Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm not dead

I'm not dead..>Yet I live.
Every year I think "this has been the worst year of my life"...Well this last year has been the same. Not to bring my life back to the Blogosphere on a downer note..but this past year......
My spouse was committed to a hospital for a while for severe depression.

We moved from one town to my hometown.

I continue to care for my elderly beginning Altzheimer's mother who lives with us. My mom was hospitalized about 12 times.

My spouse had both hips replaced (one at a time with the weeks of rehab and hospitilazations that required). He was in intensive care for 2 or 3 days and was mostly dead. I was too exhausted to care much.

We lost a house to foreclosure.

I oversaw the remodeling of the house we moved in to from a distance. There was a bathroom completely tore off...remodeled to be Handicapped accessible, and LOTS of trouble with the City inspectors.

I had emergency Appendectomy 2 weeks after losing health insurance.

I've interviewed for several State postions with no job in site. I keep trying. (and..I still have hope)

I'm going to start writing again..for me. Real. Stuff. The dirty and down. I'm out of time.