Sunday, September 18, 2016

Movin on down the road...

THIS kid. From a baby ballerina that cried for weeks during her first few dance lessons, to a star in her own show, THIS kid.
She graduated from High School with multiple honors, has a free ride at Central Michigan University and is incredible.
This summer, she spent 6 weeks in Guatemala, being a mentor to a 16 year old girl that went with her. She worked very diligently both to the people there, and the ones at Flames of Fire ministry. (  )
She helped with food, traveled on dirt two tracks, went hungry and grew.

THIS , is what every mom hopes for her child, that they grow beyond their circumstance, beyond their limited local vision.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Airport John

This, is AIRPORT JOHN. The photo was taken by Holly MaHaffey on a photo shoot at the Mt. Pleasant Airport. I had suggested the article on Leni, the AIRPORT DOG. He died the August after this photo was taken.
John, is currently in the hospital after having a Stroke of sorts. He is/was an amazing guy. Friend, kind, funny, but not without his demons. I fear he will die. I fear he won't.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

You Raise Me Up....

YOU Raise me up to more..than I can be.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Grad Student

I decided with my recent broken leg adventure, that once again, only I am in control of what I do with my life. This of course is influenced by the kids, money, yeah..maybe I am NOT in control of my life.
This recently happened in February of 2015. 
It is on the same leg as I crushed in 1998. the top portion is the "old "L " Plate and screws, the bottom is the L shape and 14 screws I got recently. My ankle is really acting up not liking the new hardware I think I have to blow some sage over it, and try to get it to accept it. NO hardware will ever be coming out. 
While laying in the hospital bed in my living room, I decided to start Graduate School for Counseling. I had two six week classes this summer, and have 3 classes (9 credits which is like carrying 18 undergrad credits) now. 
It's another journey. AND...I feel like I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be and that is the first time in years that has happened. It's not about being "mom" or "Sort of some wife that isn't a wife", its about ME. And...that feels pretty damn strange my friends, pretty strange. 


I don't have a lot of friends. That's ok, just saying it like I feel it. I do have people I can call on. Well hell, to be truthful, I wouldn't have to call them, the calls would be made for me.
Shelly, bottom right, Me, top right, Lori Top Left
This picture is of friends. Lori and I were very close for a long time. We met in  a church "small group" that was meeting at my house at the time in St. Louis. We mentioned "beer" one night...and after that we laughed and had a blast. Something happened, her son got cancer (and lived), at a time when my youngest was diagnosed with Pneumonia (again). There was some break in the friendship, I don't know over what now, but it was renewed once  when we discussed the book "THE SECRET". This book was instrumental in changing the way that many of my "fundamental" friends "saw" the Universe, and God, and how things happen. Great phrases that only now while I'm writing I had forgotten where they came from --"You do not have to create what you want - it already exists"  "

"Your body works like a movie projector, and the film running through the projector is all of your thoughts. What thoughts are you choosing?" 

Anyways, for a while things were ok, now they moved, we moved, life happened, its one of those horrible "oh we have to get together" things, that never seems to make it to reality. It is always disappointing. friend Angie  (not the slightly crazed meth head Angie addicted to Vicodin and Methodone, but the OTHER Angie inserting "Faces Of Meth here, she could have been included : THAT Angie deserves a long post on only her. This is NOT her, but she was losing teeth because of drugs that when one fell out she could blithely say, "Oh, here's another one". 
This OTHER Angie, She is simply amazing. She has taught me so much about being real, and even when I told her some really freaky stuff, didn't freak out. When I think of her, I smile. How cool is that. I can't think of a time that I didn't want to be better around her. One thing is...She simply GETS me. She understands my complex relationship with God, the Universe, the Auras, My Dreams that come true, and how I can still swear and be very spiritual. 
THIS Angie, cracks me up. She is meticulous in her work, which helps me want to be. She is methodical and will keep investigating until she turns over the pebbles that are hidden under the rocks. 
We actually have a pretty long history. As any woman knows, there are defining moments in life. I can say...Hey I knew her "BEFORE" She had kids! BOOM. There it is. That is one thing. We were traveling for a fundraiser and she was "heavy with child". I caught her a couple times out of the corner of my eye, and she was sort of sickly green all around her. Nobody seemed to be noticing that this HUGELY Pregnant woman was in crisis. I don't even know if SHE got it. It was very disturbing. Well, we worked closely together for about 2 years. Then, the gig we had was up and I sort of lost her for a while. 
While delivering food to a shelter, I found her again!! I was volunteering at the food bank, picking up Panera Bread a couple times a week and taking it to various non profits. Angie was the Counselor at one of them. 
We have recently been being more faithful to our friendship, and that makes me happy. It's 5:05 in the morning, I don't think I will sleep tonight, but I"m done writing for now. I'll come back and edit later. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Break a Leg sister....

