Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One CAN make a difference..if the one is ME

Wow. So at work yesterday they were having a team building excercise for State Employees. IN the past I would always go, but lately it has been changed to STATE employees ONLY not the "contracted" workers. Screw that. Brings back WAY too many feelings of the Christmas party..I was invited, then DIS invited...they were having it at a Restruant....AWWCKK don't want to go there.

SO...5:30 am...I'm in the hall pulling up Staples. Don thinks I'm nuts, I think I'm just a little on the "manic" side. I went back to sleep for a while, got up, the babysitter -Kelly from 3 doors down, got here and I started Power washing again. I finished the upper back deck, squirted down the antique church pew, pwerwashed all hte siding, upper soffits in the back and the side of the house toward the apple Orchard.
DESTROYED THE ENEMY in the form of HUGE hornet nest that was made behind a loose corner piece, did the front walls of house, and soffitts, did the front cement porch,and the ENTIRE front "landing lane" Sidewalk. Its HUGE. IT really helped a LOT. Looks like it was just put down. THe clear. You can see actual pebbles in it.

The house just looks a lot "brighter''. WHen I was doing the siding, MUD would come flying down for quite a while depending on wher I was at. so I just kept shoving the hose in there until it ran 'clear'. Need to finish the garage doors, frames, other sides of the house. I tape the handle shut to make it a lot easier. THAT is a goodsend.

SO Today is Helena LOA's TENTH birthday. I was really out of her dad picked up dogs, buns, and chips, Mr Ron picked up the cake (I have to see if I owe him for it or was REALLY good) with her name on it...(couldn't find camara dammit),
Kids swam, adults swam, overall exactly what I needed. VERY laid back, relaxing etc.

Joe and Densise were there,with son Issac, She is looking rough. Joe not working, she is afraid they are going to lose the house. NOt a good thing for anyone.

I'm Landlording out the Ryerse Stead now. Getting sign out, etc. I know a nice professor from ALMA college is coming to get it.


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Sara said...

Hey tell Helana Happy Birthday mine is tomorrow...Yeah!!!