Friday, October 26, 2018

Police incident Mt. Pleasant MI

An incident at work..Officer  Brown not helpful. Confrontational and beyond rude.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Date Rape drugged

So, in the news is the discussion of a high judge going for the Supreme Court, a Lifetime appointment, that is accused of assaulting a woman in high school. Her (Dr Ford)'s testimony was compelling.

I have friends on both sides. Attornies believe her. Others say that Dr Ford is being used by the left as she was formerly employed by the Clinton's. None of that really matters. Every abuse story is true by the person telling it. My friend Cynthia is telling a lot of her stories on Facebook. This is one of mine.

I went to Rubble's the bar in Mt Pleasant Michigan with Shelly Patton, and my friend Lori Smith. Shelly's husband Clay's band was playing. I had not drunk any alcohol before going.

I ran into a guy that was in my brother's school class. His name is Scott Theisen. He asked who I was there with, and for whatever reason..I said..Nobody..I'm on my own tonight!!

I had a glass of wine in front of me. My friends were doing shots..I don't do shots. I had to go to the bathroom. I came back, resumed drinking my wine. (can you all see where this is going?) I drank..started feeling VERY woosy, hot and dizzy.

Scott Theisen so graciously (!!) said he would take me outside to get some air. I was feeling very jello legged. I didn't know nor could I stop anything from happening. I wasn't thinking clearly nor even having a thought process.

Scott Theisen took me to the side of the building. I sort of recall my pants were down around my legs and my face being pushed into the brick side of the building. I remember him trying to fuck me from behind. His penis was trying to enter me. I couldn't talk, couldn't fight back, couldn't move.

All of a sudden, Thank God...(Literally thank GOD), I started to vomit. and Vomit. AND VOMIT.

Somehow..he stopped, my pants got pulled back up and I found myself in the bathroom at Rubbles. I was VOMITING.

Shelly came to check on me..laughing. Lori..came to check on me laughing...assuming I was drunk. I kept trying to tell them that something was wrong...I hadn't drunk anything..I wasn't drunk. "TINY" the huge obese bouncer, so kind and giving even came to check on me. I was still puking.

 I eventually went out to my van, Lori eventually came out with me. Scott Theisen the rapist was pacing up and back and forth on the sidewalk. He attempted to talk to Lori who was having none of it. I called my spouse for a ride for us. We have a deal, need a ride anytime anyplace, no questions asked. I had never had to use it. He came and got us.

I was embarrassed. I was scared. I was freaked out.  I was a University graduate and couldn't understand what had happened to me.
The next morning...It was little flashbacks of memory.... there was not a long memory of thought. There were broken sequences that helped me try and put together what happened. I tried to piece it together. I didn't call the police, I didn't even think of that then.

Now, years later I see him around, mostly at Stan's diner where I eat frequently at lunch. I want revenge. How many others did he do this to? I know I wasn't the first, he was too smooth. He put a date rape drug in my drink. He took me outside, to my peril. I did not give consent. I had no will power to stop. I couldn't stop him. I remain pissed.

I've taught my daughters to keep tabs on their drinks. I tell my friends. Tell yours.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Movin on down the road...

THIS kid. From a baby ballerina that cried for weeks during her first few dance lessons, to a star in her own show, THIS kid.
She graduated from High School with multiple honors, has a free ride at Central Michigan University and is incredible.
This summer, she spent 6 weeks in Guatemala, being a mentor to a 16 year old girl that went with her. She worked very diligently both to the people there, and the ones at Flames of Fire ministry. (  )
She helped with food, traveled on dirt two tracks, went hungry and grew.

THIS , is what every mom hopes for her child, that they grow beyond their circumstance, beyond their limited local vision.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Airport John

This, is AIRPORT JOHN. The photo was taken by Holly MaHaffey on a photo shoot at the Mt. Pleasant Airport. I had suggested the article on Leni, the AIRPORT DOG. He died the August after this photo was taken.
John, is currently in the hospital after having a Stroke of sorts. He is/was an amazing guy. Friend, kind, funny, but not without his demons. I fear he will die. I fear he won't.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

You Raise Me Up....

YOU Raise me up to more..than I can be.