Friday, December 22, 2006

I"m a RED what color are you

The Color Code

Definitely Red
You Promote Interesting Experiences
REDS Are Excellent Providers
You Tell People Where They Stand In The Relationship
You Provide Natural Leadership
REDS Show Up

Congratulations, Donna, you are a RED personality. The Core Motivation that drives you through life is "Power". Power means the ability to get things done, to go from A to B as quickly and directly as possible. The word power was derived from the Old French poeir meaning "to be able." Often what is perceived by the other colors as insensitive is simply a pragmatic sense of urgency to accomplish a given task.

As a RED you naturally seek productivity and want others to see you as intellectually strong. As REDS want their own way, you like to be in the driver's seat and are willing to pay the price to be in a leadership role even in an intimate relationship. However, you can get frustrated when your partner cannot think for himself or make intelligent decisions on his own. As a RED, you tend to value whatever gets you ahead in life, whether it is at work, school, or in your personal relationships. What you value, you get done. You may be a workaholic and enjoy it!. You will, however, resist being forced to do anything that doesn't interest you.

As a RED, Donna, you like to be right. You value approval from others for your intelligence and solution-based, pragmatic style. You want to be respected even more than you want to be loved, and you appreciate admiration for your logical, practical mind.

Next: More About You->You only have one Core Motive or "Color Code"

Your personality type is driven by only ONE of four Core Motives, represented by the colors:

* RED (Core Motive = Power, or the ability to move from "a" to "b" as efficiently as possible)
* BLUE (Core Motive = Intimacy, this doesn't mean sex, but the need to connect, share feelings, and build relationships with others)
* WHITE (Core Motive = Peace, or calm even in the midst of conflict; clarity in the midst of confusion)
* YELLOW (Core Motive = Fun, or always enjoying the moment)

These are the four basic personality types that I will teach you about. However, very few people have ever scored 100% in one single color while taking the profile; therefore, you will find that your Core Color is often influenced by traces of the other colors. That is why no two WHITES, although driven by the same Core Motive of Peace, will ever be exactly alike.
Your Color was present at birth and you cannot change it

You were born with your core personality color intact (ask any woman who has given birth to more than one child and she'll tell you that her children had different personalities before they had drawn their first breath), and while parts of your personality do change over time (for example, you may have not been born a good listener, but you have learned to become one), you cannot and should not try to discard your Core Color in an attempt to trade it for another. If you were born a YELLOW, you will die a YELLOW, but you can add to yourself any strength or any limitation of any color to your core self.
All Colors are of equal importance

No personality type is better than another. Each brings equally valuable, albeit, different gifts to the world.
All Colors are neither good nor bad

No personality type is innately good or bad. Many people who do not know The Color Code may assume that all BLUES must be good and all REDS must be bad, for example. This couldn't be more false. The colors are neutral and individuals are free to choose how they will use their strengths and limitations to leave either a positive or a negative legacy in life.

Next: Why You're Hot->Nobody Dates Like A RED

This is true. When you are in pursuit of something (or somebody!), you tend to go all out. You dress to impress, you get the limo, the tickets, the flowers, the reservations, and the whole shebang. You by nature are a very competitive opponent to any other potential suitor who may come along, and you take great pleasure in taking home the prize.
You Are Highly Protective Of Your Companion

When you commit to someone, they can feel your protection on all levels. You see them as part of you, and are willing to go to war verbally and even physically on their behalf. You will not back down or remain silent when your partner is being attacked. Your companion loves to know that he is being taken care of and that you will be there to back him up and defend him whenever necessary.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006


I had awful dreams last night/this morning.
It was SOO wierd...Because one was Joy was missing. Hub had come on a trip with the others to where I was. I didn't really think Joy was missing.
Then..later at night..we realize (I realize / we realize) she was forgotten. Her dad had given her some money. My brother and his wife had come out to a cottage that I spen t my summers at. They were leaving to go home, and we were going to spend the night.
We didn't have a vehicle..then we decided we better go try and find her. I was FURIOUS. Part of the way, we slid down hill on this pastry sheet, then won the use of an old junker car.
Part way back, my brother calls and asks us where she is..that a local SHELL station had called him and they had her. She had bought drinks and chips, and hung around for a while..then finally said that her parents were lost.
THE VERY WIERD THING IS: as soon as my dream ended..My daughter came crawling into bed saying SHE HAD JUST HAD a VERY BAD DREAM. I believe it was the same one.
Very wierd.
Then..she told me She was SOOO Glad I wasn't dead. Pretty sobering for 5:15 a.m.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Meleita POD maker :HIGH Reccomend

"No Soup for YOU!!" is what the Soup Nazi says. Somehow I associate Meister and Nazi in this instance.
When Denise moved to SC, one thing I ended up with is a Melita Pod Coffee maker. This unit is amazing. Maybe its because I have about 3 cases of coffee pods, and I haven't had to buy any yet, but it works GREAT. The Coffee is fine quality.
I love being able to use it for tea. Usually, I like the "tradition" of getting the pot ready to boil, warming the tea pot (which my Aunt calls "mothering the pot), and all that stuff. But hey..lets face it. WHen I'm trying to get some liquids down me inbetween commercials This thing ROCKS> It also works Great for the kids hot choclate..IT makes it a WHOLE lot easy to say YES to them.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's Long gone but

Several weeks ago.I keep forgetting to write about it--well I'm so lost as far as time goes since getting out of the hospital...I was cleaning part of my bedroom.

I've been off money coming in, and I found a money order (blank) for $500. I thought I had sent it somewhere, but I guess God knew we would need it.
I wish I could find another one. its getting scary. Hear the knocking at the door??


Monday, December 11, 2006

One step backwards...

I thought I was getting better. Even thought about the return to work. BLAST from the back....literally I started..well as we said in corrections.."I couldn't hold my mud". Usually this was said when an offender was in the back of a State car under arrest, nervous, drunk or high, and literally poops themselves..thus..they were "clearly the dude could'nt hold his mud". The next conversation would be who was going to clean it up. OK..I digress.
SO today...I "couldn't hold my mud". I had several "runs" to the bathroom, and thought I was Done. Was feeling kind of weak...and surely there was no more BM left in me. What could one little toot hurt?
BLLLAAPPPP . Yep. I muddedd my self. right in my sweat pants i was using for jammies. It was not pleasant. UGH. So...that led into a shower, which led into laudrey etc.
WIll my guts ever be right from this DIVERTICULITUS thing???

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tea Cups

Ilove teacups. I collected the REALLY good ones when I was a kid. I nabbed a couple of Grandma's. I trade one back and forth with my sister.
Somehow..THESE teacups sort of creep me out. The artist has made a design, intentionally, that darkens depending upon how stained they get. It ..just reminds me of those fizzy red pills we chewed up to see how much gunk we left on our teeth after brushing.
"cuse me..I gotta go gargle

Friday, December 08, 2006

I"m not ready

I"m going in for the "Scope" in a few minutes. I"m waiting on my ride. I have a HUGE sense of dread like I"m going to die or something. I don't want to. I have way too much to do yet.
I need to clean my house, wrap presents, sue my renter, clean the kitchen, and love my kids more.
I dont know why I am soooo scared
OK My ride is here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


When one has not had a good father, one must create one.--

Monday, December 04, 2006

Lets see if THIS works



As 2006 winds down..some observable trends

2) Post Reality TV Reality TV
5) Killing people
6) Ass Cleavage