Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tick .....tock

SO William came to me tonight upset. He said that a 14 year old girl that had been at one of the weddings we have been to recently, died.

She had been suffering from seizures. Her legs were paralyzed. Doctors had NO clue as to the cause.

then, her mom, was gliding her fingers through her hair, and found a Tick.

They removed the tick, but the girl died.

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GoteeMan said...

I can relate. My wife, Kim, almost died from tick-borne illness. She was bitten about 10-15 years ago, and became totally disabled in 2001. We finally got the correct diagnosis in February, 2005, and through the course of antibiotics, she has started to improve some, but it's a long hard recovery. I am so sorry to hear of this girl's death... and yet the CDC and IDSA continue to deny the epidemic of tick-borne illnesses in the USA.
Thanks for posting.