Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dere's sickness in da house

Woe is me. Last week, 2 daughters were sick...pneumonia. Had hub take them to doctor which he prescribed antibiotic, and did NOT give breathing treatment to the youngest. I KNEW she HAD to have it or she would get much worse. That was Tues. Weds...Son wakes up...passes out (literally) in his room, hit paint can, which pops open spewing new blue paint all over the floor (which I had just pulled the carpet up from and is all hard wood floors).
Son gets better after 2 days.
Four days a call from his friends mom where he is staying that he was "sleeping" a lot. Ok..I didn't think much about it...Picked him up..he looked TERRIBLE. Took him home, he slept from 11 in the morning till 9 the next morning when I took him to the doctor.
Meanwhile His 6 year old sister "can't Breathe". I am sick. Sore throat, not thinking straight. My girlfriend Lori calls, says DONNA....JOY CAN"T BREATHE>>Take her to ER. I'm like..OH...she can't...Oh should I ...when I 've KNOWN for days thats what she needed. I"m pissed I did'nt listen to myself.
SOO....take Joy to ER, they finally give her a breathing treatment, take her 0x levels, and do a chest Xray. She feels a little better.
Monday...Both son and daughter go to Doctor, then have to take Son to ER for Xrays..(small hospital). Then Take xrays back to Doctor..He has pnumonia/bronchitis.
He gets a z pack.
6 year old....I INSIST that I get a nebulizer to take home for breathing treatments. This is CRAP!! Shes had pnumonia at least 5 times each for the last 2 years.
I FINALLY get home, give BOTH of them breathing treatments, arn't even DONE yet, and the school calls.
Yes. The School.
The OTHER kid....twisted her ankle in Gym, and they think it's broken. It was hugely swollen, up over her shoe. I am numb. I am dead tired. I pick her up. Take her to the ER. Wait around (again). SHe gets it break...severe sprain..they wrap it up.
So in one week, 4 visits to Doctor, 3 to ER, and two dental appointments. (don and I got cleanings done).
somehow...this should be a blues song.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, Donna, I am wishing I could sweep into your house and make tea for your little ones and take care of them and send you to a hotel for, like, 48 hours so you can just do NOTHING but laze about and rest up.

You're a good mom.