Sunday, January 13, 2008


*Go to church? Where to Go? Damn I hate not having a place to feel at home.
* Wake up kids
* Drink Coffee, Internet, oops forgot to pee
*get dressed, its foggy,
*van is broke down,
*its cold
*go to local church, no gas, no groceries
*pretend to worship, then DO worship
*Grocery store with last dollars
*Frozen pizza for lunch
*Roast, BIG salad, peel carrots, potatoes, apples for PW pie, garlics,
*Toast almonds, sesame seeds, more sesame for dressing
*eggs for deviled
*peel eggs
*enlist help again
*laundry forever
*movie with Son
*Dinner ready
*dad home
*pie in oven
*salads, soda (big treat)
*Roast, tatos, done, made gravy
*Evan Almighty with all of family, not ONE phone interruption!
*showers around
*3rd load of dishwasher
*mother well Check call
*dessert during movie
*start new job tomorrow
*Trying hard not to freak out
*love around
*Yelling around
*Little one finger nails painted
*Feel fat with big zits on face (and for you dear reader...I just spent a horrifying 45 minutes at "" looking for a zit picture.) If you are brave, and bored, that is your place. See how I show my love by NOT posting anything. Don't do it right before bed. I. Can't. Stop. Looking. at. The. Videos.

*is there every any down time as a mom?



hell, no. taint never a break. your day was way toooo full. good luck on your new job. fill us in. sorry about the zits. hey, it should make you feel young again.

MP said...

Good luck on the new tell!!!

Sounds like a crazy day.. I made a roast on Saturday..we had for dinner..and left overs last night..AND I'm having for lunch today. Gotta love that...

klasieprof said...

ohhhh.......that site is SO gross!!!!!!!!!!

Mini Me's Room said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh......................that site is SO gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!