Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back to the Land of the semi living

I have been SWAMPED since my last post. I knew it was going to be hectic, I just didn't realize HOW hectic. Sort of like when you are in a Car wreck, and KNOW you have to go through physical therepy for a while, you THINK you know what it's going to be like, but NO way Can you know the entire picture.

I mentioned going to Home Depot after Tubing last Thursday. What I didn't stay was that it took SO long. We ended up tying the new carpet on the roof of the van. Then Got to my house (I was SSOOOO exhausted) and still had to unload everything so his wife would see.
Then I couldn't sleep that night. His wife just WOULDN"T leave...LOL..she locked her keys out of her car, then ran up on a parking wedge, and twice Ron had to go out and get her mvoing. So FINALLY a LOT later than I wanted to get started we started. My High School Student David was great. a real work horse. Had never painted, but took instruction Very well. My word was GOLD, and that's it. One person likened me to a Lion tamer on a chair, and that is aptly what it felt like keeping eveyone motivated, fed, hydrated and happy. My buddy is a mixture of stuff, some ADD, some OCD, and a lot of passive agressiveness. I dont say that to be mean, its just like he and wiffy had gotten STUCK into a pissin contest. She because "he wouldn't do anything" and He because "If I do something she'll just bitch".
WELL, we peeled newspaper from 1911 off a window, wiped down the was almost like an inner city germany house in the war it was so sad looking. BUT I can was TRANSFORMED. My goal was to have the room NOT look like any other room in the house. It worked.I was going to mix sand in with the paint on the walls to help cover the natural creeks/ cracks that plaster of that age has, but the 4 coats of paint were doing a good job and we were on a severe time crunch. It was really motiviating, because EVERY LITTLE THING WE DID made a difference. Just clearing out stuff out of the room helped. Knowing we were getting rid of the kitten pee soaked rug helped, Painting the RUSTY heater helped, and overall when the room was done, the Carpet laid (almost room to room, just had to cutt off about 3 inches), the NEW bedding put on (Burgandy swirls, gold swirls, burgandy bed skirt and matching pillow shams, AND extra Pillow shams), with the matching was something. I REALLY wanted to put up Light and airy white sheer curtains to keep the room "lighter"...but He wanted the matching Ornate embroidered topped velvet curtains. It was "Gaudy", but stunning. The transformation was breathtaking. Literally. I can't believe that I could make THAT much happen.
THEN....While there, looking at the bathroom, sort of made me sad. The thought of them getting ready for anything in that sad sack of a room was enough to motivate me. MY daughter age 10 worked her BUTT off for hours and hours. and HOURS and HOURS. She literally kept pace with any adult there, and with the HIgh School student also.
The bathroom was a LOT more work than I thought it was going to be, we had to Scrape off wall paper, which was glued on wrong....took forever, Paint the radiator (BLACK SHINY). Ron was vehemanantly opposed to the black, but I just overrode him. I knew the look I was going for. I got "aqua" paint, and got matching geometric towels. I got a behind the tolit rack my hub put together, and He hung all new hardware correctly so it would not dislodge from the wall. Again..overall...the effect...the complete Change was unbelievable. That wasn't EASY...but it was SO worth it. I just wish it was in one of the rooms in MY house. I knew I had to have help as I just can't lift stuff like I used to. YES, Even I have my limitations.

SO after working 12 hours at the house on Friday, we still had to go to Wal Mart to get the stuff for the bathroom. IT was 10 when we got there, they close at 11, so I had to decide on Paint, towels, bars etc. I also had him get a LIGHT for over the Stove as I couldn't see a damn thing when I was cooking breakfast for everyone.

So VERY late night. I couldn't sleep. GOt to sleep at 4 am, got up and was back over there at 6:30. I REALLY wanted to just work through the night, I do my best stuff at night, I kick into gear, but Ron was O U T O F I T. Helena needed sleep too, but i figured she could sleep on his couch.

SO Saturday was LOTS more of the same. We took pictures, which I willpost when the "after " pics get here. Ron's wife was SHOCKED to say it mildly. She was kind, excited, and blown away, as I guess according to HER , Ron has "never done anything" on the house. So ..the pissin contest started right away, along with "what are y ou going to do next". LOL....anyway..maybe this is the breakthrough they need to get more done.

I pulled up ALL Carpeting in Son's room, HARDWOOD floors await getting the stapeles and so on out. Here's to healthier living, getting rid of MITES as much as we can. Carpet, stuffed animals...OUTTA here.

Garage sale stuff too. AWWCKKK

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honey, i'm so sorry. I wish I was there...I'm just sorry.