Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Out of Gas

My van let me down. It's like a date with a friend and they don't show up...don't call, just nothing.
I KNOW my van! nevertheless....a new twist develops.
I picked up students for Tae Kwon Do for class in Mt. Pleasant, as well as my two that are home (broken arm and all) and dropped them off at Finch Field house. Yes...It was still in the '90's!!
Decided I'd go get some gas while they were in class. The light had come on, but that means about 30 miles yet.
Right in the middle of Preston, putter stutter DIE. Called my mom...she didn't answer the phone. Called my brother..he was in Saginaw. He suggested I call my sister in law...which I did.
Meanwhile..it started..and I had to get what I thought was TWO blocks to the gas station...and I made it there...across from Arby's..AWQWCK!!! It was CLOSED..Not closed as in not open for business but RIPPED apart closed.
Called my SIL back, I made it to HERBS ETC. parking lot. Cleaned out the van While I waited.
She brought a BIG CAN!! I put some in...Got it going and was able to make it to the gas station!
What a weird experience. I mean that just does NOT happen very often. I was amazed at my attitude. I wasn't freakin out, just ...calm...
Thank you Terry!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Broken Arm

"I have fallen and been injured"....was the statement my girlfriend heard at the campground as I was dishin out sloppy joes to the non-discript Park Employee.

OH..Its YOUR kid! Joy...age 6, 2 hours into our camp stay, was climbing into the upper loft. She Fell off the ladder from about the 5th rung. SMACK, onto the concrete. She came out of the cabin, and the fleeting thought crossed my mind that I wouldn't be having any Lunch.
I grabbed stuff from the BIG first aid kit I had Debated about spending all of 2 dollars on at a yard sale, Ripped open sterile 4 x 4's and tried o stop the flow of running blood gushing from under her chin. SH*T! Yes she's going to need stiches I could tell at a glance.
"my arm hurts". Oh Crap. My ass did that tingley thing when you just KNOW something is wrong..I looked down AWWCKKK!!! So..>Got a STICK (Basic first aid) for a Splint..hey have to use what you can in a pinch, wrapped it, and took off.

Decided to go to Mt P to hospital as her dad was in MT. P working, they already had our file and stuff and her pediatrician is there.ER doc was ok...but dang it was SOOO SLOW. Way too slow. Wouldn't sew up her chin after getting her all geeked up about S-T-I-C-H-E-S...explained all about them...the shot all that..then leavers her for FOUR hours to think about it????. She was pretty amazing...ended up getting like 150 mg of Demerol at various times...and Never fell asleep..the fat guy next to us (Oh yah...it was so private! NOT)was given 50 mg of the same and was OUT of it puking his guts out.
The Ortho doctor showed up..Literally as the ER doc was sewing her up...and was trying to work on her..Like WAIT FIVE minutes you Jerk!! Then he copped an attitude and left the ER.
Joy has follow up on thursday to see if she has to have surgery or not to install pins

Had a meeting at school tonight. Everyone loves Joy..so she looked VERY cute in her TAE uniform with her broken arm and sling. She wanted me to make up a tee shirt that said, "I fell off a ladder while camping and got stiches and broke my arm in three places, Yes it hurts"...cause she got tired of saying it all the time!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SO Much!

SO much has been going on,...I don't even know where to start!...I helped Helena start her blog this week. That has been a blast. She is so intelligent, smart, funny, self-starter, creative. Amazing kid.
Going Camping at School Section lake for next 3 days...will be home Friday...then I think I have to go to the Springs for the weekend or the next 10 days...LOL not sure.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Part of this "new" way of thinking..reminds me of the old bible school song
"He owns the cattle on a thousand hills
the wealth in Every mine
He owns the rivers and the rocks and rills,
the Sun and Stars that shine,
Wonderful riches more than tongue can tell
He is my Father so they're mine as well
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills I know that'
He Will care for ME".

