Monday, December 11, 2006

One step backwards...

I thought I was getting better. Even thought about the return to work. BLAST from the back....literally I started..well as we said in corrections.."I couldn't hold my mud". Usually this was said when an offender was in the back of a State car under arrest, nervous, drunk or high, and literally poops themselves..thus..they were "clearly the dude could'nt hold his mud". The next conversation would be who was going to clean it up. OK..I digress.
SO today...I "couldn't hold my mud". I had several "runs" to the bathroom, and thought I was Done. Was feeling kind of weak...and surely there was no more BM left in me. What could one little toot hurt?
BLLLAAPPPP . Yep. I muddedd my self. right in my sweat pants i was using for jammies. It was not pleasant. UGH. So...that led into a shower, which led into laudrey etc.
WIll my guts ever be right from this DIVERTICULITUS thing???

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