Sunday, August 13, 2006

and well...I was fired from a State job

So...another winner from weekends foster parent training.
Seems SOOO excited to meet me last weekend at the Festival for my booth.
She and her mom were foster parents in florida, she is building a 3 bedroom home, shes should be ready soon.
And OHH she loves kids....
but um....WEll..ONE small question she has...Seems she worked for a while at the Regional Center, (where I did Sign Language Interpreting for 9 months), and well...seems she sort of got fired from there. Yah..well it wasn't her fault...NO NO nO...seems that she was on a ONE to ONE, her client went into the bathroom...she gets Distracted....Leaves her one on one...the one on one client gets STABBED with a this going to affect her being a foster parent??? Man oh man..what a can of worms.
Where are YOu dedicated Christian families out there? don't you SEE the starving, needy children here in America that NEED love and homes?? They Need a Family????

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Sandy Mc said...

*sighs* Well, not that I need any more kids but for me I have always been scared of "the system." Just like the mindset of the old school homeschoolers...keep a low profile...stay off the government (DHS) radar...stuff like that. I am trying to get over my fears though so I can support my friend through her mess.