Thursday, January 31, 2008

If it Ain't one thing...its a seizure

So...I'm in the middle of my workday.
My workday is very weird.
I teach like 7:45 to 930. Then, normally I will monitor the next class which gets out 11 ish.
THEN I drive 40 miles, and teach two more classes, one remotely from like 12:45 till 2:30.

This morning, having the week all weirded up by snow and ice days....I am getting around, having slept crappy.
"MOMMMMMMMMM Xboy is doing that Fainting thing again".....
Xboy, gets up..shouts out ...I guess his dad heard him...I feel dizzy, I feel like I'm going to throw UP...AWHHHHHHHH and keels over. Seizure. Shit? What now. this happened about a year and a half ago. did tests...all can't find out what. In Typical Asperger's having seizures upon puberty is not that unusual, but so far the blown out shakin weird stuff we have managed to avoid.

So I HAVE GOT TO GO TO WORK. I just started this new gig, I can't call in..I mean is almost too late for hub to legally call in, but he does. They are ticked as they are so short handed,,......Xboy is sleeping soundly. Exactly what typically occurs after someone has a seizure. wasn't "grand mal"..he wasn't twitchin all over the place, drooling or the other end either which I have seen a lot of in Seizures.

SO....Hub takes xboy to pediatriatian, (I had called, got the oncall doc, said it wasn't really emergency and to wait till the office opened...which means..."I'm off work in 15 minutes and I dont want to have to come in for something this lame".

DOC thinks it is Orthostatic hypotension (a large drop in blood pressure upon standing) -- may cause dizziness, dimming of vision, head or neck pain, yawning, temporary confusion, slurred speech, and if the hypotension is severe, the patient may "faint" upon arising from a recumbent position.

This is also part of the diagnosis for Parkinson's sydrome...

SSOOOO we'll have him sit on the edge of the bed before he gets up...stand up and WAIT before walking. ...
and...take him for a ekg or something on Monday


Jan said...

Good Luck to XBox and you.


ALways something, never nothing.
Good luck to you. Seizures are so unnerving. WIth a new job and all, you could use a break, but you're a mom after all.

ness said...

oh honey.


You can handle this...But I know you wish you didn't have to.

ccw said...

So sorry.

I hope that everything checks out ok.