Friday, January 11, 2008

Parole/ Probation Stories

One of my first and favorite cases was a Probation Violation hearing. The perp was a black female on "the tether", and had was given like 10-1 on a Sunday to go to Church. Perp's would have to verify they were they by having a bullitin signed by the Pastor with the time they were there. She used her "church time" to go a shoplifting! What a blessing. How convienent that the local Shopping mall was nearby! This perp could remove the big security tags with HER TEETH, and stole about 5 sequin dresses, which wad up nicely to steal. Makes it SOOO much easier to get out of the store!!
Her boyfriend, got the dresses out of the car, then took the dresses out to the middle of the street to sell them, out of the distance of her tether machine (in which clients are only supposed to be INSIDE). This was the "leave" which caused the probation violation. (after Midnight for about 45 minutes). HER story is she was "TRYING TO GET MY DRESSES BACK!!))
When Questioning the perp, Prosecutor asked who's dresses they were?..
SHE in STRAIGHT face....answered, "WEll I Stole them from Belk's, THEY ARE MINE".

Yep...perspective is everything. Her boyfriend was selling HER stolen dresses, and she wouldn't get the money for them!!
Offenders sentenced to a term of probation or delayed sentence, and who have a residence with phone service, are eligible for Probations Electronic Monitoring. This program is funded by the Michigan Department of Corrections. Offenders under electronic monitoring supervision must wear an ankle bracelet sending unit ("tether") and are confined to their home except for specific times when they are permitted in the community to work, participate in rehabilitation programs, or care for necessary needs as approved by the probation agent.

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MP said...

I LOVE the stories when the druggies call the cops cause they got ripped off on a drug deal or someone stole their weed..brilliant. I had jury duty this week and a guy was telling the story how his cousin got busted going into jury duty cause he took out his crack pipe and put it in the basket when he went through the security checkpoint.


makes me want to beat them. is that bad??

Jan said...

My husband is a retired LAPD detective. Nothing surprizes me.