Saturday, November 25, 2006

Clean up Clean Up Everybody do their share

Wow. I feel really good about what was done on the outside of our house today. The front of the house has all the "white trash" stuff picked up. Even tho Garbage day isn't until Monday, we put it all out now. The Gliding machine, the box of moldy books, a bunch of leaves, clothes, etc. I swept up a bunch of glass that had been there, WIlliam and Don took tons of stuff out to the fire pit to be burned.

I got a couple Dr. Suess books out of the garage for Joy..she is WANTING CHAPTER books!! It's so different the difference in kids. WIlliam, taught himself to read at 3, Helena didn't WANT to read until she was 8, and Now doing great in 1st grade, age six.

There are a bunch..a gaggle, a goggle, a Waddle? of turkeys in the back field, looking pretty happy they escaped the cooker!

Planning on taking a nap, taking a shower which I haven't done yet today, and Lori and Brad and kids are coming over tonight.

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