I was looking at a website...(will have to refind), that talked about Great men of the bible...Abraham, King David...and the WEALTH they accumulated. I'm Really NOT trying to get into this "name it and claim" it type thinking..I'm just exploring here...talking out loud...imagining Mary P. or Ness, or Char, or someone I trust across from me with a cup of Coffee. Someone who will listen to me..and yet slap the crap out of me if I get too whacked.
Maybe it's because I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER since the recent surgery. I don't know. But I'm TIRED of being down in the mouth...feeling as if I have no options. Our Money management class has had unexpected side benefits. I think of What I do for my children--basically give up MY Life so they can live theirs--run them here, deliver them there, shell out money for Dance, Tae Kwon, drive two hours for practice etc. It reminds me of that verse, 8For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
Matt. 7
9"Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! 12So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. If I..as crappy a mom as I am..would sacrifice what I have for MY children..Is HE..so much more holy...He gives out of ABUNDANCE..that's what I desire for MY children.
Not out of sacrifice..that leads to bitterness...
My one friend Char and I are discussing slowly "The Secret". Her take is correct..I would NOT recommend this maybe to a "baby" believer. There IS a lot of "pscho babble" in it. However..I am coming at it from an entirely different perspective. Pastor Robb made HUGE impact on my life when He said.."All TRUTH is GOD's TRUTH". ...I am discerning (I think) enough to sort through stuff, and grow.
I took Helena to an antique flea market (with M & M). While buying a Italian cook book for 3$$ (our latest inquiry into SOPRANO's)..I stated to the seller, "Ok..well I guess I can't live without this, so I have to buy it". The sellers son..jumped all me..."Oh that's GREAT thing you are teaching your daughter". This is a phrase that My mom and I use a lot while garage saleing. I said..."well I think it IS a good thing to teach..there are so VERY few things I desire/want.--I can live without anything..I choose what I want to buy.." anyway...Limited thinking. Sick of it. Concentrating now on..."I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly".

Friday, July 20, 2007

Volvo 850 Turbo!!

God gives good gifts to his children.

We went and looked at this car last week in Ann Arbor. We went and Picked it up today!!
Don was squeemish about it..literally said, "I can't SEE myself driving this". I told him that day..."I can SEE you driving it". Literally. Saw him transporting the urchins to school etc..saw him happy to have a decent vehicle.
I called him earlier this week While I was away...and told him HE needed to change his attitude toward the car. To envision his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, to see himself fiddling with the controls etc.
Part of our "managing money god's way" class the last session, was to talk about how God..the loving Father, gives GOOD gifts to his children. We don't have to be Down and out...white trash Baptistic Christians who think poor is equivalent to godliness.I'm So DONE with that thinking. We are very generous..give out of abundance..not out of Sacrifice. We are not greedy..yet have a tendency to think we don't deserve nice things. This is a direct result of taking care of what WE ALREADY HAVE, and being thankful for IT!
I'm so happy to SEE him driving a better car. Its a 1996, turbo, champagne color...really nice.

The Secret...book What I'm reading

Get it...read it.
Let me know what you are thinking. Great websites on it...Wondering.

I think "the Secret" works,,,because it is based on Biblical example.

"As a man thinks, so is he"
"I have come that they might have life, and have it MORE Abundantly"
"if you say to that mountain MOVE...it shall be done"
"every good gift, and every perfect gift, comes from the Father above in whom no changing occurs"
The parable of the dad...giving a stone to his child when they requested bread.

Monday, July 16, 2007


It's just amazing to me how much easier it is to oh...say cook for 20 or so..when you have the right kitchen.
I love the Camp kitchen (in the conference center)...huge ovens, great sheet pans that I use for EVERYTHING. Food..mass quantities!
I got up to camp yesterday...just assessing stuff VERY EARLY IN THE MORNIGN TO BE DRIVING......when I find out instead of a 10:30 breakfast..OH its NINE O'clock. Yikes...that was scary at first. Martha was there to save the day and walked me through everything. Really all they needed was a warm body to cook, so the crew could go do a presentation at a church. That's really cool...when you can do something..to free someone else up to do God stuff. Both are blessed.
This was for a family reunion...What a wonderful idea! The Matriarch had died last year, and this was the first visit home for the Patriarch since the death..and they didn't have room at any ONE person's house so they came to the retreat center! Great idea---food cooked for you, room to move around...they LOVED their visit.
Martha asked.."WHere are the kids"?????...as I had left them home to recuperate...from Sat's great adventure, "Well isn't WILLIAM coming to SR high camp this week???"...OOPS..I guess since my surgery I"ve been sort of OUT OF IT..so...had to call in Heavy Kevvy to save the day, go from his place in Midland, pick my kids up, tell Wiliam (with extensive help from Helena) what to pack, Then Kev brought kids up to camp. Thank God for loving friends who help out without asking or expecting anything. Kev says.."CALM DOWN"...lol because a little panic was seeping into my voice. ,...I simply can't believe I forgot about camp...even tho is was the 2nd week etc...
GO God

