Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BRACE yourself...

SO I thought That all of our sickness was done...all the kids went back to school yesterday..Joy and William went to dance class...and I was finally able to go into the office.
I was debating about how to get to the funeral dinner thing for Sandy, and help out etc...when..THE PHONE RANG...and it was the School saying Helena was barfing, and um...needed to be picked up.
She continued to barf, and barf.
She was well enough to make her dentist appt. this afternoon. I made appts for all 3 kids.
Helena: needs braces. The side of her jaw on one side is sloping inward, she is missing 3 teeth (there are no teeth under her baby teeth to come in), and she doesn't have any cavitites, but she may need a Crown!! Ugh.
Joy: Has 3 cavities, and she did just Great. She loved seeing her teeth on TV...he has a small pencil camara that captures pictures/videos of the teeth, helps with documentation for INsurance claims too.
William has 2 cavities...his teeth MEET DIRECTLY, and the Dentist would Like him to think about Braces to make a better bite, but he is in NO WAY interested.
Got a great tip on flossing..Doc says to wrap the thread around your MIDDLE finger, that way you have more room to floss and can reach back better.
Lori and the kids came over tonight...Don made chicken and biscuits..Good stuff.
Watched "Inside Man"...it was a little rough ..difficult to follow with so many kids running around. Denzel tho...whew!.

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