Monday, September 18, 2006

Hidden in Plain site

SO the entire "goth night" thing..was a hoot.
I was pulling into a shop, and there was a female and male with stranded vehicle. I rolled down my window..they needed a jump...I said..I"d be back in 10 if they were still there I"d help them.
Son , 12, was Yah Mom..thats what you do..just like when you stopped on the highway to help that guy who's truck ran into a deer..You just help people... she LOOKED at me rather oddly...I thought..Well....she looked at me oddly...LOL..THEN...after I pulled away AWCKKKKK I saw myself in the mirror...and started Laughing..a.s she did NOT see "me" she saw...the white face/black eyed beauty. the theatre...a guy I know well...simply gave me the "once over". I found it really humorous...he simply did NOT look beyond the studded lip/nose/makeup thing. I FREAKED him out when I went up...and Then he finally recognized me. WHOA. I got several lessons fromt that I am still digesting.
How often have I turned away from someone because of how they looked? Ok..well I usually don't but for SOMEONE reading this..yah..that's just not cool. LOL. No "judging the book by its cover" thing!!!

I feel much more bonded to my son...I guess which was the whole point...we stayed out till 2 in the morning..I wore him out!!! YEAHHHHH!!! Went out to eat after the Community theatre play..."COUNT DRACULA"...(evil laugh exhuding...heh heh).

....then his dad is going to the aforementioned ROCK concert with him in a couple weeks, so this getting the idea..well that Maybe I was hip before HE was.

QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: .." don't take offense.. I mean you look great and all that..but 'You are NOT GOTH. NOW I on the other hand..:TONIGHT is a chance for me to "be with my people". Hee hee...

Yah and I let him wear his black fingernail polish to school today and take his lip ring. DAMN.....if Oklahoma Baptist College could see me now...I know they'd think i was going STRAIGHT to hell!!.

But..I gave up trying to please others a long time ago..and try to focus on what I can live with.

Hmmn..I May have to ponder that for a while.

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wow, looks good..