Sunday, September 03, 2006

the power of One..again

So several months ago...I was all over this idea, how ONE person Could make a difference. And IN my life it has been many ONES that have. Just one at a time..LOL today...I'm still trying to get the house in working order, and "all" falls on me.

GF calls...are we doing a party tonight or not. I say..???, She says....??? I say..well hell I"ve got the meat, salad..might as well...So because of me...its a go.

Walk the Mackinaw Bridge tomorrow??? WHY is it UP to ME??? However..I seem to be a motivating force lately...So OK , I'll do it.

UGH. But..We are..7 of us getting up, Leaving at 5:30...Driving to MACKINAW...bus to St. Ignace..Walk the bridge, (Five miles about 2 hours they say), drive back. I have A DD, and a person going to drink beer it should be ok. LOL....Cooler is Packed, pop, juice and beer on ice.

Ok morning will get here too soon. Let's hope I can sleep tonight.

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Elizabeth said...

I missed seeing you at the open house on saturday. I wanted you to meet my hubby.