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pretty much a perfect summer day

I have to get up in 5 hours to go work at camp, but THIS...was the perfect day....dropped one kid off at Grandma's, got stuff for picnic, snoozed while someone else drove, 3 older kids getting along...Museum, funny!! laughing....taking Pictures of my SHADOW!......picnic, feeding ducks, River walk, Pouring rain, summer sun, Mall...read books, good coffee, Harry Potter in 3-D, pizza at Deluca's Intro friends to the Wii.
yum yum.
great day.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Depression, Sayings, and MORE

I was writing recently to a friend, and came up with what I thought was a GREAT phrase to describe the lethargy and post surgical funk I'm in..." It's No Christmas morning in Whoville in my head" !! HA! I love that!

Reminds me of the saying My School Admin friend Kathy says,about stupid thoughts, people you can't get over or remain Ticked at etc..."Hey! You are just providing them FREE rent in your head"
"Get OVER it already"
"Bring a different bus into the depot please"...When someone keeps complaining over and over about the same thing refusing to do anything about it.
Any more to add??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Russia Renews Adoption Licenses

Russia renews adoption agencies' licenses
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By Wendy Koch, USA TODAY
Russia has reopened its doors to Americans who want to adopt children, re-accrediting seven adoption agencies based in the USA.

Licenses granted in the past two weeks will enable the agencies to resume helping Americans adopt from among the 700,000 Russian children in orphanages, says Lee Allen, spokesman for the private National Council For Adoption.

As many as 44 American agencies had been working in Russia, he says.

"This is the first positive movement we've seen in a long time," Allen says. "We're very encouraged by it."

Russia has been a top destination for Americans seeking to adopt foreign children, ranking third behind China and Guatemala in 2006, according to the State Department.
FIND MORE STORIES IN: Americans | Russia | Russian | Allen

Last year, 3,706 Russian adoptees came to the USA, a decline from a peak of 5,865 in 2004.

The number of adoptions began slowing last year as the annual licenses of American agencies started to expire.

The last two licenses expired in April, according to the website of Russia's Washington, D.C., embassy.

The agencies applied for renewal as Russia implemented tighter rules.

Most adoptions were put on hold, although some independently arranged ones proceeded.

"Many thousands of kids may have lost their opportunity" to be adopted when licenses expired, Allen says.

The new licenses have no expiration date but can be reconsidered at any time.

The Russian government did not respond to requests for comment.

"We have some people who've been waiting" to adopt, says John Bentz, president of International Assistance Group in Oakmont, Pa., one of the first seven American adoption agencies to win reapproval. "It will take some time."

"There are plenty of kids who need homes," says Joan Jaeger, spokeswoman for The Cradle in Evanston, Ill., one of the agencies re-accredited.

She says placing a child with an American family can take up to a year. She says the cost is comparable to domestic adoption: about $30,000, including two trips to Russia.

The other agencies re-accredited are Cradle of Hope in Silver Spring, Md.; The Frank Adoption Center in Raleigh, N.C.; Family and Children's Agency in Norwalk, Conn; Catholic Social Services, which is nationwide; and Children's Home Society & Family Services in St. Paul.
Posted 18h 22m ago


Divorce sucks, or Sux in today's lingo.
I've got several friends in the midst of it, thinking about it, or trying to avoid it.

Scenario: Gees..this is going to be harder than I thought to keep it somewhat confidential...
Friend is miserable...partner an idiot. Oh--so not creative..that sums up 99% of how someone getting divorced feels. Friend feels partner is putting work in front of Sfamily. Partner has issues, somewhat depressed...workaholic tendency. Both of them are friends of mine. YAH. Sticky. Have tried to intervene...really don't know what my place is.
Can I be biblical and be supportive of change?
Can I be a True and Faithful friend while they seek greener pastures? (so to speak)..
Am I supposed to cut them off, or be a safe place for them to talk?
What would I WANT? What Would I NEED in this situation?

