Sunday, August 13, 2006

why make friends

Brad and Lori came over for dinner last night. The adults went out last week to Miami Vice the MOVIE. Kids stayed home with a sitter.

Don made some great chicken last night with some fresh tomatos, Fresh basil/pinenut/garlic pesto (he made it) for the tomatos, and potato salad with corn on the cob. Adults ate first. Oh Yah.
Then Lori and I went out to hear a local band, while the rest watched a movie.

It was a great night.
so whats the problem? Same thing---There house is for sale, they are moving, someone looked at it yesterday, their huge house, full dry carpeted basement, Pool, New Toilet, carpet, window treatments only 109,000. BI Level Beauty. They've fixed it up SOO much.

So why make friends. The effort, emotional entanglement, investment. and then they leave. pisses me off.


klasieprof said...

OH yah, Forgot...and Brad got a new grill, so we are going over there shortly for grilled ribs, chicken and to Old Season "Miami Vice" down on their big screen TV. Kids will swim and scream, we'll eat.
they are still moving.

ness said...

I hate it too.

I either want to make no friends or never move again. Think it'll work?