Saturday, December 29, 2007

SO...Guess kids can Sneak kid, at school, someone posted....awwckkk!!!

What color are you

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What color are you?

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pregnancy and boobs...remember when...

JerseyGIRL had a post that made me remember this:

When I was preg for #2, Hub worked in a Restaurant and the owners wife was a wench.
She never spoke to staff or help let alone their spouses. When she turned 40, they had a MANDATORY Birthday party for staff to attend. It was at their house. Not enough people showed at the first party, and she hid in the bedroom and "cried" so then they had the mandatory one.

I was standing in line with in laws after church one morning waiting for a table. The Foyer was packed. The line went out the door.
For some reason, the owners wife wanting to impress the in-laws about how close we are, came up, and rubbed her hands ALL AROUND my belly while saying, "BABY BABY BABY BABY", and as God is my witness, before I could think of the consequences, I reached out....
Grabbed her Boobs,
rubbed around them...
and said..."BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES"....Yah. felt REALLY good!! LOL

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I can't believe how much my Preemie little one has grown since this. She's seven now and 85 pounds. Go figure. PS>>>>Have been thinking of sending this to the "hate santa" photo site. She HATED seeing Santa!!


SO MUCH FUN!! You can ADD your own photos, use theirs, its a blast!! and ADDICTING!

Click to Mix and Solve

Christmas Re cap 2007

Started a whirlwind of activity. I"m going to write, and then revise as I get more time.
Saturday-Went to my brothers house, had a wonderful meal of grilled tuna with seseme seeds. I took my salad (below) which was a big hit. I felt AWFUL as we just didn't have money this year, but stopped at the local 7-11, and got 1$ lottery tickets and put them in a CMU (GOOOOOO CHIPS!) Folder. Sorry, its all I could do-they were gracious and actually it was fun.
My kids were very creative, the girls kept wrapping presents that were THEIR toys, to give to the others. My mom had given Little one a set of "classic" books last year, and Several of these were regifted and re wrapped. It was sweet.
Sunday was the hub machine's family Christmas in Rosebush. I took a 1989 Cabernet I had --at first it was a little vinegary, but then it opened up VERY nicely. I still had a case of wine so I brought up a bottle from there and "retail" now is over $600 dollars. It's been SO LONG since I tasted great wine, I was just THRILLED I could really TELL the difference....the velvety smoothness hit my tongue..Oh my God...whoever thinks wine is just wrong. The "nose" the smell..was FABULOUS filling the glass, the aroma...yummy, fruity, with tones of brown. I still have another bottle in the cellar so I'm thrilled. My contribution again was my salad, and it was a BIG hit. Usually this party is very FOOD oriented...Family brings some favorites..Uncle Howard always makes his stuffed mushrooms that go FAST, this year Don made his famous Potato Soup, Aunt Tracy makes this incredible chip dip which I didn't get any of, and lots of cheese, bread, crackers, Aunt Laura made a couple Meat pies that were great, on and on.
Life is really appreciated this year--Aunt Chris, was in a terrible Bike/Van accident. She was riding her bicycle and a Van hit her near Lansing...her recovery has been slow, but steady. Her Legs are messed up, but didn't have a closed head injury (WEAR A HELMET!!). I was in the hospital in July for emergency Gall bladder surgery, and I really haven't been right since last year when I was in for 10 days from Diverticulitis.
Christmas eve, My Mom came down and Don had made BEEF BRISKET. It was fabulous.
WE had salad, and potatoes with parsley, corn and wine. Mom brought down two pies.
We opened presents. Mom got mostly socks, but I had put together a montage Photo Frame for her..She really liked it. I had taken photos at my brothers house Saturday, and got them developed quickly, and used some of them...I was pretty happy with results but would have liked to have more time to put it together.
I got a BEAUTIFUL ring from Minnie Me, she spent her own money on it. It has diamond like crystals all around it.
I also got a Butane torch..which may seem rather odd...but I can't WAIT to make my own Crem' Brulee with it and use it to darken the sugar on top. OOH that Santa!!