I've 'Been there and done that' as my profile states. Married Young to a Devote "fellow believer" dedicating ourselves and future to God's plan. Yah...that didn't work out well either time I married the same guy. Yes, for those of you seeing it here for the first time...I am one of those...who although I KNEW I was right the first time in getting divorced, let the guy snake back in his wormy way, married and divorced again within a year. Grateful for the learning curve being done quickly--and know I was right the first time. He went on to cheat on his new wifey in much the same way he left me for her.
I was Completely deserted from all my Christian friends. I swore I would never do that to a friend. The Church...the Pastor...the only time I heard from the pastor was months and months later when I started attending a different church and he was concerned about that. He NEVER once called me to see how I was doing--I had moved back in to my mom's after he assured me that God would STILL love me if I were divorced. Wow. What a wacked out way of thinking...
I have no regrets. Made it on my own..actually BETTER on my own.
I'm amazed at how that works.
Scenario: My friend in Midland, says...when his wife split, leaving him to raise his 3 sons, says.."her leaving left as much impact as pulling your finger out of a glass of water". Wow. That's really sad isn't it? For a mom to have such little influence in the running of the household, the boys didn't notice for a few weeks that she had LEFT!! He deserves a medal.
Scenario: My other friend...is is middle of process...wife has moved in and out so many times it isn't even news anymore. He's doing a great job providing stability for his teen daughter in the midst of it all. Works, parents-actively..and is just stuck.

Scenario: There always seems to be one more. I'm tired of it. I bounce ideas around in my head.
I think I am going to have to write about this some more.

I still have too many to write about.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

God in Nature

I sit at my desk this morning in awe of how cool animals are. I get why zoos are so popular.
At first, there was one small fawn out at the side of the woods munching on the farmers tender shoots. He was Full profile, and I could watch as he bent his head. His slender small body intent on eating was a testament to survival. My young daughter came, and stood at the door, mesmerized by each bite. "Mommy, he is eating now. Mommy he is swallowing now" Yes Joy..all that.
Then she left, and I was amazed as his twin joined him! We know of these animals as several weeks ago, William and his buddy went out to the woods, and in came the high schooler carrying a FAWN! GO put him Back!!..."He's TOO weak" they said..he didn't MOVE!"...when, they placed fawny on the ground he Scooted back to his mom fearfully observing from the middle of the woods. A few nights later, we were happy to see not JUST mom and fawn, but Mom, Fawn + one...a twin.
Between that, the chickens + rooster, and our two new kitties, we have a lot of entertainment and "God in Nature".
Personally, I'm getting sick of God in Rooster at Daybreak. Not so glorious.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mental Confusion....HA there's a REASON!

Complications of Acute Cholecystitis (gallbladder)

The most serious complication of acute cholecystitis is infection, which develops in about 20% of cases. It is extremely dangerous and life threatening if it spreads to other parts of the body ( septicemia ). Symptoms include fever, rapid heartbeat, fast breathing, and mental confusion. Among the conditions that can lead to septicemia are the following:

* Gangrene or Abscesses. If acute cholecystitis is untreated and becomes very severe, inflammation can cause abscesses or destroy enough tissue in the gallbladder (called necrosis ) to lead to gangrene. Studies have reported this complication in between 2 - 30% of cases. The highest risk is in men over 50 with a history of heart disease who have high levels of infection.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Don't argue with the Doctor

So last Sunday, I had called Dr. Smith to ask about going to the ER. He was on call, and according to Staff at Gratiot Community, is the only Doctor that has surgery staff on call also.
I told him I thought it was Diverticulitis..he told me Gall Bladder.
I told him..but it's the same pain as last fall...except for the twinge going up my back to my shoulder.
He told me Gall bladder. Ok..He was right.
He told me..go to ER, He'd tell the Doctor I was coming. I got a reception at ER. "Yes, Dr Smith informed us you'd be arriving". Yah..that was me.
SO...Finally admitting that I was in pain...I broke down crying driving myself to ER. "Damn this hurts", I kept saying to my imaginary passengers.
Blood pressure through the roof, as expected because of the pain.
OK..I'm going to be admitted. I don't care. Get rid of pain. Shots given..pain subsides..well...maybe the pain wasn't really all THAT much....how quickly our bodies forget.
Surgery was at 3:00. My Gall Bladder was removed...Doc said it was all Gangrene and yucky, almost grossed him out. My sites are VERY sore. One section is much larger than they usually have to make it. His office partner apologized when looking at it.