Broadway Theatre’s “Acting Can Be Murder” sends up murder plays

Mark Carpenter and Kendall Farnum rehearse a scene from "Acting Can Be Murder," at the Broadway Theatre on Monday. ├ČActing Can Be Murder,├« will be held at the Broadway Theatre, 216 E. Broadway St., Mt. Pleasant, on March 6, 7, 13, 14 at 7 p.m. and March 8, 15 at 2 p.m. Kelly Rocheleau - The Morning Sun. 

It sounds like a joke: The lead actress in a play about a stand-in actress replaced by a stand-in.
Yet that was the exact situation the Broadway Theatre in Mt. Pleasant dealt with when Donna Kriss, star of the murder mystery spoof “Acting Can Be Murder,” broke her leg 10 days before the shows opens Friday.
As a result, actress Kendall Farnum took over for Kriss in the role of Dolores Gordon, an understudy in the murder mystery play “Which Butler Did It?”.
Within the first three minutes of “Murder” – no spoiler warning needed- Dolores kills the lead actress of the play-with-in-a play and usurps her role. This kicks off a murder mystery on the set of a murder mystery.
Farnum, previously cast as the play-within-a-play’s director, said she feels OK about memorizing 300 lines worth of dialogue within a small window of time.
“The lines are just – some of it I had, because I was in a number of scenes already with Donna [playing] Dolores, so some of those exchanges were [between] us, so I had the general gist of some of it anyway,” Farnum said with the show’s script in her hand.
Farnum said she has prepared for her first-ever lead role by looking at the script when she wakes up in morning, another point each afternoon, and at night to prepare for her new part.
“I try every time I look at it [to] have another section that I know what’s where,” Farnum said.
The director of the actual play, Broadway staple Cindy Kilmer, describes the show.
“It’s a farce and a spoof of murder mysteries,” Kilmer said. “The curtain opens and somebody makes a confession, but the mystery is not who killed the person, the mystery is [about] what’s become of the person’s body and whatnot.
Kilmer said she asked Kriss’ permission before beseeching Farnum via text message to take on the part the production’s plot largely revolves around at the eleventh hour.
“I said [to Kriss] I needed her blessing. She said, ‘By all means, that would be great,’ so it’s been a Herculean effort for Kendall to learn 300 lines in 10 days,” Farnum said.
Despite the friendly faces and laughter emanating throughout the theatre during rehearsal, Kilmer said mounting a show with a massive last-second casting change added more challenge to the already daunting task of directing a comedy with a large cast.
“I would say the stress levels are higher than any shows I’ve ever done before. We’ve never had a person actually not be able to do the play they’ve been training for for weeks, so this is a first. So yeah, stress levels have been running kind of high,” Kilmer said
Kilmer glances at her surroundings as she speaks, as stage hands prepare lights and set pieces and cast members dressed as maids and ghosts scurry across the stage. As the old saying goes, the show must go on.
“It’s been going really well. Kendall’s a champ,” Kilmer said.
Kilmer’s nerves deflate for a moment. “She’s doing really [well,]” Kilmer says with a laugh of relief. “I’ve been just astounded by how she’s been able to step into that part.”
Others in the 17-member cast include Gail Caleca as Isabella, an actress who discovers her husband is having an affair, assistant director Lindsey Read-Smith as the play-within-a-play’s director – the part Farnum was originally cast for – and Mount Pleasant High School foreign exchange students Mo Wagner and Alfonso Boron Martin, from Germany and Spain, respectively, in their English acting debuts.
Wagner and Martin got involved with the show through Kriss, their host while they stay in the U.S.
“Here I need to play an American accent, and it’s hard for me. Nervous, you know?” Martin said.
Martin smiles as he turns to Kilmer.
“I imagine you said they needed a sexy guy, and Donna said, ‘I know who!’ Martin jokes as the nearby cast erupts into laughter.
Considering the play’s subject matter, the irony of how Farnum was cast is not lost on the cast, as Kilmer’s husband Bruce, a frequent flier in shows his wife directs, often appearing in some role or another, points to the new leading lady in a mock accusatory fashion.
“She broke the lead’s leg so she could get the part,” Bruce jokes to Farnum. “At least you didn’t murder her.”
Farnum shakes her head.
“I was nowhere near,” Farnum said. “My husband’s put on Facebook to my kids, ‘Okay, this is just a little suspicious….”
“Acting Can Be Murder,” will be held at the Broadway Theatre, 216 E. Broadway St., Mt. Pleasant, on March 6, 7, 13, 14 at 7 p.m. and March 8, 15 at 2 p.m. Tickets available at Ric’s and Aces of Diamonds for $8 or at for 8.50.