Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Globalization, The spoken version

It came up over on
about WHAT job will OUR kids be able to have. I know I posted this back in December, But when seeking it again, I found this cool Spoken version. I do like the first version with it's music tho.
We HAVE GOT to get our kids safe, and able to use the internet. Mine, introduced to Webkins by kids, my oldest had over 2000 posts to the Nintendo Forums (used to do posts for English class when we homeschooled), and one has a blog. THIS is the way it is going to be. As Dr. Chou said, Our kids will be closer to someone in China than to their neighbor next door. Its all in the process of the earth "getting flat". MUST read Thomas Friedman's book, "The World is Flat"- a brief history of the 21st century.

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It amazes me what they already do know. So second nature for kids these days. Everything will be impersonal eventually..cashless, no eye contact needed. Some how that's cool, too. Just like the Jetsons