Wednesday, January 30, 2008

catch up

This and that since I feel like I don't have any time to really put down my thoughts.

Here's a pic of my middle I found online

The picture was titled "God and I time"...just what I think every mom wishes DEEP DOWN their kids could sit around and do all the bible without being freaks. This picture just gives me some peace.

My job:
Started teaching last week, had just ONE class, with few students who are bright, shy and small town.
This week, added on two more classes, one done by tv at the same time as a 23 LIVE classroom. Students, new to this learning environment, it's WAYY too many to teach at one time, so very challenging...that is the one day this week both had school, and it wasn't canceled for weather reasons. I have to drive a LOT, and since I haven't been working...HELLO...gas money is near non existent. Pop cans have been returned (all $4.00 worth), change gathered...Yah..its tough.

JAKE: was taken into the hospital Sunday night, transferred down to U of M by ambulance. His good blood counts were VERY low, and his very high temp lowered.
He was able to return to home yesterday night. He goes BACK for treatment three on Friday.

Parenting classes:
I have 3 sessions coming up in the community. When I say 3 'sessions'...ONE session is 3 weeks long-2 nights each week, Next is the same, next is an 8 hour one dayer. I enjoy teaching LOVE AND LOGIC, it is a great way to raise kids, is non stressful, and doesn't rely on stupid points, tickets, markers or anything else. It trys to put the responsibility of poor choices back on the chooser (usually a kid). I've taught it many times to parent groups, and also to Teachers as "Love and Logic in the Classroom" as classroom management. ..and in a search for L &L I found this person's blog post about it:

AND...some old "group" members just IM'd me...he has a XBOX with about 50 games that he is giving my son for free. He was given a XBOX 360 for Christmas. God is really so amazing to us, that although we have made the choices WE have, to try and be physically around for our kids, which cuts down on the amount/kind of work I do, HE GIVES us stuff that money can buy...does that make sense?

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hang in there, kiddo. love the pic of your daughter. that's a keeper and would serve as an inspirational photo, i believe.