Friday, September 23, 2011

Geocaching..Closing in on my 1,000th

This is my friend "GREYWOLF"...getting HER 1,000th Find. This was in Midland.

This is Mark, my usual Geocaching partner, and the one who introduced me to it.

and THIS...Is George...My campanion on all sorts of trips.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

They say it's your birthday..and they'd be right

We as a family..whatever that means, walk the MACKINAW BRIDGE every year. This year...and new pile of kids, Ty one of our regulars backed out at last second, which only meant more room in the 7 passenger van for the 9 of us...LOL.

Yesterday was my birthday. No big deal. It was "meh". I made my own "no Bake Cookie" cake. Had barbeque with the neighbors....and about 120 people 15 of Which I sort of know wished me well on facebook. I laughed. It was Kind of cool.

My son sent me a death metal video...

.Many years ago today something grew
inside of your mother...
That thing was you



Did she scream did she cry
Only those that are born are the ones that
Get to die

One more year closer to dying
Rotting organs ripping grinding
Biological discordance
Birthday equals self abhorrence

Years keep passing aging always
Mutate into vapid slugs
Doctor gives a new prescription
Bullet in a fucking gun

One more year closer to dying
Plastic surgeons fuel the lying
You forget why you came in here
Your mind rots with every New Year

For the DETH of thee
You have little time
And you're running out of life

Happy Birthday
You're gonna die

Now you're old and full of hatred
Take a pill to masturbatred
Children point to you and scream
Because they will become that thing

One more year of further suffering
There's no point of fucking bluffing
Open up your DETHDAY present
It's a box of fucking nothing

For the DETH of thee
You have little time
And you're running out of life

Happy Birthday
You're gonna die


For the DETH of thee
You have little time
And you're running out of life

Happy Birthday
You're gonna die

On another Note: School opens the Day After Labor Day here in Michigan...Here is my new :"Foster/son/ Exchange Student?/whatever" ....and daughter...

and my Darling CHUBBY 6th grader who is thinning out. ...She was a Preemie..and for years was in 2t clothing, Porked out, and now is thinning out and getting taller!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thursday's Thinkin

I'm getting a "real boy"....thinking of Pinocchio. After years and years of telling others to become foster/adoptive parents..this time I am doing it officially. I've always DONE it...for months at a time...but this time~ Whew. I'm trying not to freak out. My Pinocchio is 17...yep what the hell is he a "foster" for then you ask. Well well...He's been isolated and left to go in a field of his own, as far as schooling is. He's been employed, hasn't been arrested, isn't an why will he be my "real boy" you may ask?
As I told HUNDREDS of Foster families seeking to adopt, sometimes, a child is in "foster care" through NO fault of his own. In this case, who knows if it is the fault of his parents either.
"THEY" capitals because most of the Bio parents are thought of as "THE OPPOSITION"...are great people. Law abiding, "CHRISTIAN", and parents of other successful children.
My "Pinocchio"...has visited for weeks at a time, and says.."HERE" he can breathe. I find it amazing that someone would CHOSE to come to my messy squished in house, but..there you have it. Same as this dang Dog that seems to have been staying here a whle now.

Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday, you will be a real boy.

" Little puppet made of pine, awake. The gift of life is thine."

Pinocchio: Father, whatcha crying for?
Geppetto: Because... you're dead, Pinocchio.
Pinocchio: No! No, I'm not.
Geppetto: Yes. Yes, you are. Now, lie down...
Pinocchio: But father, I'm alive. See?
[Looks at himself]
Pinocchio: And... and I'm... I'm real. I'm a real boy!
Geppetto: You're alive! And... and you are a real boy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ok..I thought I WAS back..then I wasn't. Now it's almost September. My Mom died June 29th 2011. I'd been taking care of her for over 3 years.
Trying to get grounded....whatever the hell that means. Oh..that's right. Once again..I forgot to quit swearing.

This weekend..I get a foster kid. Well not totally "foster"..but another addition to my household..He's 17.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Reflections 20 years

Twenty Years ago, I was single again, and having fun..working my butt off full time for the State of Michigan, no kids, driving a cool 2 seater Honda CRX. The First "Night of Louisiana" at Central Michigan University was on the Horizen. I got to meet Katie Webster
Katie said, "These two fists of mine have taken me all over the world". I reflect on how my two fists...took me all over the States, and back to my hometown now, in time for the twentieth anniversary of "Night of Louisiana".

The day sort of got started about 4 in the afternoon when My friend Shelly

came over to my duplex tfor a massage. I just put up my massage table into the small bedroom there. The duplex..that I am in the middle of rehabbing from white trash renters. I mean RE HABB ING. top to bottom...beyond "mere painting". Ripping out the carpet, padding, having to paint the floor to try and contain the smell...the windows streaked with nicotine needing at least two more washings.

Shelly and I ...drank wine, then went to dance away in Louisiana. I drank too much, danced too much and made a fool out of myself..and had a blast. I Laughed like I don't remember laughing. My foot has been reconstructed and I could barely walk the day after. Yes...I guess that is a gauge of how much fun I had the night before.

I know I'm disjointed writing. I have to get used to it again. I have lost myself. Again. I am searching. Again. Pissed off. Again.

This kid: is Tiller,. His name is Tyler Rousch, one of the guys that hangs around our house. He was recently arrested along with many of the boys that hang around my house. Ben, Tiller, James (that I never have trusted), Chris Allen who isn't even liked by his own mother, Veronica, and Barry.

I have a senses of loss with all these kids because while yes..they broke the is Farm boy...stuff...dragging a piano behind a farm truck for God's sake.....on and on. These "offenses" do not deserve jail or prison for these kids. I don't get it sometimes. My Parole working days for now are over (although I've been reapplying) ..but sometimes it IS just about revenue generation, not protecting the public.
It saddens me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm not dead

I'm not dead..>Yet I live.
Every year I think "this has been the worst year of my life"...Well this last year has been the same. Not to bring my life back to the Blogosphere on a downer note..but this past year......
My spouse was committed to a hospital for a while for severe depression.

We moved from one town to my hometown.

I continue to care for my elderly beginning Altzheimer's mother who lives with us. My mom was hospitalized about 12 times.

My spouse had both hips replaced (one at a time with the weeks of rehab and hospitilazations that required). He was in intensive care for 2 or 3 days and was mostly dead. I was too exhausted to care much.

We lost a house to foreclosure.

I oversaw the remodeling of the house we moved in to from a distance. There was a bathroom completely tore off...remodeled to be Handicapped accessible, and LOTS of trouble with the City inspectors.

I had emergency Appendectomy 2 weeks after losing health insurance.

I've interviewed for several State postions with no job in site. I keep trying. (and..I still have hope)

I'm going to start writing again..for me. Real. Stuff. The dirty and down. I'm out of time.