Monday, January 14, 2008

I was going to be a nurse...or how did I end up here

I had a full ride scholarship to Butterworth Hospital Nursing School in Grand Rapids. I was 17 when I graduated. TOOO young to do what was right. I was NOT ready to move away from small town.
I took 17 credits, lived at home and worked at Burger King. Worked HARD too. With the OLD burger king guy...the cartoon one.
I'm afraid if I go looking for his picture I'll end up on the zit site again.
Jobs I've had...
Nurses Aide, Fast food, Cashier, House cleaner, pop bottle collector, Waitress at a Marine Corps Base, Kmart Technology person (stereos), Test observer, Camp Counselor, Life Guard, Hotel manager, Maid, Different hotel manager, Mental Health Worker, Tutor, Blind Child worker, Parole Agent, Foster Home Recruiter,

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Hey, that's pretty commendable. I like it. You're a had worker, obviously. Kudos to you.