We watched our copy of "the Christmas story".
Hub had to work on Christmas, but I took the kids to Ithaca Baptist Church for the Christmas eve service at 10. It was very nice. Candle light, got to see the Powers, Doug Wolfgang, Brian and his two boys etc. It was very nice, and not nervous which I was as we had not been there in a while.
Christmas we slept in and were lazy. Made another salad to take to Beth and Jerry's, We got there about 4, Beth made a WONDERFUL ham, Ty made tatos. hub got there a while later, we got to see their cool Florida vacation photos. They have a condo down there, I can't wait to be able to visit and stay there. Ty gave William this COOL scarf that he has been wanting with "Jack" from Nightmare Before Christmas movie. It Matches his hat that he never removes.
Robyn had sent us a box that we got to open for Christmas. She sent the kids each gift cards from Wal mart, Don got some luscious coffee and mugs, and I got a Nice jacket--she said if it didn't fit me to send it back to her. I got to break the bad news to her that it FITS ME PERFECTLY!!! I'm keepin it!! Robyn's generosity always amazes me, and I simply don't know what to say sometimes. I am literally left speechless, and that doesn't happen very often.
Earlier this year, Joy got some clothes for her Webkinz pets. One was a santa outfit for "bella"

Today..took kids to Midland mall to use their Gift certs'. William got a new "Nightmare before Christmas" hoody. In Keeping with "Love and Logic", I made both William and Helena pitch in for gas are napping, and I"m going to join them!
Hope your continued holiday is restful and filled with peace.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Favorite of late: SALAD

I've made this about 5 times in the last two weeks, and I can't BELIEVE how many comments..ALL POSITIVE I got.
Main ingredients: Bag of whatever blend of salad on the bottom of the bowl, then a bag of CLEANED and deveined spinach-I just fold over the edges of the leafs, and rip out the big vein
We had some left over Baked WHOLE garlic cloves,-bought a LARGE container of peeled garlics..oh my GAWD these are great! Fresh, peeled and QUICK. Coated the cloves with olive oil one time and baked them about an hour and a half...turned to Mush and were great. Tonight...ran out of the baked ones, so I sort of deep fried some- Corn oil in Cast iron pan, and cooked them till deliciously brown color...crispier than the baked, but a nice variation.
then..Toasted sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds..LOTS
Cashews or Almonds (If using almonds I toasted them--sliced or whole)
and a BUNCH of Mandarin oranges.
I layered it out..and man was it BEAUTIFUL.
Dressing recipe is here...EASY and CHEAP to make at home!! Also used one time a bottle of Marzetti's Spinich salad dressing- it was good, but $$ and not quite enough.

1 1/2 c. sugar
2 t. dry mustard
2 t. salt
2/3 c. vinegar
2 t. soy sauce
3 T. onion juice or 1/2 c. chopped onion (sometimes I leave this out)
2 c. salad oil
3 T. toasted sesame seeds
(sometimes I just put the sesame seeds RIGHT ON The salad..makes a pretty combination)

In a food processor or blender combine sugar, mustard, salt, vinegar and soy sauce on medium speed for about 20 seconds or until completely blended. Add onion juice or onions. Blend until smooth. With the motor running on low speed add oil slowly in a thin, steady stream. Mix until thickened. Pour into a refrigerator container and stir in sesame seeds. Cap tightly and refrigerate to use within 1 month.(get real, I use it till it is gone)

Kid Quotes

From my 14 y.o. Son, "Mom, It's not's creating fiction with your mouth!"

From 7 y.o., "Dad, I don't have any PEEPS to wrap MY presents I give out..I'm my only peep, so I wrap my own".

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

HEADPLAY personal cinema LINKS to MEEEEE!!!
OK THIS IS WEIRD!! I wondered WHY WHY was I getting so many "hits" from weird places? Well SOMEHOW, Headplay linked to my original blog entry about the Video Viewing system that son won a few months ago. It took forever to get here, but everyone we dealt with was very professional. He did all the calling, arranging, emailing etc. They hooked us up with the correct email and contact person.

SO!!! Besides being a Lucky kids mom....I"M on a Freekin BIGTIME website!! Damn, I wish I would have taken more time with that entry!!

Old Family Pics

I got a bunch of pictures from my Aunt Gwen a couple days ago..thought I would share a couple here.

and in the spirit of "keepin it real" of my all time favorite photos. This is NOT a family member....that I know of.......

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's called Christmas

City officials in Michigan change Dickens Christmas Festival to Dickens Holiday Festival
ADF attorneys send letter providing information to officials in Mount Pleasant on the constitutionality of using the word “Christmas” for its Dickens festival
Tuesday, December 04, 2007, 2:42 PM (MST) |
ADF Media Relations | 480-444-0020


MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. — Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter Monday to city officials in Mount Pleasant explaining the constitutionality of using the word “Christmas” for its Dickens festival. City officials changed the name of its Dickens Christmas Festival to “Dickens Holiday Festival” in its advertising materials to be sent to a local school district after the school district enacted a policy banning the word “Christmas.”

