Sunday, August 27, 2006


I continue to be amazed by people looking to rent someone else's property. It is a joke!!

One guy...who wants a VERY nice property I am managing...has NO job, his wife has NO job, no local work history, "gets State help" and somehow thinks a Taco Bell job that "he is going to start soon" is going to pay the bills. I, as a Landlord, do NOT care about his BILLS, it's only his RENT I want. However, having been in this business of landlording over 20 years, I realize you must look at the entire package.

Pets? Used to be NO way. However...I've learned that those with PETS...Stay a LOT longer. They all lie about it anyway. If they want one, they'll get one, if they have one, they'll say they don't.

Today...No big deal, people are looking for somewhere to live every day of the week, a lady calls. Wants to look at a house. I asked if she was in the area, what her situation was, etc...trying to determine over the phone if she is worth the effort. I find out she is adjunct prof at CMU which she was trying to make sound like a big deal, but As I used to teach at a Local University, I KNOW that almost ALL the prof's are going to Part time. She was Only going to "be in the area" today looking.
SO, Ok, I agree to meet her. It was 5:30. I live at 15 min away, and was in jammies. I said..Ok how about Six O'clock. (literally 1/2 an HOUR!!)...OH my Gosh...she said..couldn't you Make it ANY SOONER than That????. NO I said. I cannot.

Oh...Ok she says..well "I"m GOING TO BE HERE TOMORROW" she'll call me then. SHEESH.
That's Ok..everyone, and I mean EVERYONE wants to feel important, and having someone JUMP when you call tends to do that. I've also learned, --it is tricky...but having them Make an appointment, pay an application fee etc weeds out a lot of the wackos.

I walked into a House last week, and THERE..>BEEDY EYED staring up at me was a BAT. I hate bats more than Mice I think. It was Dead in the kitchen sink. AWCKKKK!! I can't believe I was able to deal with it. Nasty furry funky thing anyway.

Another Renter just moved into a different property..couldn't get the HOt Water Heater Lit. Was actually quite NICE about it...but still WANTS hot water. HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO....It helps if you Contact the Gas company to get the GAS TURNED ON!!!!

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