Monday, August 14, 2006

So, My brother died today and oh yah....

So no lie. I can't, I mean I CAN'T even make this stuff up.

I had an Executive meeting today, with a house showing afterward. I run into the office to drop off about 6 bags of clothes for the free clothing give away.

Red Light Blinking on the phone. Oh what the crap..Ok I'll answer it.

A woman, in Monotone...states her name, and "please send me information on what all I have to do to be a Foster Parent."...she leaves her number, then says,,,"Oh yah, I won't be available the rest of this week, MY BROTHER DIED TODAY, and gives me an alternative number.


What could POSSIBLY be going through her mind...AWWCKK brother X died, oh Yah I gotta call on Fostering???

WACK job???

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ness said...

needs the money?