Monday, August 28, 2006

Painting myself into a corner..

Worked on a room today, got it finished. I dumped several partial containers of paint, stirred it like crazy and put it on. Its a Really cool hue of grey/green/blue. I also painted several door frames and doors, it REALLY "brightened" up the house. It is going to be rented out, I need to get a ceiling fan with a light on it to exchange for an antique chandelier that is currently in the house. That is NOT "renter" material. Too fragile, too low, and I think it will be cheaper and better to change it out before something happens to it.

It was hub's day off....I went into work, couldn't concentrate...came back home (thank you for being a Consultant), went to MT P to do 20 errands...5 places looking for a cell phone charger. Kids are getting Wacky about returning to School.

Ok...I'm Beat. Hope I can sleep. Having insomnia really sucks...but that's another post.


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