Wednesday, October 18, 2006

LET's Get sued...pneumonias not enough the midst of sick kids, unfinished Remodeling, and bad weather..I had to go to Court on Tuesday morning. A former tenant at the duplex I rent out was suing me.
She moved out because she couldn't pay the rent. (DOH)..She was getting subsidized housing through various means, had a Social WOrker who came with her when she first looked at the Apartment.
The Social Worker assured Don that this was a stable individual, kept clean house, and that Everything was in order for her to get her money.
WELL...except that pesky first months rent check. Then ....They requested I drop her rent $65 a month, as .."it was beyond her budget". I refused, told her I could not 'eat" that ..and asked her to move out. She says I gave her 2 weeks, I say what difference does it make she wasn't paying anyway.
So when she moved out..she never returned the keys, nor left a forwarding address. Ok. SOOO no way I can SEND her anything.
She calls a couple times, I didn't get right back to her I was gone...then she leaves Vulgar messages and swears at me.
I call her Social Worker. Tell her..She is NOT getting her deposit back UNTIL she Returns the keysj!!! What is up with THAT???? Plus it is in Michigan Rental / Landlord law..."within FOUR days"//return blah blah

SOOO long story short.....We got to deduct 100 bucks, and have to mail her the rest.
Hub was VERY supportive. The Social WOrker kept trying to worm her way out of where she had put herself. It was BECAUSE of her that we rented to this bitch. It doesn't matter if she was requested to move within 2 weeks or a month...SHE WASN"T PAYING!!!!
Once again...the Court system sucks.

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Elizabeth said...

that stinks about getting sued. i am scared to death of getting sued for something stupid....luke's family builds beautiful new homes, and people are always trying to sue them.