Friday, February 01, 2008

Gevalia Coffee maker-- is AWFUL

I ordered this Gevalia coffee maker last fall, thinking that I'd save the Coffee pot as a Christmas gift for hubby. Thats what I did. I pulled out the coffee, and saved the "stainless steel" like pot.
Whatever you do, If I can save you any heartache...DO NOT GET THIS POT. It is AWFUL.

Everybody at sometime I know orders from Gevalia for the "free" whatever. Well WAIT until there is something better.
We are HEAVY coffee drinkers, and have used anything from a Mr. Coffee, to a French press, to the Double glass carafe on the stove that we faithfully stood by to pour boiling water in.

THIS coffee maker...UGH. I can't describe how awful it is. YES it has the "magic aroma vents" to allow the steam and smell to waft out into the room.
However, try to POUR water into the thing??? It goes EVERYWHERE. The "directions" "rest the lip of the carafe onto the side of the maker"...and the water pours right into the special hopper. Well the "HOLE" for the water is so small, even with the "Carafe resting" water goes dribbling down the carafe and all over EVERYTHING that happens to be on the counter. NOT that there IS anything like Mail, cookies, towels, children's hands ON the counter. It is JUST a mess!! A MESS!! I"m BUMMED I threw out our old Mr. COffee with it's broken carafe to switch to this. Bummed.
Wanna know how REALLY bummed I am? I wrote a email to their customer service. YAH. THAT bummed.



Well, thank you very much. I'm quite happy with the Mr. Coffee machine. I do have a Gevalia white and gold ceramic container which looks great in my kitchen. Sorry that we had to learn through your misfortunes.

MP said...

Thanks for the heads up..I always thought about getting those..they advertise very good...
We'll keep ours then!!