Friday, August 04, 2006

personalized random insult generator

Heh heh, my girlfriend found a "euphamism" generator that sort of grossed me out...(spewing salty gravy) AWWCKKK

this one is CUSTOM insult pick various attributes of the person you want to insult, and UP they pop.

these are some I got from putting in attributes of my formentioned GF...

"you self-centered arrogant bony egotistical Tart"

"You irresponsible cerebral anorexic self-loving nag".

OOH man...these are too much...

"you self-centered arrogant bony full of yourself skank."...heh heh..I think she'd like that one.!!


ness said...

I do have Tart qualities. It's true.

ness said...

and apparently you are a time worn, bombastic, cerebral nag.

ness said...

i can't do this to my hubby...he's a "words of affirmation" guy.