My Word concerning you,
For I've not left or forsaken you.
Do not give up! No, do not despair!
Trust in My love, power, and care.
Take courage, child, and hold My hand.
In My Name, possess your land.

"For I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk
in his ways, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws; then
you will live and increase, and the LORD your God will bless you
in the land you are entering to possess." Deuteronomy 30:16

Then Joshua said to the children of Israel: "How long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers has given you?

For those blessed by the Lord will possess the land psm 37 Wait eagerly for the LORD, and keep to the way; God will raise you to possess the land...those at peace with God have a future

Monday, July 31, 2006

good things do happen, even when you lose teeth

OK, in trying to keep "positive" and see God at work....(this after my stunningly incredible last post is GONE) I"ve been reading a lot in Joshua. .and I have my own Jericho walls of debt, depression and daffiness. Joshua, led an army to be able to tear down the walls, when God chose to do it an easier way. I'm beliving this for me and my future, and with that.....several things of note have happened-- and this just today.~~!!!

Helena Got $$ to go to camp for 2nd week. I felt very bad as she was crying when I left. She had been on again off again about going...and trying to rely on Love and Logic...I let HER make the decision. It was awful. One GOOD thing is..each dorm --Cabin-- has Air Conditioning, a MUST with this heat. There is a Heat Warning out today and tomorrow until 8 pm

My Van Broke down. Yeah, that was not a good thing, but I was able to make it home. That is a good thing. No towing etc. It has been very wierd. Anyway...everything just STOPS. Then, after a few minutes..I can start it and it will run.
Note to Self: When a vehicle does not have power, and one is pulling into a parking lot into the shade with no power steering ..the BRAKES dont work.
WHY I was traveling with a 12 yr. old, a dog and NO water/cooler is beyond me. I turned off the air, which I think helped the engine, however it was 94 going down the highway.

Another good thing, I didn't hit any vehicles in above parking lot.! Came close to crashing into the side of a black one.

A friend was dropping her 3 kids off at camp, recognized my van, and pulled off. She was able to follow me all the way to Mt. Pleasant where I had an appointment.

I had an appointment at 1:30 to show the Duplex which has been vacant, non-rent producing for MONTHS. I was able to make it to show. I think it is rented. The woman (new hire attorney at the Casino) drove up from East Lansing to look at it.

I got a rent check from the tenant on the other side.

Joy Lost 2 teeth, fronts on the bottom. The first she was kind of scared. The second one, we were over at Lori's and Lori just POPPED it out. So she must be on the path to growth...she is also pretty healthy despite the recent prognosis.(Asthma) And, because Robyn has been kickin my ass, we have an appointment with the Allergist. (and what is with all the teeth around here? First Bugsy loses two then Joy.) I was just IM'ing my Aunt, and told her Joy had lost 2 teeth, and she (we all have a wierd sense of humor) asked if I had punched her. LOL.

Kids were able to go swimming, so was Bugsy at the pond at Camp today.

We had great watermelon. The first of the summer for me.

I was able to pay 3 months House insurance today.

I was able to get 2 prescriptions. ...One was 30 and one was 15..what to people DO without insurance? Probably what I did...Pick the 2 most important....and Blessed to have insurance.

I have water! Able to take a shower. After having no power a couple weeks ago, its still fresh enough in my mind to be huge.

I got 27 dollars in gas for the Van.

I got to go out for Breakfast with my Mom, cousin, and 2 kids. We went to Ponderosa (Kids eat FREE!!), before I took Helena to Camp.

I soaked my feet and gave myself a pedicure.

I put up a sheet so the front room can stay cooler. We have AIR CONDITIONING!!

Don and I and Lori were able to LAUGH until we thought we were going sprew watermelon out our noses. The art of conversation was apparent tonight. We sat around Lori' outside in pool and just TALKED. Tv off, talked about GOD, books and movies. Lori thinks God punishes her for being "mean" and talking about people. Heck..we just think that's sport. God is bigger than our petty thoughts. They have gotten new carpet, new window treatments, new bathroom furnishing, spending over 4 grand to sell their house, and just dropped the price by 10 grand. Weird stuff.

Ok There is more I am sure, But I feel like a turkey in a deep fryer. Its HOT. I have to set WIlliam up to sleep in the front room. His room is just too dang hot.

Oh yes, and the tomatoes are growing on the vine.

