Monday, August 28, 2006


So Bethany township had several meetings last fall because they were GOING to, without a vote add about 120 dollars to each property owner for curbside pickup of trash.

Prior to this, we had gone about 2 years with no trash pick up.

Prior to THAT, every Saturday morning, we'd load up the truck, put all our trash, and junk, and kitty litter into the the back and go and Unload at the township hall, then usually have to make the trek into Breckinridge to wash out the back of the truck. Really it wasn't too bad, a little more effort, but a good "community" time seeing your neighbors and all that.

WEll as of Jan 1 this year I think, We have FREE curbside Pickup. We can put out TWO large items, and curbside reclycling. In our house we can't recycle because the teachers next door took our recycling bin, so THEY have two.

Well the failed garage sale, and ensuing boxes, wet books, torn up carpeting etc produced LOTS of garbage. REMEMBER: if it FITS into a BAG----its Unlimited Pick up!! So I cut the carpet, Bagged it, and the padding, and put it all in BAGS. Put the bags on the trailer,and tarp OVER the trailer to keep it all dry. THere would be nothing worse than SOGGY wet carpet...and HEAVY.

Well of course, it was pissin rain, and blowing rain...the tarp blew off, EVERY THING got soaked. SO young son and I worked on it yesterday, with him squeeking the unfairness of it all.

BUT TODAY...I just heard up..and.....IT"S ALL GONE.!!! WE had over 40 bags of trash!!! Yippeee!!!! Its GONE!!!

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ness said...

I always have to fight the urge to go out and hug the garbage men. They just make me happy...