Thursday, September 07, 2006


yep..I'm just documenting that I indeed "Did the Mack"...walked the Mackinaw bridge on Labor day. It was great.
Got up at 5 got up without any fuss, Gerry and Ty were here at 5:15, Waiting on Ron....
Fixed Coffee...sped up to Mackinaw City..made great time...I drove on the way up, Caught the bus to St. Ignace....Weather..could NOT have been better, cool, not scorching!
Called mom from the Bridge, my brother and I try and call her from the weirdest places....airplanes, Jackson prison...and now..I can add ON FOOT from the Mackinaw Bridge.
Ron had made a bunch of sandwiches so we could try and go cheaper...we got great Cheap food (Barbeque and beer) after the walk right at the end of the Bridge. Oh yah....I was SO proud of Joy...she was wonderful...what a trooper. Gerry carried her some of the time, but she was great NO complaining, did the entire thing.

Walked the city. Got fudge, got tired, got a blister.

Drove us out of the city. We went to the 50 foot Jesus In Indian was actually quite cool. HUGE cross in the woods. They have marble kneeling benches, it was the first time in a while I felt the presence of the Holy.

Ron, was really tired, drove for a while, then I took over. A wonderful trip. Plus..when we got home, we had to unload Ron's truck with about 30 bags of carpet from the duplex....and the next day.>BOOM all gone!!

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