I had the funeral this morning, then went to his office as my IV site is quite infected...I think with Staph...red...puffy VERY SORE. Got some antibiotics.

I was kept an extra day because I simply couldn't PEE. Every shift I would have to be Straight Cathed...yah...not real pleasant. Finally the 3rd day, someone informs Dr. Smith who says he has to put in a real Catheter to rest the bladder, then usually it kicks in and starts working. SO...another night at the hospital. Somehow the nurses take it upon themselves that Doctor's orders are Doctor SUGGESTIONS. Instead of giving what is ORDERED...they give 1/2 or try this first etc. Look--JUST GIVE me BOTH the Pill and the IV SHOT. I'm not going to get ADDICTED..I"M GOING HOME TOMORROW. Just get me out of pain!! I eventually had to resort to bringing some medicine from home. How pathetic is that?
I had opportune visit from Pastor Bob, just before I went down for surgery. How nice to know someone is praying for you RIGHT as you go under the knife. I'm still not sure how he found out so fast. I think I knew at one time but forgot.
Wonderful flowers/plant from Ithaca Baptist church, Cool smiley mug from Ms. Paula, Great orange lilies from Marcella. Had a nice visit with Mary P.
SO...got released on the 4th of July. Took a nap..then loaded up and went to Breckenridge for the fireworks/music show. It was fabulous. Great music...Great friends. Drank some adult liquid pain killer. Ate sparingly. I so far have NOT thrown up one time since surgery.
Tons of my friends met there, Shelly and her hubby of Kincaid (http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=6441371) fame (I call him Big Daddy and sit on his lap at one point) and her two sons+girlfriend, Cathy and Tim and their tribe of Foster/adopts, Mr. Mark and mom and daughter Mary (from Tae Kwon Do), Gerry & Beth-Ty and granddaughter, Doug from Church with great chocolate chip cookies, The Smith Tribe, Don, Helena William and Joy (who covers her head and falls asleep during the fireworks display). We all shared food-Pizza from my new favorite place in Merrill-Woody's, chips, pop, cheese, cookies, chicken...it was good.
My Gas passing was under control at that time..my gut was still JUST HUGE though from the surgery. It still is...
It was fun. It was Family. It was Friends. It was the Fourth. It was Tradition. I'm glad I was alive to see it, and live it.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bill Joslyn, and Kathy

Rest In Peace

While in the hospital, I got a phone call that Bill had been Killed. I just went to the adoption 3 weeks ago of their new baby girl. Please Pray for Kathy his wife. Great family, GOOD True Christians. I'm heartbroken. He was a Real man.

Riverdale man killed after crash with coyote

Sun Staff Writer

A Riverdale man died early Tuesday morning when his motorcycle struck a coyote and he lost control of the bike.
William Allan Joslyn, 48, was riding his Suzuki motorcycle west on Stanton Road east of Carlson Road shortly after 6 a.m. when the coyote apparently jumped out in front of the bike, according to Montcalm County Sheriff's Department Lt. Karl Kluwe.

"It probably came shooting right across the road," Kluwe said. Joslyn's cycle struck the animal and he lost control of the machine.

Investigators said Joslyn laid the bike down on its left side and slid to a stop. Montcalm County Emergency Medical Services took Joslyn to Sheridan Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The coyote also died when it was struck, Kluwe said.

The lieutenant said coyotes are fairly common in the area. This animal was described as about the size of a small- to medium-sized German shepherd dog.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, coyotes are most abundant in the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Michigan, but have been moving into southern parts of the state in recent years.

The animals, members of the dog family, are very adaptable to a variety of habitats. Kluwe described the area of Douglas Township where the accident took place as "a typical rural area" of mostly farm fields.

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders, feeding on small animals and livestock, as well as on carrion. The DNR says in areas with high deer population, carrion from road kill provides a major food source.

Coyotes usually feed at night, and are most likely to be seen at sunrise and sunset. Tuesday's accident happened at sunrise.

Kluwe said Joslyn was wearing a helmet with a full face mask, and did not appear to have been exceeding the 55 mph speed limit on Stanton Road.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Going to ER

Talked to Doc...going to ER. He's in the hospital. I can't take it anymore. he thinks based on pain..might be Gall bladder.
Like this is all I need.