Friday, November 10, 2006


I so want to scream that out. WAIT...why should these awful things happen to me? WAIT...I don't want my kids to be sick!! WAIT....Why should I be in such awful pain??? WAIT...its NOT FAIR. WAIT!!! I don't want to be depressed!! WAIT!!!

"those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength". What an amazing verse to have to revisit in a new portion of my life. I used to concentrate on the STRENGTH"m concentrating onthe "Renew" part.
Thou...who knowest my inwardmost part...renew them.....heal them. Just as my intestines can't handle my own poop, so my heart has been filled with shit. Anger, fear, pissed offed ness.
Yet...I am still told to WAIT on the Lord. I gave up years ago asking WHY. Its just the lot of life. It's a useless question with no proper answer.

I am tired, I am weak, I am without strength, and yet the Lord still says to WAIT on Him? Then I get Renewed? then I get Strength? WIll I ever feel renewed and strong again?
WIll I ever be able to eat without wondering if I am going to puke or be able to poop it out?
What use is it to spend ten days in the hospital when I can't remember a lot of it? Through the veil of pain, and meds a few things stand out. I guess that will have to be another post.


The Fowler Family said...

Glad you are out of the hospital... 10 days is a long time.

Thanks for the post on my site-- I am glad for the link to poke around on yours and "get to know" someone new. I hear about you from time to time on Vanessa's site-- pray for you too sometimes.

By God's grace it does work--wait and He will renew. It's not the answer to why, it's not the explanation of how... but it is the truth.

Elizabeth said...

I hope you heal quickly, Donna. I'm sorry this last month has been so terribly difficult.

ness said...

Hi honey. I'm glad you are home. I'm glad you are back online. I'm glad you are you, mostly.