Saturday, January 05, 2008

flying chickens

I think That I shall never see
a thing as funny
as a flying chicken
to a tree

These silly chickens, I am starting to feel sorry for them. It is SOOO cold out...Yet they continue to roost on the side of the deck instead of in the barn. They don't have a light, they quit laying eggs. They Huddle and look miserable. They are SOOO stupid.
This is where the Christian part of me comes out, and reminds me of that story of Jesus--"oh if only I could speak their language, and tell them to go into the barn" then segue that into how God sent his son down to "talk our language to us"....but I fear that would make me barf.

Then, to watch them FLY cracks me up every time. They are SO awkward! I think I'd be used to it by now...but I'm not. I like things that always make me laugh.
Find your laughter...and enjoy it.

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