Thursday, August 03, 2006

SHOTS are US..15

I'm continuing to try and "Possess the Land" around me.

Today was pretty amazing. Robyn has been after me for Months if not years about my icky ankle sydrome. ...OH Don't worry..there are PICTURES TO SHOW soon. I"m documenting the healing process.
I went to Dr. Messenger, and told him I'd had this Crap (Excema, psorisis whatever) over 1/2 my life, tried about 30 prescription and non prescription things. Told him if Monkey piss would cure It, I'd get it. He laughed, and said Lansing Potter Park had a lot of Monkeys in their exhibit.
Anyway, my mom had gotten a relativly new treatment, Her's is Completely GONE with no scarring. Psorisis Cells reproduce at 75 times normal cells, that is where the Silvery icky flakes come from. Dr M said, mine was "nasty", and that tests have been done where you CANNOT stop from itching it. I told him that I had at times without realizing, been scraping it--on cement stairs, walls whatever, and I wasn't leaving without the "shot". Well "ONE" turned into 15. The worst one, was on the back of my ankle, like at my Achilles tendon...OWWWWWW! He said I had some really 'THICK' ones, THEN said, well let me see you in THREE weeks to see if we need to do more shots if it isn't all gone by then!! Three weeks??? WOW WOHHHHH OOOOOOO! and as much as I dont like this ..."PTL". AND he didn't charge me for an office visit, so I had an extra 10 dollars!. Dr M is the same Doc that dealt with my friend Lori's cancerous growth too. I like him a LOT.

My ankle already feels better, and does NOT itch!! wow that in itself is amazing!!

THen..went to lunch with 2 people, and one of them is from NC now, retired from Biology dept at CMU. He and a partner "flip" houses. OVer 2,000 homes in Durham where he lives go into forclosure every year. they do some there, and many in Florida. What a great lunch, Great intelllI GENT (ha) conversation ( I razzed the one guy about Rush Limbaugh and the "super highway" being built in the Country.
I was still in town, got a call to see the duplex...told them 25 more a month, got a filled out application, AND 25 dollar app fee. I think she is going to take it. Have never heard from the Attorney one, and the one from yesterday hasn't called me back either. I told them the stove is new,, and I was NOT going to provide a Fridge. I just can't handle it right now. She has a washer and dryer..but not a fridge, but still she wants it. She will be working at the tribe transferring from Green Bay.
I was STILL in town, actually before I showed it, and called the furnace Guy I graduated with Dave Hovey in Rosebush. He remembered the duplex from the Prosecuting attorney that lived there with her girlfriend and TWO large hairy dogs. He told me to GET RID OF THEM, as the dogs were pissing on the condenser outside, and ruining it. I told him they were out of there--Fire Dept actuallly CITED them for all the dog crap in the basement floor. ANyway to finish the thought...furnance guy "just happened" to be in town, came over fixed the sqeeeling furnance, checked it..said no replacement yet but to plan on it 2-3 years, and I had the money to pay him.

Joy had a great day with Daddy...they went on breakfast date etc.
They bought me flowers. How sweet is that! Joy was very excited. I Rarely get anything special like that.

I miss Helena...a week away from Family for camp is really asking a lot of that family. She doesn't know about Joy's teeth etc.

Cousin Barb left this morning, we had a GREAT dinner at the "Tease" last night...but CRAPPY service. at one point I asked the waitress if she were ok..and she said, "No, I feel really really sick". Oh. My bad. Somehow having a SIck waitress serve you very unapealing. Didn't stop me from Ordering their Crem' Brulee tho. yum. I was able to bring Hunky Hubby some of a Portebella Sandwich, and 1/2 my Crem Brulee. YES that is true love !!

Eighteen years ago, Don and I met, were kissing in the lake under the moonlight. He reminded me of that today. I dont THINK he's been IN a lake with me since then. Sort of like false advertising if you ask me!! LOL. He was awed by me back then. I wish he still were.

I am emotionally feeling a lot better, I 'm taking care of business, and business is falling into place. Had a "female" check up, did ankle thing today, took Joy in last week, and have appt for allergist for her on Monday, AND have appt for my other ankle with the surgeon. I have so many screws and a full length plate in my foot, and I"ve been having a LOT more pain lately. Secratary did tell me the screws can come loose (HEY I heard that LAUGHING)!!, but we'll see. I really continue to do pysical therepy at home every day, or I wouldn't be able to walk, but if there is something going on, I can't ignore it any longer.
Rob sent me an HGTV site that starts Friday for getting organized in 6 weeks. I signed up. I will do what I can, without causing a ton of stress.

No more summer program, so found the para pro from school 2 doors down will babysit for us, in our home for about 20 a day. COOL. Maybe I'll try and slide in CLeaning with her too. Wouldn't THAT be cool. I may try and hire her to help with Garage gutting. I know that will come up within the 6 week course.

Don suggested viewing movie with Miss Lori tonight was cute..something like "Stuck in Paradise". 3 crooks rip off a city, then are snowed in and cant get away. Mindless fun. I feel comfortable enough there to get into her fridge. That says a lot doesn't it? They just had their 10 year anniversary. We hope to Check out MIAMI VICE this weekend. (no kids!)

Organizing my brain, checking my emotions, and trying to love abundantly. Seems as though people in my life have been Very Giving to me of late, I think That helps me not feel so completly drained. I'm getting something "back". Not stuff, just emotional support.

Look up, My child, and do not fear,
Though your path may not seem very clear.
Hold fast to My Word concerning you,
For I've not left or forsaken you.
Do not give up! No, do not despair!
Trust in My love, power, and care.
Take courage, child, and hold My hand.
In My Name, possess your land.

"For I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk
in his ways, and to keep his commands, decrees and laws; then
you will live and increase, and the LORD your God will bless you
in the land you are entering to possess." Deuteronomy 30:16

Then Joshua said to the children of Israel: "How long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers has given you?

For those blessed by the Lord will possess the land psm 37 Wait eagerly for the LORD, and keep to the way; God will raise you to possess the land...those at peace with God have a future


ness said...

I love you honey. You are amazing.

Elizabeth said...

This was great to read, Donna! It's cool to imagine all the work you are doing on the house...wish I could see it. I'm stuck in an office :P.

Am loving married life! :)