Saturday, August 23, 2008

I am

I am....Taking tests and feeling very low these energy, yet DOING so much...finished my home deck, scrubbed and organized troops to stain it, cut down bushes at my residence, all the rental dealings, no rent "will pay rent", not moving out, moving out and wanting me to cough up all the dollars...
I am...Sad I felt so overwhelmed last week I dropped out of taking classes this semester...Stressed out because Husband is so sick, I am stressed , feeling very blue...NOT GOING TO STAY THE "D" word....
I am
Tired, insomnia kicking in that is NEVER a good sign with me....
I pain...
I am sick of the pregnant cat that is just going to be a pain in the ass
I am Tired of "friends" not returning phone calls...Yes I didn't leave a message the 3 times I called, but you KNOW I called so frekin call me back I have something to say!
I am SICK to DEATH of workers saying they will have something done on X day...and by z day you STILL don't have it done.
I am Sick of being me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In the news-stupid criminals

The problem with this story is that it simply is NOT that uncommon. While working as a Parole/Probation Agent, Many criminals when released from Jail/Prison did EXACTLY what they were known for...BEING a CRIMINAL.
One guy within TWO hours in Saginaw...was released...tried to get a 7-11 employee to get him a hot dog..and stuffed his shirt with cigarettes, was videotaped, and caught within 2 hour from his release!! it was CRAXZXXXY! We laughed our butts off!!

While in Mt. Pleasant...a guy robbed a bank with the EXACT same type of vehicle that he had before...he stole a car (same make and model) he used in his first crime, robbed a bank (with a DRILL). One way they caught him was he wrapped the drill in duct tape and left a fingerprint on the tape. HOWEVER...the astute Parole Supervising Agent George...says...WWAIIIT a minute...THIS sounds a LOT like my guy xyz....pull out xyz's file and it was almost IDENTICAL. Yep...same guy...same crime...different year. I Think it was the same bank also though I can't remember.

CLOVERDALE, Ind. - A 22-year-old man was back behind bars about 12 hours after he was released from jail, accused of stealing a car and beer and leading police on a high-speed chase.
Darren E. Roberts was released from the Sullivan County Jail Tuesday afternoon after competing his sentence for auto theft.

But Indiana State Police say that early Wednesday morning, Roberts stole a 2004 red Ford Mustang in Linton, then drove to a gas station in Cloverdale where he allegedly stole some beer and fled.

Police chased the red Mustang at speeds of up to 105 mph on Interstate 70, until the car spun out and Roberts surrendered.

He's now being held in the Putnam County Jail without bond on a variety of charges. It's not immediately known if he has an attorney.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My daughter asks: WHat TYpe of Spice are you?

You Are Cilantro

The bad news is that there are some people who can't stand you.

The good news is that most people love you more than anything else in the world.

You are distinct, unusual, fresh, and very controversial. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Woke up after not being able to sleep. Had 1/2 cup coffee
Drove35 miles
Talked to Renter who stiffed me this month's rent
got coffee, muffin
Met Maintainance guy at the duplex "I" own for assessment of repairs needed
Made list of stuff to repair Cement Stairs (bee hives living under the front porch)
Spent 50$ at Menards
Back to Duplex, Rent sign repair, put up, application dropped off
Waited for Maintainace man to return
Went to my Frail Mom's house
Helped Daughter get Feral Cat that was living in her basement OUT of her House. (for last 2 weeks-she "THought" it was her cat that ran away...this was a "LIGHT" Lilic point Siamese, Mom's was DARK choc point...I digress...
Went to several more Garage sales in search of finds..Knowing YESTERDAY was the FIND of a LIFETIME.
Went to Lunch, went to Garage Sale, went to Credit Union, Dropped mom off, bought food for the now 2 guys working at Duplex--10 coney dogs, 2 frys, 2 pops and a Raspberry Blueberry shake for middle girl.
Had to go buy more Cement.
Talked to other renter.
Watched as tree cut down.
Manually trimmed 3 trees BIG time (up to 5 ft in air)
stacked brush
Got ALL gutter cleaned out from the LARGE 2 story structure
MUST get new Roof...its rotted down to the underpaper
picked up yard
emptied bucked after bucket of debris from roof
loaded tools
several phone calls
argued with Renter
Met guy who is NOT renter, but squatting without permission (OR RENT SHOULD I SAY)
Cut down another part of tree
Trimmed front shrubs
tried to get power washer
Didn't eat dinner
Kept noticing how Dark it was getting....
Did More
Talked to neighbor about taking out trees on property line
made drink run
got blisters from using this over the head tree trimmer with rope pull thinger
drove home
watched part of THE MIST
bed at 1:30
Up at 7:30...have to do it ALL again today...:agenda: Power wash decks, Tons more trees, Sidewalk/driveway power washed, more.

