Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You have come out with the Crystalline answer for your soul. Crystalline beings are very reflective. They take a very long time to grow and change but when they do, you can't change them back... it is 'set in stone' so to speak. A crystalline person has an easier time giving than taking. When they do receive something, a debt is naturally implied in their minds whether or not it is expected. This is because of a deep sensitivity to people and objects. Crystalline folks are extremely absorbent of all kinds of energy. They would be wise to trust their instinct when it comes to people and objects in their lives. If it isn't for you, you know.. neutralize, energize, and release. That is the natural flow for crystalline souls.. you must learn about your natural abilities and use them for healing in your life.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Morey Public School Academy

This is my kids school. It is also where I am on the School Board. Tremendous financial decision for EVERY school are having to be made. Michigan economy sucks, the Governor Great "GREEN" Jennifer is cutting the dollars each school will get per pupil, and its tough. Trying to make a budget work in a Charter school, which is FREE Public school, is more challenging because we can't "raise" money through tax bonds etc.
Our school has been a GREAT transition for our kids, coming from Homeschooling for 4 years. This is our last year there. Morey is unusual in that it has a High School. Many Charter schools do not. I hope we can KEEP the high school, as financially High Schools COST money.
This was on the FRONT page of our local morning rag, "The Morning Scum" as we locals call it:

The Morning Sun (, Serving Northern Michigan

Getting their hands dirty: Morey students learn about Earth Day

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sun Staff Writer

Heidi Fletcher of Morey Public School didn’t mind getting down on her knees to dig into the cold, moist soil work with three kindergartners by her side while working towards “beautifying their school.”

Fletcher, 17, and her fellow classmates were paired with members of the kindergarten class who wore winter coats, hats and gloves on the rather cold spring morning.

Two groups of students, 11 in the 11th grade and 15 kindergartners, collaborated on the Earth Day project to plant perennial and annual plants in front of their school.

“(Our economics class) wanted to do (their project) on Earth Day,” Fletcher said. “It’s cold out here today, but the (kindergartners) are great to work with.

“They listen.”

Fletcher said that she picked her helpers because they stood listening with “their hands behind their backs”, and she felt they would work best with her.

The class project was a learning process, and she said that it was difficult coming up with fundraising ideas, and then the taking steps to implement their strategy for the project in hopes of raising funds.

“You have to sacrifice your time,” Fletcher said. “We had a bake sale (last week).

“We had to learn the best prices. When we started, we thought we would make about $50, but we made over $200.”

Students made the baked goods, and sold their products in the school where they were mindful to make the items affordable for their peers, Kevin Fletcher, student teacher and organizer of the “public good” project, said.

“The students chose Earth Day, and they did the planning for the bake sale,” Kevin Fletcher said. “Their science teacher (Joe Trommeter) tested the soil and worked the soil with a roto tiller.”

Tammy Morrison, kindergarten teacher, said that this gave her class an opportunity to learn about Earth Day.

“We started an experiment on how plants grow, and what they need to grow,” Morrison said. “We used the scientific method in relationship to plants.

“That they need sunlight, water, air, and space to grow. We also talked about dirty water and clean water,” Morrison said.

Jennifer Traynor, paraprofessional, said that the kindergartners “brains are like sponges. They just soak everything right up.”

Marilee Kujat, social studies department head and acting assistant principal, said smiling that she thought the event was “organized chaos.”

“I am really proud of them,” Kujat said. “Most of the kindergartners will be able to watch the stuff grow.

“They will be able to tell others that they helped, and that gives them a sense of community. This is an area that we hope to make into a little park,” she said.


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You might be a mom if...

You get spikey hair, dye your hair blue or green put on goth crap and go to rock concerts. This was last Saturday at a local bar that was having a battle of the bands with 8 different bands as an "All ages" venue. I had a van load of high schoolers.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've never used a Headhunting search before trying to gain employment..but this one...fell into my lap. I have hope. I am looking for full time employment in Kalamazoo Michigan so my family can be together again. My spouse moved 2 weeks ago, and it is REALLY upsetting 2 of my kids. The other, My semi-goth Asperger boy--not so much.
I love the misson/value statement of this agency. Let's hope it works!!