“It’s ridiculous that a city thinks its festival named after Charles Dickens’ classic book, A Christmas Carol, has to be renamed a ‘holiday’ festival in order to appease the agents of political correctness at a local school district,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman.

The Mount Pleasant School District enacted a policy that purportedly bans the use of the words “Christmas,” “Santa,” and “nativity.” ADF attorneys explained in the letter that such a policy is unconstitutional as applied to the private speech of students, teachers, and members of the community.

“The First Amendment of the Constitution restricts the government from infringing upon the religious liberty and religious speech of citizens, and the Constitution does not require the censorship of the word ‘Christmas,’” said ADF Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco. “What’s next? A reading at the public library of ’Twas the Night Before a Holiday?”

A copy of the letter ADF attorneys sent to Mount Pleasant Downtown Development Officer Michelle Sponseller can be read at

ADF is a legal alliance defending the right to hear and speak the Truth through strategy, training, funding, and litigation.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I can't help it. I have reached the age when I read Obituaries. I didn't REALIZE I was at that age. I just sort of started a few months ago. My mom always jokes, "well I didn't see myself in the obit column so I guess I'm still ALIVE!".

Some are funny. Some are cute. Most are boring.
It's amazing what people put in obituaries. OF course it is the survivors that put this stuff in!!
Some...although on the surface seem ok, You just KNOW they were a Prick. I guess it wouldn't be politically correct to say, "Bob was a mean ass and took pleasure in giving co-workers pain, would make popcorn and not share, and stunk up the bathroom with his foul smelling shit". Yah. So not good.

So this one is in my hometown paper today. I don't know Mrs. Mueller. I say "MRS" because it just isn't proper to call an 85 year old lady "Elaine". And I'm all About being proper!...So what bothers me is the little line stuck way down in the bottom. 'She put others first and met their needs ahead of her own.'

Ok, On the surface it is very ...well "Christian" thing to do. I just know though...that meltdowns occur if you don't take care of YOURSELF as well as you take care of others. I DO take care of "the Others" around me. Very well in fact. If you happen to be one of "The Others" in my life..count your lucky stars! If you are not...So sorry..get to know's worth it!! (hey! Do I hear heckling in the background?)
So..for today...take care of YOURSELF are just going to die anyway.

Elaine Knaack Mueller
UPDATED: Thursday, December 13, 2007
Elaine Knaack Mueller, age 85 years, of Saginaw, MI, formerly of Bay City, passed away on December 11, 2007 at The Lutheran Home in Frankenmuth, Michigan of multiple health issues. She was born Elaine Norma Knaack on November 1, 1922 to the late Frank W. and Irene M. (Yahn) Knaack in Bay City. Elaine graduated from Bay City Central High School in 1940 and attended Bay City Junior College before earning her Bachelor's Degree from Central Michigan University and Master's degree from the University of Michigan. She was a long time learner adding 60 credit hours beyond her Masters. On November 16, 1943 she married Richard L. Mueller and he preceded her in death on January 1, 2003. She began her teaching career at several elementary schools and eventually taught many years for the Saginaw City Schools and the Saginaw Intermediate School District. Elaine was the second "Hospitalized and Homebound Teacher" of handicapped children. She finally retired in 1986 from the Millet Learning Center. Elaine had a very active life and enjoyed many activities including scouting, travel, bowling, bingo, golf, playing cards and watching TV game shows. She was a member of the Faith Lutheran Church in Bridgeport, the Saginaw Elks Lodge #47 Ladies Auxiliary (The Does), Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority (teachers' sorority) and the Michigan Education Association. Her main focus in life was supporting and guiding her sons and their families. She put others first and met their needs ahead of her own. Elaine had a lot of spirit and fully participated in the things she enjoyed.

