Friday, July 21, 2006

Friends, Fairs, and Fireworks

Robyn left yesterday. Its always so sad when they leave. More About this When I'm not dead tired.

I had to go to work afterwards and it was a very hectic day...Foster Parent Picnic, tons of stuff to do, very unorganized, low turnout. EXCEPT the firetruck that I was able to get was a big hit I think. They gave rides, brought stickers books etc.

Today..I woke up with a SCREAMING headache. Did relaxation breathing, drugs, massage, and finally just decided to take off with the kids. Rode around, ended up at the fair at a friends Trailer. They stay there, and the kids all show stuff for 4-H. Even my migraine stuff didn't work. Ate sloppy's, went to small animal auction. The Dozen eggs from the top hen..went for -------------$$250 dollars. Wow. It was very nice (headache all the time did I mention that). William obsessing about a game that had to be returned tonight.
I was able to get in the gate FREE which was nice, told the kids beforehand we were NOT doing any rides, but we enjoyed the craft booths, the atmosphere, and the people watching. After the Auction all the small animal people give a dinner, so we ate great (Non Fair carny food)- real barbeque beef, white baked beans, pot salad, french bread. Great stuff. (no goat meat tho) at least I hope not...
Joy LOVED on and off of the Tractors. She also found one of those little vehicles with the dump truck thing on the back, and persuaded almost all in our group at one time or another to sit with her in the passenger side while she "drove". She even got William up there, and then got him to "drive" while she rode. She always Made the person put on their seat belt. When we ran into Sheryle (from Canada and her twin boys, and autistic girl) She put the twins on one at a time, then both together. She was so Cute, and a great "hostess" of the vehicle. She was happy to show them around the animal barns, and my Friend was there so we got to pet her goat.

Then tonight...FIREWORKS. It was a great show. We were able to sit right near their camper, so we were VERY comfortable. There is something about watching fireworks with people that makes you closer. I don't understand how someone can leave a fireworks show, or be walking AWAY from the fireworks and not watching as they are Exploding behind them.
Life is too short to miss any fireworks show. It is art in action. I think there will be fireworks in Heaven. I think God likes looking DOWN at them, as we are looking UP at them..and I like thinking that "we" are watching them at the same time.

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klasieprof said...

I forgot a couple of things...gee it was 2 in the morning I wonder why??

So Our Friends Lori and Brad were in the trailer next to my friends, and WIlliam (worrying about his game return and late fee) thought about Approaching Them (as they live in Ithaca) about returning his game. I thought that was a brilliant solution. One more reason I LOVE "Love and Logic" to help kids SOLVE their OWN problems!
Then ..SO WEIRD...I called Robyn just before the Fireworks started to say..Hey I wish you were HERE, and SHE was at TIGER stadium watching FIREWORKS.
God must have had quite a show last night!!