Monday, July 31, 2006

good things do happen, even when you lose teeth

OK, in trying to keep "positive" and see God at work....(this after my stunningly incredible last post is GONE) I"ve been reading a lot in Joshua. .and I have my own Jericho walls of debt, depression and daffiness. Joshua, led an army to be able to tear down the walls, when God chose to do it an easier way. I'm beliving this for me and my future, and with that.....several things of note have happened-- and this just today.~~!!!

Helena Got $$ to go to camp for 2nd week. I felt very bad as she was crying when I left. She had been on again off again about going...and trying to rely on Love and Logic...I let HER make the decision. It was awful. One GOOD thing is..each dorm --Cabin-- has Air Conditioning, a MUST with this heat. There is a Heat Warning out today and tomorrow until 8 pm

My Van Broke down. Yeah, that was not a good thing, but I was able to make it home. That is a good thing. No towing etc. It has been very wierd. Anyway...everything just STOPS. Then, after a few minutes..I can start it and it will run.
Note to Self: When a vehicle does not have power, and one is pulling into a parking lot into the shade with no power steering ..the BRAKES dont work.
WHY I was traveling with a 12 yr. old, a dog and NO water/cooler is beyond me. I turned off the air, which I think helped the engine, however it was 94 going down the highway.

Another good thing, I didn't hit any vehicles in above parking lot.! Came close to crashing into the side of a black one.

A friend was dropping her 3 kids off at camp, recognized my van, and pulled off. She was able to follow me all the way to Mt. Pleasant where I had an appointment.

I had an appointment at 1:30 to show the Duplex which has been vacant, non-rent producing for MONTHS. I was able to make it to show. I think it is rented. The woman (new hire attorney at the Casino) drove up from East Lansing to look at it.

I got a rent check from the tenant on the other side.

Joy Lost 2 teeth, fronts on the bottom. The first she was kind of scared. The second one, we were over at Lori's and Lori just POPPED it out. So she must be on the path to growth...she is also pretty healthy despite the recent prognosis.(Asthma) And, because Robyn has been kickin my ass, we have an appointment with the Allergist. (and what is with all the teeth around here? First Bugsy loses two then Joy.) I was just IM'ing my Aunt, and told her Joy had lost 2 teeth, and she (we all have a wierd sense of humor) asked if I had punched her. LOL.

Kids were able to go swimming, so was Bugsy at the pond at Camp today.

We had great watermelon. The first of the summer for me.

I was able to pay 3 months House insurance today.

I was able to get 2 prescriptions. ...One was 30 and one was 15..what to people DO without insurance? Probably what I did...Pick the 2 most important....and Blessed to have insurance.

I have water! Able to take a shower. After having no power a couple weeks ago, its still fresh enough in my mind to be huge.

I got 27 dollars in gas for the Van.

I got to go out for Breakfast with my Mom, cousin, and 2 kids. We went to Ponderosa (Kids eat FREE!!), before I took Helena to Camp.

I soaked my feet and gave myself a pedicure.

I put up a sheet so the front room can stay cooler. We have AIR CONDITIONING!!

Don and I and Lori were able to LAUGH until we thought we were going sprew watermelon out our noses. The art of conversation was apparent tonight. We sat around Lori' outside in pool and just TALKED. Tv off, talked about GOD, books and movies. Lori thinks God punishes her for being "mean" and talking about people. Heck..we just think that's sport. God is bigger than our petty thoughts. They have gotten new carpet, new window treatments, new bathroom furnishing, spending over 4 grand to sell their house, and just dropped the price by 10 grand. Weird stuff.

Ok There is more I am sure, But I feel like a turkey in a deep fryer. Its HOT. I have to set WIlliam up to sleep in the front room. His room is just too dang hot.

Oh yes, and the tomatoes are growing on the vine.

My hope is that my walls, continue to tumble.

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