Passive aggressive notes blog

RUN don't walk to "Passive aggressive notes" blog. I laugh every time till I spew coffee out my nose, which burns, then I have to get up and get toilet paper because this house eats boxes of Kleenex,and cats shred them, and the toilet paper is rough so it makes the bottom of my nose turn red.
Then..I have to refill my coffee, and nuke it so its hot enough, as it had cooled off as I was dealing with the snot/coffee dripping from my nose.
Then I get distracted, make toast, spread Peanut Butter and jelly, because really, I am NOT a heathen that eats hot toast with JUST peanut butter on it. What?? Do you think I"m that way? SOO NOT!...then I sit back down at the computer, realize I forgot my coffee, and go get it, THEN, I get Back to the computer, and the screen has coffee spew flecks on it. SO I have to get up to get Toilet paper to clean the screen...etc...SO just do yourself a favor, get a tissue (as you are just a LITTLE bit better than me and have KLEENEX in your house) BEFORE you head over to passive aggressive notes blog.
and have a nice day!! :)

so much for turning the other cheek
December 13th, 2007 ·

thanks to sarah for capturing this delicious little slice of life from her christian college in illinois. (delicious like a quart of starbucks coffee almond fudge, not one measly little low-fat frappucino bar.)


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Parole/Probation Stories the bell ringer

Every season they appear, in every nook and cranny. Some, show their artistic side, bringing guitars or other things to pass the time. Some are nice, others NOT.
However, we can judge the "Season" when the BELL RINGERS appear. These Bell ringers are not volunteers as some think. They are hired by the local Salvation Army to be bell ringers. Granted, they don't have a stringent application process, but they do try to keep the genuine THUGS off the kettles.
While working as Parole/Probation Agent in "THE CITY", my partner and I went to do some rounds, check on our offenders and kill some time at local bookmark/coffee shop.
One of his guys was THRILLED to have gotten a job at the local Home Depot as a Bell ringer. This guy...was a lifelong career criminal, petty thief, and dumb and not very good at it.
We decided to check on him as my partners wife used to work at the store as Security. We cruise by the front of the store.....No bell ringer.
We cruise Through the store....NO bell ringer.
We SEE the skeleton bell holder for the bucket of donations, but NO BUCKET....We drive around the SIDE of the building, and there the bell ringer is. His focus is (as it should be) on the BUCKET. HOWEVER, He had a stick or knife and was sliding the money OUT of the bucket and into his hand then into his pants pocket.
WE COULDN'T BELIEVE it!! IT was WILD. We were watching for quite a while, and he never noticed us, so intent on his task he was. Finally, we went up, BUSTED. They guy showed some SURRPRISE!! As I recall...we had him empty his pockets back into the bucket , and call and quit. It easily could have been a new charge and violation of his Court Orders...but for whatever reason...him making us laugh SO hard, or showing mercy...he didn't get busted that day.
Merry Christmas, and for me and mine, we don't do the BUCKET.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas cookies etc

Saturday, we didn't go to Tae Kwon Do. That usually entails us up and moving by 8:30, picking gf and her son up at 9:30, and then driving 45 min....the class thing, stopping for lunch thing after, and getting home about 2:00. Little one has been sick, sick and more sick...pneumonia, not pneumonia etc, she was sleeping soundly..the extra money for class and gas...just couldn't do it.
SOOO...Girls and I cashed my first substitute teaching check (2 days 102 dollars)..and got gas ($47.00), and got some ingredients to make cookies. Went to Alma IGA, and there was a BEAUTIFUL Pork Tenderloin on sale for 1.99 a pound. Nabbed one ($17.00).
...decided to make a "WOW" dinner in addition to Cookies.
We made rice Krispy treat balls-dyed green, Chocklate chip cookies from that email with 100 cookies that has been floating around--BEST EVER CHOC CHIP COOKIES...and they WERE!, Cinnemon chip cookies..(YES CINNEMON!!), Sugar cookies. ..
trimmed the pork loin fat, coated it with Garlic, cracked pepper and surrounded that baby in slices of bacon....Cooked it slowwwww....
Potato salad, stuffed mushrooms, Herbed french bread, double baked beans, and YEAH it was good. AND a nice bottle of Chateu Ste. Michelle Cabernet
I need/want to start taking pictures!!!...It was beautiful. I set the table with Christmas tablecloth and little Geese napkin ring holders.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Parole/Probation Stories Yes I'm an Idiot

