Thursday, January 17, 2008

My big news

So do you ever get afraid of speaking of something because you are afraid you will jinx yourself, and lose what you so desperately desire?

I've been substitute teaching. I don't have a "TEACHERS" degree, although I taught at local Davenport University for 7 years. I taught Criminal Justice courses, then morphed into Interpersonal Communications, Speech, and Psychology.

I AM a teacher, mentor, counselor, life coach in addition to doing Massages, being a School Board Member, Foster Home advisor etc. Some I get paid for, some not.

I filled in for a Sign Language class for a week in October. I loved it.
I was offered a chance to teach an entire semester, which starts on Monday. I said yes. It wasn't great money, but I'd earn in 2 hours what I do when I substitute all day. Then I was asked if I wanted to be a classroom aide for the Sign Language II instructor for like 30 more a day. I said yes. That would work as I could still "learn as I go". the grace of GOD, There were too many classes for Sign Language One, and I got offered TWO more classes. This will be through the Local Regional School District, and on TV. This allows you to be in one location, while teaching in another.
They Pay PER CLASS. yes. a very. Big. Deal.
The SL II instructor, again PURE GRACE, offered up all of her files for me to copy, so that I can utilize her handouts, worksheets etc. THIS IS A GOLD MINE. Instead of spending HOURS and HOURS seaching for stuff to use, I can start with what She has, and add to it. Do you understand how amazing this is? A foundation to start with ?
I am very grateful.
I'm trying to be more cognizant of my blessings, and frankly, I'm a little overwhelmed. SO for THIS semester at least, we'll have food, and groceries.
Bless God.



ness said...

this is so freaking GREAT...I'm so happy for you...all this time you have been listening for God and waiting and trusting weren't nuts.

Jan said...

Good for you. This is really neat. Teaching a language. How generous of the other teacher. She shows a lot of class.

Irishcoda said...

Hey that's great, I'm glad for you! I didn't realize that you know sign language, I used to be an interpreter !

Suzanne said...