Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time is Rushing by..

Just a couple days ago..it seemed like I had Lots of time.

Today...worked like crazy at work, had conference with another VERY sweet lady (so much NOT like me) and loaned her tons of my parenting materials, video's etc--1, 2, 3 Magic, "Can We Talk" curriculum etc... She is teaching 4 nights 4 hours each night. She's a tough old bird though...she teaches at the Prison, to guys getting ready to come out-- I think thats pretty innovative and neat. WIsh I had thought of it.
Wacko...parenting classes are SO needed...Court orders them, but then there are not any offered. Sometimes just the Smallest hint helps immensely.

I'm working on a deal to provide an entire day of Love and Logic Sept. 30th...it should be great.

Showed the Gwinner house again today. Trying to make money for owners in all kinds of innovative ways. Things just Change when you decide to pull a house off the market, and Rent it out.

Had a GREAT dinner tonight...a Birthday party for my Friend Barb W. She was maid of honor in My wedding to Don. Hee hee..I have to specify which wedding..LOL. It was kind of tense...we served up Chef Paul Prudomme's Tomato Soup --a seasonal goldmine, and then....I called the 2 older kids back into kitchen (they were eating in LR for space)....and...I joined hands LIKE WE ALWAYS do...and prayed...OUT LOUD...with one Atheist, One Sarcasm-ist, and One- well Nothing-ist. But was able to Thank God for her friendship, and what she has meant to me and to my family.

We shot off a firework after Great dessert--Cheesecakes, and Brownies, great salad Cathy (my 'adopted' sister) made--Greens, Walnuts and Strawberries. Wow..it was refreshing, healthy and good.

Hey..have more to write..but its BLIND DATE time.....LOL....I just love that show.

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ness said...

oh dang, I'm dying for some of that soup....

I miss you.


I love it.