I had an offender once,...Not "had" in the biblical sense either. This guy was a Smart inner city Black kid, his Grandpa was a Fairly well known preacher-Pentecostal in "THE CITY".
My guy...was dumb. Just no nice way of saying otherwise. He lived over the tracks, next to the highway.
He was on Tether-Home Confinement for a portion of his sentence. I used to tell offenders it was a PRIVILEGE to be on tether. On tether, one got to stay in their own home, eat their own food, have conjugal visits whenever they could find a booty call. They didn't have to share the tv etc.
So...My guy. Dumb as a rock.
I checked the police contact blotter and notice that HE had called police as a "victim" in a new crime.
I called him up...asked what the scoop was. He said, WELL..(no good thing EVER starts out good with "WELL"). ...Seems he had let some Gang members--"Just Peoples he knowed not that he hisself was in da gang"..He let them hide some crack in his car. The car was in his drive way, and they knew that he was on home confinement and would be there.
Evidently...this hiding spot was quite well known in "the community" because some OTHER gang bangers came and BROKE into his car, and stole the drugs!
He said He HAD to report the drugs as STOLEN to the police, otherwise, the original dope hiders would think he had stolen/used/gave their drugs away.'

"Hello Police? I need to report the theft of some crack cocaine from my vehicle."

I requested a warrant from the Judge for numerous reasons--associating with known felons, having contact with drugs, gang bangers, leaving his residence, and ...being DUMB.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A song for Every Girl

This is a song for every girl who's
Ever been through something she thought she couldn't make it through
I sing these words because
I was that girl too
Wanting something better than this
But who do I turn to

Now we're moving from the darkness into the light
This is the defining moment of our lives

'Cause you're beautiful like a flower
More valuable than a diamond
You are powerful like a fire
You can heal the world with your mind

There is nothing in the world that you cannot do
When you believe in you, who are beautiful
Yeah, you, who are brilliant
Yeah, you, who are powerful
Yeah, you, who are resilient

This is a song for every girl who
Feels like she is not special
'Cause she don't look like a supermodel Coke bottle
The next time the radio tells you to shake your moneymaker

Sing with the song of India Arie, Beautiful Flower lyrics!

Shake your head and tell them, tell them you're a leader

Now we're moving from the darkness into the light
This is the defining moment of our lives

'Cause you're beautiful like a flower
More valuable than a diamond
You are powerful like a fire
You can heal the world with your mind

There is nothing in the world that you cannot do
When you believe in you, who are beautiful
Yeah, you, who are brilliant
Yeah, you, who are powerful
Yeah, you, who are resilient

Yeah, you, who are beautiful
Yeah, you, who are brilliant
Yeah, you, who are powerful
Yeah, you, who are resilient

Yeah, you, this song is for you
Yeah, you, this song is for you
Yeah, you, this song is for you
Yeah, you, yeah, you
You are brilliant

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Parole/Probation Stories

In inner city Saginaw, I had a very nice gentleman, who was prolific at ...well...."expansion". He had fathered 11 children from just about as many women. At his sentencing in Court, a female Judge ordered him "to father no more children". (actually SAID this in Court although not enforceable)or it would be a violation of his Sentence. He paid child support on exactly NONE of them. All kids were on welfare.
He was put on tether, (the TELLER machine to most inner city-ites, as it would "TELL ON" them when they left their residence)....and had to be moved from one residence to another about every other week. He would move in with one female, Service her for a time, then get in a fight, and have to be moved.
He did pretty well during his tether time. He never did get a job then, and did "Community Service" to "Pay" for tether. Much later, he let me in on the scam at the local Community Center where if an offender paid five bucks to a certain Someone, he would sign their sheet, and they could leave and go do whatever Felons do....

AFTER he got off tether, he got a job at the Local Bob Evans. As Agents, we always had to discuss where we could have lunch..Taco Bell? "No" --had an offender working there, and so on down the list of fast food joints we would go. Many times ended up at a run down hotel that had a great lunch menu.
After tether, the offender is transferred to a Non-tether agents caseload. I ran into my guy...who said things weren't going so good. He was wearing his Bob Evans apron, and I said...HEY YOU GOT A JOB!!!, He said that yes...he did but was having problems. REALLY? what was going on I asked? ..>WELLL...seems that "he couldn't hol' his water no mor'. I said in my oh so not politically correct way..."SAY IT IN ENGLISH WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?". He went on to 'plain that he had been STABBED on the way to report in a couple weeks ago, and since that time ...He couldn't "Hold his water" aka Would PEE himself all the time. He flipped back his apron..and...shor nuff...covered and WET!! He had JUST GOTTEN OFF THE COOKING LINE!! AWCKKK!! I tried to get him some help..and then I forget the rest of what happened to him.

PEEING and Cooking food at The local bob evans!!! AECKKKKK

Globalization Video

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Christmas is Like...

Your Christmas is Most Like: A Christmas Story

Loving, fun, and totally crazy.
Don't shoot your eye out!