About Van Popering, McLogan Executive Search, Inc.

Our Mission, Values and Ethics:

Our mission is to further KRISSCOP'S success by identifying HER uncommon ability – the very talented individual to whom our clients might not otherwise have access.

Throughout all phases of the search process, we will use the utmost discretion to guarantee the confidentiality sought by KRISSCOP and potential candidates alike.

We are committed to providing staffing solutions with the highest level of quality and cost efficiency. Our goal is to match the needs of KRISSCOP with the goals of our employees to insure a long-term, productive relationship. (ESPECIALLY $$ PART)

Our goal is to consistently exceed KRISSCOP’s expectations with ‘impeccable’ professionalism in seeking out and finding high caliber EMPLOYMENT.

Our Code of Conduct:

We strive to develop our relationships around four key operating principles:

1. Integrity: We are committed to openness, ethics, honesty, and candor with our clients and candidates at all times.

2. Client focus: Their complete satisfaction is the key measure of our success. Our clients always come first.

3. Innovation: Anticipating and acting on our clients’ need helps us to think creatively and challenge the “status quo.”

4. Teamwork: Cooperation and shared goals among clients and ourselves optimizes performance.

Um...Yah...some items were changed to aid in my positive imagery! "I CHOOSE HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS"...

From one of the motivation emails I get:

Triumphing over negative thoughts:
Negative thought processes ARE negative affirmations.
They use the VERY same processes that Positive Affirmations use, except they enforce feelings and images that deter us from being at Peace.

Breaking the cycle takes time.

Be Patient and Gentle with yourself. Set long term goals. And be persistent! Remember to Stretch, Laugh and be Unshakable!

Whenever you have a thought that disturbs your peace of mind, or makes you feel down, shout “Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!”. Immediately replace your disturbing thought with your Positive Affirmation. Visualize Bright Images and Feel the Glow Sparkling Light Energy flowing into and through your body.

There IS a difference between “grieving” and negativity. When you lose someone you love, there is a natural grieving process that must be gone through. Do not deny yourself your expression of grief.

If you find that your grief is too deep to endure, make sure you speak to a Rabbi, Priest, Counselor or Friends.

There comes a time, however, that you need to move on if your grief turns into negativity. If we examine negativity, we see that it utilizes the VERY same process as Positive Affirmations, except in the reverse!

Only when you have the Resolve and Determination to lead a Happier and more Positive life, will you be Naturally inclined to use the 3-fold Healing Process of Positive Affirmations. You cannot “force” yourself to be Happy. However, you CAN choose to foster Happiness. And when you make this Choice, you can Reinforce and Invigorate the process with Healing and Positive Affirmations. Remember~ Affirm the Good, Visualize Luminous Images and Feel Sparkling Rays of Strength and Courage fill your Being! You can do it!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Parole probation Stories

So I have been thinking alot about other jobs I've had, and how similar they are to teaching High Schoolers Sign Language.


I remember a parent in Saginaw, SOOO upset that their daughter had stolen a check and written it out for something she needed (or wanted) for school.
First of all, I wasn't convinced the girl hadn't been given permission to do so, if not THAT time then in the past, and the mom was U-N-S-T-A-B-L-E. As I recall the mom was agrophobic and never left the residence. She had every delivery available on speed dial--groceries, prescriptions, food etc.

In Saginaw..there is a Food Delivery taxi that will pick up from several places and deliver it to one residence. If one wants Chinese and another Pizza...-No prob- the Food Taxi does it all.
But I am getting off track. Yes..I was really GOING to say..But I DIGRESS and stopped myself. Who ever uses DIGRESS except in writing? BLeh
The mom calls the cops. The kid is in tears. Mom "wants to teach her a lesson"...Cop...TRIES to talk the mom out of it..saying getting kid involved in the criminal justice system is NOT going to help, tries to give alternatives....but NO WAY..Mom Insists.
So..Young girl...ripped from the home goes to Juvy for the night until she is arraigned. Well...Juvenile detention is NOT a good place..even for one night, and horrible things happened.
The story goes on and on..bottom line, the mom just kept getting madder and madder because SHE had to pay for her daughter's attorney, probation costs, supervision costs etc.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quiz? Who Am I?