Headache Again...
A husband emerged from the bathroom naked and
was climbing into bed when his wife complained, as
usual, 'I have a headache.'
'Perfect,' her husband said, 'I was just in the bath-
room powdering my penis with crushed aspirin. You
can take it orally or as a suppository; it's up to you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


(these are online photos I grabbed, not the stuff I have)

Grace Murray Hopper, FIRST person to make computers understand English.-Yale Educated, Navy Woman to the Core, Retiring once, being recalled to Service.."Rear Admiral Dr. Grace Murray Hopper was a remarkable woman who grandly rose to the challenges of programming the first computers. During her lifetime as a leader in the field of software development concepts, she contributed to the transition from primitive programming techniques to the use of sophisticated compilers. .."
I am so Excited I can BARELY get out my information...
My Friend and I were Garage Sailing...

She found a box of old photos, news article, papers from Washington D.C., the PENTAGON ....and this lady Grace Hopper's pictures, papers etc are included in it. "this Lady" seems SO disrespectful. BECAUSE OF HER...Computers work. She worked for the Early RAND Corporation.
She retired, and was "requested" to return because of computer crisis of the Govt. in making computers integrate. She didn't retire until '88.
We have an original menu of the dinner of one of her special award events!

OK, On TOP of all this...are MANY MANY "Pentagon Released" photos of old war ships, missiles, in PENTAGON envelope!
I'm shallow enough that yes, some sort of similar photos seem to be selling for about 25 dollars each on ebay.
How bout a Picture of the underwater firing of a Polaris A-3 missile from an "unnamed" submarine? GOT IT.
the USS SEAFOX, off coast of OAHU - GOT IT!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What was YOUR Birthday Song?

Do you know the #1 song the day you were born?

Go here:

MINE was....."It's Now or Never" by Elvis Presley
It's now or never,
come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
it's now or never
My love won't wait.

When I first saw you
with your smile so tender
My heart was captured,
my soul surrendered
I'd spend a lifetime
waiting for the right time
Now that your near
the time is here at last.

It's now or never,
come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
it's now or never
My love won't wait.

Just like a willow,
we would cry an ocean
If we lost true love
and sweet devotion
Your lips excite me,
let your arms invite me
For who knows when
we'll meet again this way

It's now or never,
come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
it's now or never
My love won't wait.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Three of the five I took with me did this. I AM SO PROUD my son did NOT. The girl in the tank top is Elizabeth, Ben is at 2:36 and throughout, top of hill

MAYHEM TOUR Sod Throwing

Iwas here, over by the left of pillar two...more story to follow

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm getting ready to do a Teacher Inservice on Love and Logic in the Classroom, Classroom management etc. SO....I ran across a TEACHER QUIZ...and well..thankfully I am POSTING the results because they were So ME!! LOL..don't think for a moment if I were Atilla the Hun or something I'd be posting this!

You have the Fair and Balanced Personality: You are a teacher who students can really depend on to be fair. You are consistent and balanced in your approach. You rarely raise your voice and you almost always treat every student the same. No favortism in your room. Wonderful!
Seriously though...: Fair and balanced teachers make teaching seem easy. They have less disruptions in their classes because students realize that they will be dealt with according to the rules but in a fair and consistent way. If you ever slip up and do something that students perceive as unfair or inconsistent, don't worry - they'll be happy to point it out.
Other Teacher Personality Types: Here is a link to the other teacher personality types. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Evesdropping blog...SO funny

1PM Like a Priest?