My hope is that my walls, continue to tumble.

awwck lost post

I hardly have the heart for this. I had a GREAT post. Phone rang, kid yelling, left the computer..someone else got on..BLITZ Freeking gone.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tick .....tock

SO William came to me tonight upset. He said that a 14 year old girl that had been at one of the weddings we have been to recently, died.

She had been suffering from seizures. Her legs were paralyzed. Doctors had NO clue as to the cause.

then, her mom, was gliding her fingers through her hair, and found a Tick.

They removed the tick, but the girl died.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friends, Fairs, and Fireworks

Robyn left yesterday. Its always so sad when they leave. More About this When I'm not dead tired.

I had to go to work afterwards and it was a very hectic day...Foster Parent Picnic, tons of stuff to do, very unorganized, low turnout. EXCEPT the firetruck that I was able to get was a big hit I think. They gave rides, brought stickers books etc.

Today..I woke up with a SCREAMING headache. Did relaxation breathing, drugs, massage, and finally just decided to take off with the kids. Rode around, ended up at the fair at a friends Trailer. They stay there, and the kids all show stuff for 4-H. Even my migraine stuff didn't work. Ate sloppy's, went to small animal auction. The Dozen eggs from the top hen..went for -------------$$250 dollars. Wow. It was very nice (headache all the time did I mention that). William obsessing about a game that had to be returned tonight.
I was able to get in the gate FREE which was nice, told the kids beforehand we were NOT doing any rides, but we enjoyed the craft booths, the atmosphere, and the people watching. After the Auction all the small animal people give a dinner, so we ate great (Non Fair carny food)- real barbeque beef, white baked beans, pot salad, french bread. Great stuff. (no goat meat tho) at least I hope not...
Joy LOVED on and off of the Tractors. She also found one of those little vehicles with the dump truck thing on the back, and persuaded almost all in our group at one time or another to sit with her in the passenger side while she "drove". She even got William up there, and then got him to "drive" while she rode. She always Made the person put on their seat belt. When we ran into Sheryle (from Canada and her twin boys, and autistic girl) She put the twins on one at a time, then both together. She was so Cute, and a great "hostess" of the vehicle. She was happy to show them around the animal barns, and my Friend was there so we got to pet her goat.

Then tonight...FIREWORKS. It was a great show. We were able to sit right near their camper, so we were VERY comfortable. There is something about watching fireworks with people that makes you closer. I don't understand how someone can leave a fireworks show, or be walking AWAY from the fireworks and not watching as they are Exploding behind them.
Life is too short to miss any fireworks show. It is art in action. I think there will be fireworks in Heaven. I think God likes looking DOWN at them, as we are looking UP at them..and I like thinking that "we" are watching them at the same time.

Patty Pishos

Patty and I went to School together. I really REALLY liked her. She was REAL. She loved her grandmother who was Greek, and I loved hearing her stories of her Grandma. She loved her grandma's Baklava.
Even tho I haven't seen her or heard from her in years, I suddenly miss her. We were 1 month and 1 day apart in Birthdays.

PUBLISHED: Thursday, July 20, 2006
Patty Ann Pishos Long

Aug. 6, 1960 - June 29, 2006

Patty Ann Pishos Long passed away June 29, 2006 in Walnut Creek, California, at the age of 45 after a long battle with Diabetes, Kidney failure and Cancer.

Beloved wife of Terrance Long. Loving daughter of Sammy and Gloria Pishos Greiner of San Ramon, CA. Dear sister of Cathy Pishos of Tucson, Arizona and Christine Pishos Greiner of Lake Forrest, CA. Aunt of her favorite nephew and best buddy John Samuel Greiner.

Daughter-in-law of Warren and Colleen Long of Mt. Pleasant, MI.. Sister-in-law of Tammy and Tonya.

Patty was born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, on August 6, 1960, she was a 1978 graduate of Mt. Pleasant High School. She loved animals, she had a kind heart and loved music. Patty loved to attend church at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension in Oakland, CA.

Family and friends attended the funeral Liturgy, Thursday, July 6, 2006 at 11 a.m. at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension, 4700 Lincoln Ave., Oakland, CA. Trisaigon services were Wednesday evening, July 7, 2006 at 7 p.m. at the Ascension Cathedral. Interment followed the Liturgy at Oakmont Memorial Park in Lafayette, CA. In Lieu of flowers the family requested memorial contributions be made in her name to the Juevenille Diabetes Foundation or the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Ascension.

For further information please call Greer Family Mortuary. Alameda, CA. 510-865-3755.