Sunday, September 03, 2006

Done Whining

Ok. I'm done whining, that's what happens With two bottles of wine.

What is much healthier in every way..spiritually, mentally, and physically is to concentrate on what we HAVE , not what we don't have. I Pound that into my kids..sometimes I just forget.

SO, what have I done LATELY for myself?? LOL I painted a room, and several doors, scrubbed someone else's kitchen floor (a rental)..hands and knees stuff-, Got a new lease signed, (always nerve wracking),
got started on an antibiotic- I"ve had shots in my Dermatitus or whatever the crap is on my ankles..about a month ago, one of the Injection sites got INfection, so it was NASTY business..therefore I"m hoping that the antibiotic kicks my sore throat as well as the ankle.
We got new carpet installed, so I moved the paino myself...taped off all the new carpet to paint the floor board, but then realized how goofy it was to be doing that When I still couldn't walk into the kitchen because of a PIANO and RECLINER in it.
I"m working on getting the house back in working order. That as a priority helped focus my attentions...
but WHY....does one thing lead to another, the taping,led to washing the wall, led to doing 4 windows, 2 screens, to sweeping the kitchen, to tearing down the dog cage, to moving the piano (pain ano), to to to to....I am trying to get the house back because when it is orderly there is much less stress for the hub. I'm not very good at causing him less stress, but I really do try.

Bugsy, our black lab that died last week, has a golden brother that is available. I just dont want him. One, he's a boy, I like the nurturing of female doggies, I think our family needs a SMALLEr dog...Don doesn't want one at all. That puts the huge wet cold blanket over the whole thing. I won't say what we talked about..But suffice it say he made it quite clear he didn't want one. I must also say the ensuing days..he has said it is a family decision, and so he would go with that. we'll see what lies ahead. (my Birthday is next week so maybe...a nice little breed doggy will be in a basket). Yah. ANd monkey's might fly out of my butt too.

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ness said...

i'm not sure I'm done whining.

close, but not quite.