Probationee: You're a good listener. You really listen when I talk to you. You're like a pedophile.
Probation officer: A what?
Probationee: A pedophile, you know. Someone who is a good listener.

Lancaster County Offices
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Guy to another guy: Dude, she's way out of your league. She's in the major's and you're a tee-ball coach with questionable photos on your computer.

Monday, August 04, 2008

In the news's some headlines...I refuse to insert myself into any of these stories..!

Parents on European vacation forget 3-year-old daughter at airport
Ok...So? What's the deal? They remembered their 18 suitcases...running for the flight...I SO GET THIS! Ok Ok..but WHY did the article have to state they were Jewish..and they remembered their duty free shopping? THEY have FIVE children...wasn't it someone ELSE's job to bring the 3 year old? BBC news say the parents "accidentally" forgot her...heh heh..who are they trying to kid?

Study: Restaurant kids' meals loaded with calories REALLY? Isn't that why we TAKE our kids to Restaurants? to Fill them up and stop their whining...oh mommy mommy I'm so hungry? WHAT is up with THIS?

Paris Hilton's mom takes offense at McCain's humor DOES ANYBODY CARE WHAT PARIS HILTON'S mom thinks?

Pitt, Jolie Baby Photos: The Price Is Right Ok..."GET ME THE BUCKET"...quick...what movie is that from?

Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Dont forget to teell them the money is in the box"

I just opened this Email. How LUCKY can ONE girl get??? I hope I do not forgeet to tell theem the moneey is IN THE BOX....tat seems to be DA code..."oh UM YES@@ THE MOENEE IS IN DA BOX>>>>>and it be ok!! Shieessh.

Good Day To You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for you since to contact me for your Confirmable
Bank Draft
of $850,000 United States Dollars, but I did not hear from you since for a
couple of weeks now.

Then I went to the bank to confirm if the draft has expired or getting near to
the date of expire and Dr.Wilson the Director Bank of Africa told me that
before the draft will get to your hand
that it will expire.

So I told him to cash the $850,000 USD UNITED STATES DOLLARS to avoid losing
this funds under expiration as I will be out ofthe country for a 3 Months
Course and I will not come back till ending of october 2008.

What you have to do now is to contact Swift Express Courier Companey
as soon as
possible to know when they will deliver your Consignment to you because of the
expiring date.

For your information, I have paid for the delivering Charge, Insurance

The only money you will send to the Swift Express Courier Companey to deliver
your Consignment direct to your postal Address in your country is ($190 .00US)
One Hundred and Ninty United States Dollars only being Security Keeping Fee of
the Courier Company so far.Again, don't be deceived by anybody to pay
any other
money except $190 .00 US

I would have paid that but they said no because they don't know when you will
contact them and in case of demurrage. You have to contact Swift Express
Courier Companey now for the delivery of your Draft with this information

Directors Name: Enne James.

Companys Name: Swift Express Courier Companey

Email Address:

Finally, make sure that your Postal address and Direct telephone
number to them
again to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and ask them to give you the
tracking number to enable you track your package over there and
know when it will get to your address.

Let me repeat again,Try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail and
ask them how you will make the security fee of $190.00 usd to them to
avoid any
further delay and remember to pay them their Security Keeping fee of $190 .00
US Dollars for their immediate action.

Please do fill this informaion when replying them.

Full name:
Tel / Fax:

Note this. The CTL COURIER SERVICES don't know the contents of the Box. I
registered it as a BOX of Africa cloths. They did not know the
contents was money. this is to avoid them delaying with the BOX. Don't
let them
know that the box contents is money okay.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr Frank West

Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm cheesy

You Are a Chocolate Cheesecake

Rich and greedy, you're attracted to the dark side of life.

Nothing ever quite satisfies your inner beast. And somehow, people find that sexy.