Monday, August 07, 2006

"it's the little things"

SO last night, after I sang in Church in the morning, ran all afternoon kids here, there and everywhere, short nap...I pulled up all the carpeting in the hall way snd living room
The carpet was sOOO nasty...then after the padding was up...there were notes written on the subfloor from many years ago..MY DS's 5 year old foot print--he's almost 13 now...and note----ME heart Hubby 4 ever..>SHESH..that doesn't even SOUND like me!! LOL

Then today...I worked, had a meeting about CASA---Court Appointed SPecial Advocate for Foster MANY states the ONLY person that is Steady in a kids life is the CASA indididual. The voluteers, stay with a kid wherever they go. SHow up in Court JUST FOR THEM, talk to their attorneys, etc....Well Gratiot County is working on getting CASA up and running.

I got ACCEPTED into "Gratiot Leadership". This is a big deal. Made somewhat less of a deal when the paperwork states 2004-2005, and then grant money due by Aut 2004. Yah. Thanks for updating that letter. NOT.

Ten years ago tonight..I was in the hospital, waiting to have DS. She was born "tomorrow" at 4 : 30 in the afternoon...after that nasty "plug" thing to start labor, and pitocin. Nasty stuff. Doc said, "Today is someone's birthday"...I was so out of it I didn't get it.

THEN ...borrowed a power washer...was able to get most of deck done. Was about to run out of gas, both in the Engine and myself...but its a good start. And got almost one side of the house washed. WOW..big differeence.

DS, age 10, got stung by 4 wasp like creatures tonight. Yah. NOT FUN. had her soak in tub...rubbed venom ...nasty business.

Also..other stops today-- WOrk, was supposed to have Specialist appt. for youngest DD, then got htere, office locked the peditrician...OH NO...appt NEXT friday at 2.oo.

My Ankle from the 15 shots continues to heal. Truely amazing.

1/2 hour phone call from sister in Washington.

Several to Robyn, Rob, Lori. Lori is letting me have Helena's Bd party there tomorrow..Hot dogs, chips, swimming...'thats all folks".

Saw mom's newly refinished wood floors. Will tell about how she gave strangers $1000.00 up front, no receipt with out knowing their names. Oh no...she didn't get ripped off.

OK lets hope I can sleep tonight.

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