Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blessings and Cursing...it ought not to be

So..I have always taught the urchins to be Happy for whatever they have. They Get it..they tell each other that..especialy when one gets more money, fries or whatever.

I get it. I have been more blessed than I thought possible. God is honestly working, and I sometimes forget that.

I went to the School today (Morey Charter) to work with my daughter's fourth grade class. Their original teacher deep sixed before school started, they have a "permanent" substitute, and they are out of control. 22 pre hormonal kids, thinking they run the show.
I was able to teach the math lesson when the Sub was out of the room. I kept thinking.."and I quit homeschooling for THIS".???? chaos was huge, kids were BRATTY, and the Sub...Frayed. SO much wasted time. People who don't homeschool always say..."What about the sociailization???"....I say...and I experienced today...WHO CARES!! WHy would I want to continue keeping my daughter in such awful conditions.?
I didn't tell her I was planning on coming in and working.
The Principal met with me after School, asked how it was going, and said He was going to be combining the 2 kindergarden classes of 10 each, into one, and the New teacher, just hired is going to be the 4th grade teacher. Here we go again..LAST year...mid year she got a new teacher. Its very frustrating. Principal actually said, "well...Its not like school used to be---It's a Business". Problem is..he's a poor business person, and a worse administrator.
The Head Secratary..(no jokes !!) said it was killing her to watch the school be run into the ground.
I just keep thinking "what next". Where is my Asperger's son going to go to school, I have NO idea how to prepare him for what I DON"T know is or isn't coming!

On the other hand....OY VEY

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