Saturday, August 12, 2006

Living in a trailer >...(down by the river)

So, I have Training today and last night for potential foster/adoptive parents.
I met a couple of the people last weekend when I was working the Masonic Festival.

We had a good showing of individuals. One lady, is 31 with no children. She babysits. Her husband is a long distance trucker. They can't have any kids. She pulls me aside today, and quietly explains, that well..they have a P.O. Box. Ok, I say. That's fine.
NO she says, I mean..WE have a because we sort of live NEXT to somebody's house in a pop up trailer.
OH. I say.
"Can we still be licensed?", she wants to know? I"m thinking, "is this chick SERIOUS"--Oh yah...she's serious. Well..seems they have electricity because they have an "orange" plug that runs from the nieghbors.

oh my.
and well...I guess they DO have a door that latches (a bedroom requirement) it just so happens its ALSO the door to the outside.


ness said...

oh my.

ness said...

She is what our friend Kevin called the "invisible homeless." Apparently, there are millions of people like her across the country that no one knows about. An invisible population.