Friday, December 15, 2006


I had awful dreams last night/this morning.
It was SOO wierd...Because one was Joy was missing. Hub had come on a trip with the others to where I was. I didn't really think Joy was missing.
Then..later at night..we realize (I realize / we realize) she was forgotten. Her dad had given her some money. My brother and his wife had come out to a cottage that I spen t my summers at. They were leaving to go home, and we were going to spend the night.
We didn't have a vehicle..then we decided we better go try and find her. I was FURIOUS. Part of the way, we slid down hill on this pastry sheet, then won the use of an old junker car.
Part way back, my brother calls and asks us where she is..that a local SHELL station had called him and they had her. She had bought drinks and chips, and hung around for a while..then finally said that her parents were lost.
THE VERY WIERD THING IS: as soon as my dream ended..My daughter came crawling into bed saying SHE HAD JUST HAD a VERY BAD DREAM. I believe it was the same one.
Very wierd.
Then..she told me She was SOOO Glad I wasn't dead. Pretty sobering for 5:15 a.m.

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ness said...

What is up with our dreams lately? I dreamed Robb had an affair and couldn't shake the feeling all day. I couldn't seem to wake up and I needed to know who it was.