I know I am brilliant, but I DO believe in the "Supernatural"...

Donna completed the quiz "Which House M.D, character are you?" with the result You are House.
Dangerously observant, highly self-confident with incredibly smart wits to match. You do what you want, when you because you felt like it - and occasionally save a life. Although you have no beliefs in the "supernatural" you're hyper passionate about the human race, and have a higher sense of morals than your counter parts would care to believe. It may all sound good, but because you live life on the edge, you're often found partying alone..

Power of a Positive No

How to Say No and Still Get to Yes
Article below on Harvard Site:

by William Ury
This challenge is vividly captured in an old Japanese story about a samurai and a fisherman. One day, the samurai went to collect a debt from the fisherman. “I’m sorry,” the fisherman said, “but this last year has been a very bad one for me, and I regret to say I do not have the money to repay you.” Quick to anger, the samurai drew his sword and prepared to kill the fisherman on the spot. Thinking fast, the fisherman boldly said, “I have been studying martial arts and my master teaches that you should never strike out of anger.”

The samurai looked at him for a minute, then slowly lowered his sword. “Your master is wise,” he said quietly. “My master used to teach the same lesson. Sometimes my anger gets the better of me. I will give you one more year to repay your debt, but if you fail by even a penny, I will surely kill you.”

The samurai returned to his house, arriving late at night. He crept in quietly, not wishing to wake his wife, but to his shock, he found two people in the bed, his wife and a stranger dressed in samurai clothing. With a surge of jealousy and anger, he raised his sword to slay them both, but suddenly the fisherman’s words came back to him: “Do not strike out of anger.” The samurai stopped for a moment, took a deep breath, and then deliberately made a loud noise. His wife instantly woke up, as did the “stranger,” who turned out to be his mother.

“What is the meaning of this?” he yelled. “I almost killed you both!”

“We were afraid of robbers,” his wife explained. “So I dressed your mother up in your samurai clothes to scare them off.”

A year passed and the fisherman came to see the samurai. “I had an excellent year, so here is your money back and with interest,” the fisherman said happily to him.

“Keep your money,” replied the samurai. “You repaid your debt long ago.”

When you want to say No, remember the samurai’s lesson: do not react out of anger — or indeed out of any negative emotion such as fear or guilt. Take a deep breath and focus on your purpose — your Yes — in this situation. Ask yourself what you really want and what is really important here. In other words, shift from being reactive focused on No, to being proactive focused on Yes.

No is perhaps the most important and certainly the most powerful word in the language. Every day we find ourselves in situations where we need to say No — to people at work, at home, and in our communities — because No is the word we must use to protect ourselves and to stand up for everything and everyone that matters to us.
But as we all know, the wrong No can also destroy what we most value by alienating and angering people. That's why saying No the right way is crucial. The secret to saying No without destroying relationships lies in the art of the Positive No, a proven technique that anyone can learn.

This indispensable book gives you a simple three-step method for saying a Positive No. It will show you how to assert and defend your key interests; how to make your No firm and strong; how to resist the other side's aggression and manipulation; and how to do all this while still getting to Yes. In the end, the Positive No will help you get not just to any Yes but to the right Yes, the one that truly serves your interests.

The Power of a Positive No offers concrete advice and practical examples for saying No in virtually any situation. Whether you need to say No to your customer or your coworker, your employee or your CEO, your child or your spouse, you will find in this book the secret to saying No clearly, respectfully, and effectively.

A world-renowned negotiator, mediator and bestselling author, William Ury is a co-founder of the Program on Negotiation and the director of the Global Negotiation Project.

Purchase the book now at the PON Clearinghouse.