Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sometimes..yah just gotta pay $21.99

In our wanderings yesterday, we needed a cell phone charger for Hubs phone. Does he have a Nokia you may ask. NO. Motorola?? NO. He's got some off shoot "Sony Ericcson". wierd little Clamplike thing needed to recharge.
At the Phone store..it was outrageous...22 bucks. NO way I was going to pay that. Next stop, Family General. None.Then, Kmart, Office Depot and Radio SHack. The first 3 Didn't even have it,., Radio SHack wanted to pawn off some universal jack, which the salesman INSISTED would work, SO finally I had him open hte pack BUZZZZZZ WE DO NOT HAVE A WINNER@!!!....So...we went Back to the Telephone store, HAAPPPY to pay the 21.99.

How mch time and frustration I could have saved IF I knew that ahead of time. Isn't that how it is so Many times???? If we only KNEW now what we didn't know then.

OK, I"m going to try and go back to bed.

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