Thursday, September 07, 2006

"They say its Your Birthday".....Go on and have a good time

Yep. I never thought I'd be this age.

I don't Feel Old.

I've been kind of out of it. Best quote from the day..came from Robyn dealing with her Mom..."No MOm, You Can't be pregnant...You don't have a Uterus". ...Oh yah...Thank you Altzheimers.

Went to the park tonight..tried to go to the big was too packed. It was sort of weird..NO VERY WIERD..most of my best friends were there....Barb From Mt.Pleasant, Lori and her boys, Beth Ann and her hubby Gerry and ty, Mom, Ray and Terry, Sandy and Corey and Sandy's "little", Pam Trout, kids, Don...yikes!! I thought I was going to Implode.
I'll write more later.

AND got 2 free pizzas from Main street pizza in St. Louis AND Breckinridge.

Fried pickles for Lunch tomorrow at the Pub in ALma with Lori, Pam and hopefully Don!


ness said...

sandy's "little" ????

klasieprof said...

As in Big Brother Big Sister...the young person you are "hooked" up with..or "matched" is called Your "little" as in Little sister.

She has had her for over 2 years now.
She is from Winn, so for Sandy to just go get her, on a school night, bring her down to St. Louis..etc.

ness said...

How are they doing? Tell her "hi" for us...