Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Zombie's and Asperger's, Guns and Boobs=Grindhouse

The Fake movie trailers were 'da bomb'. I couldn't figure out if this movie was GROSS or crazy funny. SO, why did I sit through a gory, "grindhouse" movie? My 14 yr. old Asperger kid picked it out as Dad time, but Mom sat through it.

I freak out sometimes when he is so engrossed with ZOMBIES. What mom wants their kid to LOVE gore and guts, (guns YEAH! but gore and guts?). I try and remember what Dr. Luke Tzai said in a lecture I went to, and also what Temple Grandin mentioned when I saw her. Asperger kids LIKE the dark side. Not just that they LIKE it. It is what they think about. It is HOW they think about it-in their head with pictures.
Punk rock, Heavy Metal Music, Zombies, Monsters, Anime, Chaos, disorder, Bombs. Civil Unrest. Yep. I struggle with this.

The Christian part screams for angels, holy spirit, the Word, and Goodness. What about the verses that talk about "if there be any virtue, if there be any praise think on THESE things". I don't think zombies fit in there.

My Aspy kid does STUPID things. Sometimes, he recovers quickly, realizes "oh shit this wasn't a good idea" and gets out of the situation. Sometimes, he gets sucked in and just DOESN'T GET IT.

I can enter HIS world
View the world as HE sees it
Zombies, boobs, bombs, guns
Gore, Guts, Gratuitous Violence

its a pretty good view.

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I often say that I would want to spend one day in their head, just watching how they put things together. So very interesting.
Hey, the zombies are ok. Really, boys- what are you gonna do?!