Thursday, August 17, 2006

Truth is such a rare thing, it is delightful to tell it. ~Emily Dickinson

Yesterday..a fabulous Summer day. As all summer days should be. How often in life do you get to WAKE up ...just to "party"? Well, We (Will, Helena) woke up to go 'tubing' down Chippewa river.
My Skank friend called and bowed out..mostly I think she didn't wanna wake her boys up any earlier than she had to. (I say this with complete love and joviality, I just like the word SKANK). LOL
Another Joiner was late. Is always late. Is Socially Unacceptablly late. Thinks its ok to be late. Thinks because they "have always been late" that it is acceptable and they cannot, do not , and don't want to / have to change. Thinks being late is no big deal.
I despise late (rs). It throws off my entire schedule, makes me re arrange MY plans--with many other people...makes what could have been like a relaxed morning, getting supplies, ice, etc frantic in my mind.....makes other people involved think I am the incompetent, Rude, irresponsible, ill mannered lout. And selfish. Late people in my observation are generally very Selfish people. They like to think they are not..but are incredibly self centered. Do not like to be inconvienced themselves, but think nothing of holding people, meetings or services hostage to their lateness. Will "sneak" in a meeting or service disrupting the thought processes of everyone there, with out a clue it is even happening.
I'm sure there is something in my deep dark past to explain my Late feelings, but frankly I don't really care what it is. "being 10 min early is better than 2 minutes late". This was pounded into my head. It gives a person a RELAXED chance to think, change plans, make pitstops, get lost without feeling frantic. Also most State jobs its a requirement that you are there 10 min BEFORE you get paid. Sorry....its JUST the way it is.

SO..enough of a rant on being late. SO..anyway..we were Late for our Innertubing on a fine summer day.
I was driving so this was a No beer trip, plus I was really bummed my Beer drinkin GF didn't show. Weather was P E R F E C T. There was just the perfect appointed people there, we all R E L A X E D, took a 2 hour trip in 4 1/2 hours. Spent lots of time near the golf course searching for golf balls in the river. We found some really cool ones...Tiger Woods Buick classic ball, Tony the Tiger ball, purple Translucent, Snake eye, Washington Monument ball....amazing. about 100 in all. It takes a while to develop the "underwater golf ball" eye. I forgot once I was wearing CONTACT lenses..opened my eyes under water. OOPS.
Floated delightfully along. ON PURPOSE, relaxing. Choosing to carve out the summer day to enjoy it. God was there. My one GF, told me when I spoke of changing churches that she would go with me. The PROBLEM, which I never KNEW is she didn't want to go to church In Ithaca. Ithaca ites, tend to be small minded, and she..being from Great Britan..insists the only people she gets along GREAT with, are From SOMEWHERE other than here. So...Now It is cool as She may be able to go on a "church" hunt with me. Or actually, after I get established somewhere else, she will come.
My buddy Ron has been a great transitional church companion in this crappy church new pastoring experience. I am sure I would have dropped out LONG before now if it were not for him, and sort of my "accountability" factor with him. (hee hee..he's a CPA). I'm cracking myself up here.
SO we finished tubing, went to Home Depot to get stuff for above friend Ron to surprise his wife (who I don't think could be happy if she tried) with redoing a room in his house. PIcked out a great shade of Yellow, with the Ceiling Yellow SHEEN, Grey Carpet with multiple depths, getting rid of unmatched curtains to matching upholstery stuff, new Chandelier shades etc. The paint is going directly over VERY old farm house got some Kilz..also had the Kilz tinted the same yellow, so it will help with the covering. ALl this starts TOMORROW as soon as she leaves for 2 days. "WHILE SHERYL WAS OUT" an HGTV DHK special . Should be doing pictures too, will have to try and remember camara.

This a day after I had spent the afternoon and evening with a School buddy, drinking beer on the da beach, down by da river, tho NOT in A van. I got a call as I was pulling out from my mom's house-buddy was at the park. Probably living there now.
So I brought snacks. He can't eat Nuts very easily because of his bad teeth. He smokes still, rolls his own,(tobacco not wacky weed) thinks that he has to await the "perfect" job..none of which ever seems to find him. Has a gal pal I assume that pays his cell phone bill. I think he's living in the park, he has a stash of clothes..has no car, no transportation, and I know he has a sleeping bag etc. I was somehow secretly proud of myself for not bending over backwards for him..he has BURNED me several times in the past. I don't know why I remain friends...Was staying (flopping) at the duplex a couple years ago..supposed to do work, never finished it..awwkk anyways..
Took the girls swimming in the river..I had a tank on and shorts...ended up AWWCKK removing my shorts as they were too heavy. Thank Goodness I had worn underwear that day. It sounds much more dramatic than it was. There is something about connecting with someone who has known you your ENTIRE life. WEll, Kindergarten is the beginning of life isn't it? And Connecting has NOTHING to do with swimming in my underwear.

I LOVE watching my girls play in the water. I wish their dad and I could watch them together, but he is a great employee, Never misses work, and supports us completly. A great dad, and provider.
I just wish he could swim with us more. It helps make the work better able to take.

SO...Swim while its summer. Swim in the Sun. Be on time and Bask in the company of friends..and always bring beer. What was I thinking?

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Miss Lynn said...

Late people can't even be on time for their demise, can they?? It's like they are genetically hard-wired to keep all of us waiting for their BIG appearance. Give them their 15 seconds of fame and then get a life, I say!
Enjoyed your blog!!
Now, go have a beer!